Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal is heading towards becoming a major box office disaster as the film has dropped on Saturday, which tends to be one of the best days for film business for urban films. Outside major metro cities, the business of ‘JHMS’ crashed out on Saturday (Day 2) with the film recording significantly lower occupancy than Friday (Day 1).

On Sunday (Day 3), the average occupancy has increased by around 5% compared to Saturday morning / noon shows at metro city multiplexes, but that doesn’t mean much as night shows on Sunday are comparitively much weaker than Saturday. The smaller centres are not supporting the film, most have dropped lower than Friday and Saturday.

Some shows were cancelled due to zero occupancy at several smaller centres on Sunday morning, which has probably never happened before for a Shah Rukh Khan film. Atleast not on the first Sunday. It’s a clear message that the audience isn’t willing to pay for such films even though it features a major superstar and a top actress.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is now looking at a 45 crore first weekend total. It has a partial holiday on Monday, but the weak trend suggests the film will start to show major drops on Monday and crash out on Tuesday. The only hope now is to get to a 80-crore plus lifetime total, which would put it in the same range as ‘FAN’, but even that looks difficult with a 45 crore first weekend.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is one of the weakest box office performers of Shah Rukh Khan’s career. Not only did the film not get a good initial, but the response to the film has been disastrous. It’s a ‘Mohenjo Daro’ level debacle, but even that film showed an upward trend on Saturday and Sunday from a low starting point and clash with ‘Rustom’.

“How did Shah Rukh approve a script like this” is a question that everyone seems to be asking.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 15.25 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 15 crore
  • Total – 30.25 crore


  • Guys please don’t call JHMS Flop, its not a Flop…..Its a Biggest Disaster of all Time…..HaHaHa

  • Srk fans always bark that Srk never give Disaster……Lo Aaj Vo Sapna Bhi Tute Gaya…..Congratulation for the DISASTER……

    Now let see what paid media will do……

  • so many excuses by indicine and his idiotic fans . an idiot is saying JHMS took low opening because SRK is doing vad films, but the fact is that raaes was a good masala movie…! It had mixed to positive WOM..just admitt his star power is low especially on non holiday…! He gets help of neutrel audience on festivals!

  • Biggest disaster of the year is tubelight atleast jhms me distributor ki lashe nehi milegi.

  • Being a huge fan of SRK I’m really sad to see his downfall. This guy is a legend, he’s been my favorite superstar from the moment I discovered Indian cinema… But why does he act in bad movies like Dilwale and this one ? I really hope he will finally learn the lesson and go back to success with Aanand L. Rai’s next. Sadly it sounds like a last hope project :/

  • I was sure that this film would not make any better profit than Dear Zindagi.. could say from the trailer.. first time I was not so exited to see Shahrukh’s film as am a big fan of him and always couldn’t wait to see his films.. why Shahrukh? No good scripts for u to choose? Raees was a nice film.. please do better films, not anything to pass time with. I think it’s time to do again anything big and family films like KKKG, Kal Ho Na Ho, KKHH, etc.

  • I think Red Chilly Calculator is start working because yesterday every trade and Bollywood site predict 13-14cr on Saturday, but its 15cr, which means they manipulate number….But what else we can expect from King of Manipulation Srk, when he can manipulated 9cr in single day then 1-2cr is very small amount for him…….LOL

  • am going to watch it by end of this week.. I wish if Shahrukh would do a good big love story film similar to Veer Zara.

  • Hope he realise now what his fans expect from him. its the only movie of srk in ages i did not go to theatre.

  • SRK has been a 2 trick pony with chopra & johra …. remove these and Akshay Kumar will challenge his stardom … no redemption now only downhill for this Khan

  • Here movie become Huge Disaster and in mumbai Srk, Anuska and Imtiyaz are celebrating…..woh bhi soch rahe honge ki kya bewakoof banaya audience or fans ko…..sahi hai Srk fans deserve this……

  • 2014-2018 is astrologically srk worst phase Dilwale n Raees could be huge money spinner if solo unfortunately faced clash with better wom film, Raees is the only excellent opener and still highest grosser proves that srk in bad phase bigger than salman in best phase tubelight is the best example

  • Even Arjun Kappor’s Mubarakan shown growth on his 2nd Saturday, but this over-actor’s movie show decline in his 1st Saturday……Power Of Biggest Local Star…….LOL

  • I am bigeest fan of srk
    srk sir 3 ne bari galti ke 1 fan 2 dilwale 3 jhms sir plz darictor nai scrept dek lo

  • I am bigeest fan of srk
    srk sir 3 ne bari galti ke 1 fan 2 dilwale 3 jhms sir plz darector nai scrept dek lo

  • all the bullshit happening here is nonsense though iam not huge shahrukh fan but film will be global hit as he has massive following in europe.

  • SRK should try role like Chak de India. With age the image of DDLJ type is to leave behind. He has the great track and can do it again. All the good wishes.

