Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal is heading towards becoming a major box office disaster as the film has dropped on Saturday, which tends to be one of the best days for film business for urban films. Outside major metro cities, the business of ‘JHMS’ crashed out on Saturday (Day 2) with the film recording significantly lower occupancy than Friday (Day 1).

On Sunday (Day 3), the average occupancy has increased by around 5% compared to Saturday morning / noon shows at metro city multiplexes, but that doesn’t mean much as night shows on Sunday are comparitively much weaker than Saturday. The smaller centres are not supporting the film, most have dropped lower than Friday and Saturday.

Some shows were cancelled due to zero occupancy at several smaller centres on Sunday morning, which has probably never happened before for a Shah Rukh Khan film. Atleast not on the first Sunday. It’s a clear message that the audience isn’t willing to pay for such films even though it features a major superstar and a top actress.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is now looking at a 45 crore first weekend total. It has a partial holiday on Monday, but the weak trend suggests the film will start to show major drops on Monday and crash out on Tuesday. The only hope now is to get to a 80-crore plus lifetime total, which would put it in the same range as ‘FAN’, but even that looks difficult with a 45 crore first weekend.

‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is one of the weakest box office performers of Shah Rukh Khan’s career. Not only did the film not get a good initial, but the response to the film has been disastrous. It’s a ‘Mohenjo Daro’ level debacle, but even that film showed an upward trend on Saturday and Sunday from a low starting point and clash with ‘Rustom’.

“How did Shah Rukh approve a script like this” is a question that everyone seems to be asking.

Jab Harry Met Sejal Box Office Collections

  • Friday (Day 1) – 15.25 crore
  • Saturday (Day 2) – 15 crore
  • Total – 30.25 crore


  • Thanks Indicine…. We Salute for writing the Truth. We respect your predictions. Always your predictions were correct 99%.

    JHMS is the Biggest Disaster Of The Year!. Even lower than the disaster Mohenjadaro.

  • MJD was involved in clash…Nahi to 100cr easily cross kar sakta tha.
    But shame on so called global king…solo release and not even able to touch 90cr.

  • I love the spirit of SRKians. They are accepting the fate of JHMS and encourage their superstar to improve in his future script choices. Good going guys! I wish him the best too.

  • ” Some shows were cancelled due to zero occupancy at several smaller centres on Sunday morning”

    This is not Stardom.

    This is SHAHDOM

  • Most EGOISTIC superstar is down now.
    Loss to Distributors, Exhibitors, Theatre owners, Fans
    Loss to Industry.

    • Yes ego is the reason people are actually celebrating failure of Srk…In his best days, he used to claim he was the biggest star…in some of his interviews he even boasted people should not dare clash with him…I am the king etc…And look at humility of his counterparts even after crossing 300 crores twice both Salman and Aamir never claim they are number one…In fact Salman in a recent interview said all major stars are doing great work etc…Srk is really too arrogant…It was time he failed…Fan was already a disaster and now this will collect less than Fan…2 disasters in 2 years…

  • Akkis badly reviewed films like brothers n Singh is bling grossed at least 86 CR’s n 93 CR’s respectively but I doubt whether jhms would cross 75.now who is biggest star?no prizes for guessing

    • Opening says about stardom not lifetime
      Akki failed to cross DDLJ for 13 years. Whats ur logic??
      Srk has a bigger reach than akki. His films are not getting right

    • Beta Canadian calculater? use mat Kar, according to boi
      Singh is bling-79cr
      But these movies are still appreciated? by certain sections of audience,wom was mixed, now please watch jhms, the wom is extremely negative.don’t behave like akki hasn’t faced this type of rejection,joker-20cr,boss-50cr,aur rahi baat Teri bigger super star wali,then jhms,tepk both are nonholiday release,2nd movie of both actor this year,if tepk will beat opening day of jhms,then I will accept akki is bigger NOW.
      According to me the ranking is
      1-SALMAN, those have doubts wait for tzh
      Ajay will return to no.6 after the release of baadshaho-14cr,g4.Varun will remain at 7,ranbir will be at 8then.

