Jab Tak Hai Jaan Monday Collections (First Week)

Jab Tak Hai Jaan has dropped quite significantly on Monday. As per early estimates, the first Monday collections are likely to be in the 5-6 crore range.

While quite a few theatres in Maharashtra remained shut on Monday, following the demise of Balasaheb Thackeray, JTHJ had a massive drop at most centres.

Even a multiplex dominated city like Gurgaon (Haryana, India) witnessed a sharp decline in collections.

Gurgaon Figures for the last 5 days below.

  • Tuesday: 19 lakhs
  • Wednesday: 27.3 lakhs
  • Thursday: 21 lakhs
  • Friday: 16 lakhs
  • Saturday: 22 lakhs
  • Sunday: 20.5 lakhs
  • Monday: 6.6 lakhs

With business of around 5-6 crores on Monday, the cumulative total for Jab Tak Hai Jaan in 7 days (1 week) is around 85-86 crores nett. With business in the Mumbai circuit back to normal, the film is likely to cross the 100 crore mark by Thursday or Friday.

The final All-India nett box office collections to be around 120-125 crores.




  • 100 crore in 10 days looks highly unlikely.. in 2nd weekend , it will reach 100 crores.. btw jthj may nt even cross ra1 collectio looking at the drops on monday.. nxt weekend there will be release of twilgiht n lie of pie which r basically for the high class multiplex audience n teen gals ( same audience for jthj)..

  • Hahahahaha…..Average movie with average collections….SRK’s starpower is gone now….Salmna and akshay’s average movies do bumper collections whereas SRK’s much hyped movie with record youtube likes and sympathy created by Yash ji’s demise couldn’t do any kind of magic or breakany record….Waah SRK waah…kya baadshah hai tu

  • JTHJ & SOS Come to Same Level on Monday

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    The Collections of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardaar Came to the Same level on Monday. Both the film collected the same amount of money at the box office.

    The Collections from Mumbai Region still remained zero, but it will pick up from today. The Figure for both of these movies was 4.25 crore net.

    The total collection of JTHJ in 7 days has reached the mark of 78 crore net till now. This is a very good total. But, the possibility of the film crossing 100 crore in first week now stands eliminated.

    Son of Sardaar has reached 63.5 crore net. This total is sligthly better then Ajay Devgn’s previous best Bol Bachchan. SOS if managed to hold up, it can surely cross the mark of 100 crore in 2 weeks, but the 3rd weekend seems more possible.

  • 3rd film in a row 4 srk whch is avrage grosse compare to salman and amir i thnk lost his box office power now the salman is the only 1 king of box office

  • It’s not 5-6 crore monday it has collected 4.25 crore on monday and total 7 days stands at 78 crore nett. Just see (boxofficeindia.com)

  • Good Collections for JTHJ And SOS considering the competition.

    We must congratulate both filmmakers as after all audience, distributors, multiplexes, single screens all get diwali gifts. No one loses so it is win win position for both the films. It was best desirable result that happens

  • very sad. as i said before SRK has lost his charm since 2010.and i am sure it will go more down.SRK fans were flying very high before the release of this movie and they were saying 200 cr .what happened
    Yash chopra+ AR R music+Kat and Anushka+festive release+SRK- and final business will be 120 cr.

    today bollywood have 3 super stars.

    Aamir khan
    Salman Khan
    Akshay kumar

  • monday collection of both jthj and sos is 4.25cr

    srk has only one chance to prove his stardom ie chennai express.
    if he fails in that no one can save him.

    waiting for khiladi786

  • its not huge bus for jthj its normal srk ne cheat kia itna bara phr bhi ye busness. sos super hit jeet k geo Ajay love u

  • @dear indicine…..Why only 120-125crore? I think that all india net gross will be arround 140-150crore.
    first six days- 80crore
    1st monday- 2nd thursday- 20crore
    2nd week (2nd friday-3rd thursday)- 30crore
    3rd week (tallash’s realise)+other remainning weeks- 15crore
    total net gross- 80+20+30+15 crore

    1. Ek Tha Tiger (2012) – 127.25 crore

    2. Bodyguard (2011) – 100.15 crore

    3. Ra.One (2011) – 91.27 crore

    4. Agneepath (2012) – 81.77 crore

    5. Dabangg (2010) – 80.87 crore


  • salman movies are hit because they appeal to mindless audience which r abundant in india,srk is the original badshah,the trendsetter nd the undisputed best actor

  • @j. Rofl…..lol….. at your comment, “JTHJ IS THE BEST CLASSIC MOVIE”, now i am 100 % sure that after watching jthj u have completely lost your mind & brain. Lol……

  • Ahaha.. how easily people term SRK is over.. i.m hearing it for the 100th time i guess since 2000.. Those saying it cannot cross BG, Dabangg etc etc must not forget that all the business JTHJ is doing is inspite of the over-promoted SOS which too has done well.. and about 9 crores lost in mumbai over the weekend..