  • Bye bye srk ..it’s all over now…..no matter which are your next films….no matter which genre films do you have in future action or romantic or thrillers or emotional or science fci. .but accept this harsh and bitter reality ..Indians are not at all interested in seeing you or your face..reasons are many .some are srks self proclaimed superstardom , his arrogance, his clashing with other superstars with evil intentions. …

  • I already predict this before the shooting of this movie.. Srk doing romance over and over…This is too over..some mindless crap srk fans promoting every bad film of srk and give energy to him to do these type of crap romance again (N.B – i am also srk fan , but i wont support bad film of srk. Raees was avg, fan was better but second half spoiled the whole film. Dilwale was another utter nonsense, HNY – avg but entertaining, chennai exp – Best entertainer of that year

  • Aamir khan right now commands league of his own. Salman also have unprecedented stardom and on his right kind of movies even aamir will think atleast 100 times to clash with him. Now remaining with stardom and box office pull are hrithik ranbir akshay and shahrukh. Without any doubt shahrukh is miles ahead among the rest but the difference between him and others are decreasing. Hrithik is fading but he just need one movie to gain back his pull and with that movie he can be one after shahrukh. Ranbir and akshay are similar but akshay is far more experienced and he has found acceptance from the audience in some how niche kind of movies be it action social drama patriotic movies or comedy. At this moment his selection of movies are wise and supreme only second to aamir’s movies. Ranbir has long way to go, he has found stardom so early in his career as he is powerhouse of talent. But he cannot falter audience with his choice too many times coz it wont take a long for audiences to bring u down to tha ashes. Gone are the days when actor and afford many misses after one hit. Ajay devgan varun dhawan and ranbir singh are other actors with box office pul and with some sort of acceptance for the movie they can do wonders. Ajay Devgan is al pacino os indi cinema his brooding eyes and dark tone of expression is killer and if given an author back role he is no less of his generation amitabh bachchan and dilip kumar combined but to be true enough his box office clout is far lesser those names during there prime. Ranveer singh can do acting if given author back role in his typical kind of movies, but in simple kind of roles he has habbit of going bit over board for nothing hence is doubtful to be the dark house of the current generation. As we have seen with far more talented abhisekh bachchan and vivek oberoi. Varun dhawan hardly takes risk, he is govinda of this generation but is more wiser and calmer. He has his following and he is lucky. I put my bet on him rather than in ranveer but he is no match to ranbir’s talent. Only one who can falter ranbir in his generation is he himself with his wrong kind of selection. Well shahrukh is not finished yet but he is fading and age is not in his side. There is also huge competition coming from other stars, simply he dont have many chance from now on. Probably dwarf movie directed by anand l rai is his last resort to gain back his clout.

  • Srk is a flop actor & will be always flop because he don’t do films with new actresses, new directors, new scripts & please stop doing love-romantic movies. Stop smoking ciggrates. Be health conscious like Akki. And be down to earth, don’t behave like king of the country, respect other talented actors, don’t buy awards or give money to media for good words for himself. Do films on desi poor India type stories.

  • @Raj don’t bark foo much. Your Salman has never won any clash. Why would a megastar like aamir will think even once to clash with him? It’s too easy to defeat salman in a clash with tubelight or any crap movie. He can win clash only if the movie is excellent word of mouth. Without excellent word of mouth even his solo movies like jai ho and tubelight tanked badly. Remember even ajay and akki defeated him in clash before 2010. Let him face a clash first and then we will see his so called stardom. Right now this is the ranking of superstardom of top 5 superstars in right film.
    1. Aamir khan
    2. Salman Khan
    3. Srk
    4. Hrithik
    5. Ranbir kapoor. This will never change. It’s salnan who asked aamir whether he has any release for Christmas 2017 before announcing TZH. So salman is scared of Aamir’s megastardom.

    • Well rahul before wanted happened definetely yes. It cannot be just a fortune that atleast he had 100 cr in his kitty with shits like jay ho and tubelight which even aamir khan dont have as privelage in the form of talash. You cannot compare aamir coming with dangal and salman coming with jai ho. Let them clash with PK and bajrangi bhaijaan or dhoom franchise with dabangg series and you will know the outcome. Salman fan following is beyond imagination he just need a right kind of movie. But what even his shit movie can do many stars falter with even there best. Thats all I have to say.

  • Yaar why all fighting like a dog, every one knows that jhms and tubelight was flop but no one are seeing that this is a worst
    year for bollywood industries and it continued than hollywood industries will over take . better u fight khans vs khans or support tham to make tham a good movie always critisism not work…..think while keeping your foot on their shoes.

  • @Rahul, u piece of shit, top 5 stars of bollywood are :-
    1. Aamir
    2. Akshay
    3. Salman
    4. Hrithik
    5. Ranbir Singh

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