  • Biggest disaster of the year is tubelight atleast jhms me distributor ki lashe nehi milegi

  • 2014-2018 is srk career worst phase astrologically can’t give success Raees and Dilwale easily become success in solo release but one can’t fight with destiny

  • @Tiger
    It happens
    Marigold lifetime and Yeh Majhdar lifetime were lesser than day 1 of Trimurti and Anjaam respectively

    Its called Bad Phase

    Publish it indicine. Nothing negative

    • @aadav
      Abe dega tips, in 2017 you are talking about Majhdhaar which released 25 years ago… We know that JHMS makes you all mads… Still try to make little bit sense.

  • indicine stop giving excuse like this type of film .
    come out of illusion man ..

    where were you when brother flopped
    brother flopped coz it was a dark film but
    No one at that time mentioned this term like 5-10 cities film / niche film etc…
    still it did better than jhms on weekend..

  • Irrespective of reviews n feedback every multiplexe oriented movie tends to grow.but srk in his favorite avtaar made films collection to decline.shocking.

  • Audience are the biggest superstars…. The public don’t want crap !.. That’s it, imtiyaz Ali should have learnt this after ‘Tamasha’ ans SRK should have learnt it after HNY, Dilwale and Fan… After 25years of experience how could he be unable to judge a script and couldn’t understand the taste of the audience ????…

  • Truly say I appreciate your work u doing with full courage giving best prediction from small to big films very good keep it up but at last I request u give news more on movies collections.

  • Haha a disaster and not even a flop…This happens when your PR makes you a superstar but actually you are not..I don’t mean to say Srk was never a superstar but this decade has been pretty awful for him…Fan was a major flop with JHMS heading towards a disaster status…RA.One was an underperformer as well….This decade only major money spinner for Srk has been CE…Even HNY crashed badly and Dilwale lost the clash to BM

  • Guys, I wondered over years how did it happened that all of a sudden movies of Rajesh Khana the Superstar stopped working at BO. I am seeing this happening in reality via SRK.

    • romantic films made Rajesh khanna superstar srk is king of romance but he got successful films in all goner massala,sports,thriller etc. Srk is facing career worst phase Dilwale n Raees both will be huge money spinner in solo release unfortunately not happened SRK is too big star proves Raees is the only film got excellent opening and still hgoty of 2017

    • Srk was too arrogant … in his best days he behaved like a snotty guy now it has been 4 years since he gave a clean hit

  • It’s a flop with the Red Chillies calculator, without the manipulation it’s a washout of Bombay Velvet proportions. Well deserved result.

  • See still how bookings is trying to save sharook as they are saying these type of movies can fall badly but bcoz of sarook’s star power it hasn’t now who will make them understand that this is the day when the target audience comes and movies collect good as we can see tamasha collected 11crs on opening day and 13 on sat with not so good music and the movie looked niche and dark as compared to jhms which was more colourful and still they are saving sharukh..I mean seriously he has now faced rejection in every genre should retire now..

  • It will be too much fun if someone announces clash with Anand Rai “Dwarf” starring the global star…Now is the time for someone to show guts and put this arrogant star in his place…Was way too arrogant in his heydays and used to look down upon everyone…Time for him to be little humble now

    • My friend, leave about being humble in future, SRK buckled down here itself. He avoided clash with Akshay Kumar.

  • The unthinkable has happened…Srk is fighting to stay relevant and for the first time has danger of being eliminated from top 3 position…

    No clean hit since last 3 years…Since 2010, distributors have lost money on Fan, JHMS, Ra.one and to some extent even Dilwale…This was so unthinkable in last decade …It is Srk who is becoming irrelevant while Aamir and Salman climb higher and even Akki in his best phase

  • This is called the revenge of Karma.SRK deliberately clash with HR to destroy him in Kaabil but unable to find success at that time.majority praised HR s brilliant acts in Kaabil.Raess and srk failed at box office.
    And this time karma put last nail to SRKs coffin.

  • Seriously most pathetic movie in the History of Indian Cinema, and the credit goes to the most Pathetic Over Actor Srk…..His fans just trying to save his sorry A*S by saying that he did good, but in reality Public just can’t bear him on theater, they are leaving theater in interval……If he really good actor or have any charm then atleast public sit till the end of movie, but no they just can’t bear his tortures Over-acting any more…..Atleast It never happen with any A list actor before…..LOL

    But as usual paid media and fans are praising his pathetic acting……Media Made Star…..LOL

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