Jab Tak Hai Jaan Total Worldwide Collections

Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan is nearing the end of it’s theatrical run in India. The film starring Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma has fared well in the domestic markets, while the overseas business has been record-breaking.

Below, we have the box office collections of the film and verdict (official figures)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Total investment: Jab Tak Hai Jaan was made on a budget of Rs 60 crores, including print and marketing costs.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Total collections

  • India collections – 122 crores
  • Overseas collections – 77 crores
  • Worldwide Collections (India net + Overseas gross): 199 – 200 crores

Various rights

  • Music rights: 8 crores
  • Home Video rights: 2 crores
  • Satellite rights: 35-40 crores


  • Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser in India.
  • JTHJ is the 3rd highest grosser in the overseas market after 3 Idiots and My Name Is Khan.
  • Highest grosser during the Diwali weekend beating the previous record of Ra One.

Verdict – HIT in India, BLOCKBUSTER Overseas



  • It collected 101 Crores in India nett not 122 Crores. Indicine is biased when it comes to SRK.
    They always show nett collections of other movies like Agneepath, Rowdy Rathore and Ready but not of any SRK movies.

  • these fools were comparing it with ek tha tiger…now see
    Ek tha tiger worldwide-307 cr.
    Jab tak hain jaan even less than-200cr.
    Wake up haters n accept salman as king!

  • I dont care about the box office collections. They can so easily be misguiding. for example look at the twilight movies! All the twilight movies are shit! But they make millions. Similarly i dont care how much a movie earns! Only care for the artistic value of the film! And although jab tak hai jaan was not in the same league of DDLJ or KKHH, this was a good movie to watch!

  • @indicine , jthj made in budjet of 60cr without adding srk fees . According to your prediction jthj ‘hit or flop’ jthj collection shows worst case . Jab tak hai jaan is high cost , most hyped , bb on yutube and net , g-ay class disaster of year 2012 in india. According to boi jthj has only 101cr collection in india.

  • Rohit…
    ek tha tiger total worldwide GROSS 307 cr
    and total worldwide net collection 198 57 = 255 cr

    and jab tak hai jaan total worldwide GROSS 276 CR
    and total worldwide net 122 78 = 200

  • @rohit. Ek tha tiger worldwide gross collection is 307C, not net collection. Jab tak hai jaan net collection 200C.

  • @indicine u once published an articlw abt how JTHJ has underperformed but now i genuinely think u should publish one abt Dabbang 2. With all the hype n large no. of screens along with 3 weeks eithout competition it surely has underperformed(remember the 200 crore target n stuff) ….So pls be genuine n write an article soon…(but pls dont try to defend it giving senseless reasons coz JTHJ had bigger pbls to tackle…..Thank u…

  • srk has a stronghold in overseas, no matter hw his film fares at domestic box office, overseas was nvr disappointing fr him ! dats one major plus point he has !

  • @simran, yeah true, jthj underperformed in india ,bt in overseas it performed well ! abt dabangg 2, u r ryt, many sites n many fans were easily sayin dat watevr movie salman meks, it vl cross 200 cr bt dats nt a cake walk, u hav to wrk hard fr it n in dis case dabangg 2 underperformed atleast 25 crores less ! ETT was easily bigger dan dabangg 2 !

  • JTHJ — 2500 screens —competition with SOS— (102,78)=180 cr worldwide.

    Dabangg 2—3500 screens—3 open weeks—no competition—(148,45)= 183 cr worldwide

    still bhai rocks…:)

  • D2 did underperform. Oh well it still made it past 150 cr net in India and now is the third biggest movie ever. Nevermind SRK fans, you still have CE to lookforward to in the summer and you could help it to finally beat Readys record of 123 cr net! :-P
    @xzone hehehe nice to see you back on your own two feet after that fiasco with Kabir the other day. Lolz oh yes Bhai RoxXx :-)

  • @xzone
    why don’t you compare salman’s EK THA TIGER with JTHJ. it grossed much more than jthj. as for dabangg 2 not anyone can get a non-holiday release and, without 6 holidays gross, cross 150 crore nett. worldwide it has grossed much more than jthj. to get more screens you also have to be guarantee a boxoffice success. all of salman khan films are super successful that’s why he gets more screens with each of his film as everyone know that his films are gonna be successful.