    So please chill.. SRK was never over and never will be.. Its just that the taste of indian audience has shifted towards action masala entertainers and people seem to be enjoying that..it wont be long before audience gets tired of this..
    Just hoping SRK does such a movie to keep everyone’s mouth tightly shut.. but I know he wont do it… Because doing films which have no class or soul is not SRK’s mission.. Fortunately or Unfortunately :)

  • @dj: you watch class movies we are watching movies for fun and entertainment and clean movie without on screen kissing and bikini shot of actress, A movie which can enjoy with whole family that’s Salman and Ajay movies.

  • Some Srk fans taking help of aki and amir to show down salman a super star of today. . . Guys even aamir and aki fans also knw salman is no. 1 and aamir at no. 2 and aki at no. 3 and even Ajay came at no. 4 after sos . . .okay. . Dnt take thier help. . Be a man 1st . .

  • Indicine til now y ur prediction for Srk movie is always higher than its actual figures. . See now u predicted 5 to 6cr for mon. . But its actual is 4.25cr . . Y indicine. . In other case u predicted 21cr for sos but it collected 39cr in 3 day weekend

  • Ahsankhan Akki is just a boring comedy star. sallu is just a fat old boy copying south movies. aamir is a bakwaas star. I have stopped watching all of their movies years ago. sos is just an average movie just a copy of south earned 60 cr approx. as of monday and overseas collection forget it. jthj had 80 cr as monday approx. and overseas approx 41 cr. as of monday so total 121 cr approx. as monday. so jthj is already far more than hit considering just a spent of 45 crore and shut down of theatres for 3 days in mumbai. I still love srk and he is the only baadshah of bollywood.

    N.B. -The above figures are from zee etc bollywood

  • SRK is the name of an actor who believe in classic films with acting skills. Even, when he act in any action movies as DON, DON2 or RA.ONE then you can find his natural acting abilities in there. But if you are a fan of those actor who don’t want to act but coping movies from south movies then forget acting. Because the synonym of SRK is acting. I truly believe that the 1st and main work of an actor is acting and comedy and action will come as 4th subject.

  • I think sos is the winner in this diwali.See jthj has got some legends in its film like yash chopra,a.r rahman,gulzar.and if u compare to sos all are yet to be establish themselves in bollywood.And if u calculate the per screen collection, sos has collected more than jthj.

  • let me explain now. i think there is no need to compare any of these stars at all: ’cause
    comparison is only in the case of same type of movies releasing on same date with around the same popularity and approximate the same budget, which has never been even tried by anyone.

    between sos and jthj though jthj earned more, but it is a romantic movie and sos is a copy of some successful south action movies. and of course sos invested around the double amount as of jthj and srk is more popular.so no comparison

    comparing ett or dabang or ready or whatever with jthj, all were around the same popular stars. but jthj is romantic and others are south style copies of some extremely popular stars.with don2 and ra.one those were original work not a copy of some south successful movies. and these were never released in same dates.

    3idiots, this movie is all about the current student categories/trends under which most student falls like not respecting teachers or elders, drinking smoking whatever. srk never does movies like that. and there were nevr a clash between rk and amir. how can u compare them

    akshay was never a very good star except few comedy movies and some in ’90s or’00s. so no comparison.

    srk is always doing different kind of movies rather than repeating the same type of movies without caring for popularity. but he was always successful and i’m sure in future also he will get success.

    if srk would worked in say ett than of course the movie might not earn such heavy amount, but it would had been surely a big hit.and what if salman in jthj, it surely flopped or at most an average.

    plz never compare srk with anyone. he is the best

    now talking about his old looks, i think aamir and akshay are looking far more older than srk in their new movie trailers. and salman it seems like that there has been heavy amount of fat deposited under his belly like some fat old person.

    and big boss. who watches big boss except some bad people. what’s in big boss to watch just some bad guys or bad girls

    thank u for reading and have a nice day. get a good fortune and amazing future. c ya all later bye bye

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