Son Of Sardar Weekend Collections

Much like Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Son Of Sardar too has fared exceptionally well in it’s first 3 day weekend. The film was outstanding in the North, with occupancy as good as Ek Tha Tiger at places!

The film has not only matched a much bigger release like JTHJ, but also beaten the SRK starrer in a few territories. The gap between the two films was widest on it’s first day, but with good word-of-mouth at mass centres, SOS has reduced the gap to just 2 crores on Day 3 (Thursday).

Son Of Sardar Weekend Box Office Collections (day wise)

  • Tuesday (Day 1) – 10.72 crore
  • Wednesday (Day 2) – 16.21 crore
  • Thusday (Day 3) – 12.2 crore
  • Weekend Total – 39.13 crore (Ajay Devgn’s highest first weekend total, going past Bol Bachchan)

On Day 4 (Friday), Son Of Sardar dropped by around 30-40% at multiplexes. Business remained rock-steady on single-screens. As per early estimates, the Friday collections is likely to around 8.75 crore nett taking the 4 day total to approx 48 crores.

It remains to be seen how well Son Of Sardar performs over the next two days. 6 day extended weekend of 70-75 crores looks likely - which is massive, since it released with one of the year’s most hyped films.




  • though collections are good,,sos is going to lose money as it has budget of almost 75-80cr as said by ajay devgan himself……and also overseas business is coming to end after this weekend….so troubles for sos……

  • well sos will show drop huge after sunday mov has crap story, on the other hand jthj has hit story so will overshadow sos in the coming days..

  • Sos is likely to run good till 30th pf nov as i & some of massala lover’s were felt sleepy while watching the jthj, definately locations are fabulous but that is not going to help jthj any more due boaring story whereas sos is an energetic movie with comedy, action that don’t let you even think about the story ,…amazing!!!

  • silly srk fans ur showing pity towards sos but the whole world is showing mercy to jthj coutesy yash chopra.Both the films were made within a budget of 10 crores difference & they are scoring the same way at the box office.But sos is nearly screening in lesser than 600 screens than jthj.

  • initially i thought that ajay is nothing infront of the 3 khans but after seeing the collections of sos one can easily say that he is not too below to any of the khans as despite the competition this is the record collection for ajay devgan.

  • Saurav.. . Al knw who is givin wrong informations . . . Go and check box office india article. . U will realize. . Lol. .

  • @ankur, I believe the mental rehab needs to show you some courtesy, since JTHJ’s running time is longer than SOS, which is why it has less shows than SOS irrespective of the screen counts, and that almost brings the movies on par…

    And besides, the response to JTHJ is mostly postive to excellent whilst the response to SOS is mostly negative to worst

  • before release srkians JTHJ will rock SOS won’t come close Ajay fans were quite because like their fav actor they let the box office do the talking and isn’t it rocking 500 less screens the difference was only 1 crore on friday SOS is rocking congrats Jay your hard work paid off.

  • Sos is running becoz of today’s favourable masala genre nt becoz of ajay,while jthj is running gud inspite of unfavourable genre becoz of star power of srk

  • @Jitendra nigam: Masala movie never fail my dear check the history, good entertainment movie always rock and SOS is 50-times better then JTHJ music of SOS is really good, Himesh done a decent job infront of bigge AR Rahman and Guljar.

    Some cheap dialogues in JTHJ “tum kamsutra padhke badi huyii ho” in reply Anuhska ” In our age we do sex then decide we are in love or not” how come you accept family viewers to watch the movie with entire family.
    Some odd kissing scenes exposing both the heroine.

    While SOS is clean movie with good comic and catchy music as well.

  • if things are going like this..why cant all tamil, telugu and kannada actors come to bollywood and act???if all these are remakes, and still they have stupid audience( except rowdy rathore), atleast we can see good looking and handsome actors than ajay devgn!!! and they all better actors too.

  • movie acchi nahin hai koi b angle se mr ajay b singham not a cartoon waise b u have not done good things first b a good person now u r villain…….u have losr ur charm……..u know why….

  • really ajay did a good job in son of sardar, all SRK fan accept the truth , why r trying to make him hero ,
    all know SON OF SARDAR is better than JTHJ. Ajay is real action star , he has won 3 times national award , see the guys then commenting about AJAY devgn

  • Ajay devgn ‘s award are national award not filmfare award which can be bought. Thats why AAMIR khan never goes to filmfare festival

  • Both are not as good as we expected.i m very much disappointed with jthj.shahrukh did the wonderful job in the film but when it comes to direction n actings . all ve let us down.story is rather boring n doent seem good to viewers i ve seem so many sleep while watching the movie.

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