Jab Harry Met Sejal Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ was below-the-mark on its opening day at the box office, with collections of Rs 15.25 crore on Friday. The Day 1 business is similar or slightly higher than Imtiaz Ali’s last film ‘Tamasha’, which collected Rs 11 crore on its opening day – but it had a lesser star, released on 2000 screens two years ago and the average ticket price was significantly lower too.

In fact, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has all-time highest average ticket price at multiplexes, even higher than films like ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘Tubelight’. Higher ticket rates is not necessarily a good thing from a business point of view, because it could have an impact on the occupancy levels in theatres.

The opening of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is lower than SRK’s last film ‘Raees’ which was involved in a box office clash with Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’. ‘Raees’ was a film that appealed to a wider section of the audience, especially at smaller cities and towns where ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ hasn’t even got an initial. The lead star is the same in both films, in fact here we have a top female star like Anushka Sharma in a commercial film, but it’s the treatment that discouraged the audience from queueing up at theatres on Friday.

Amongst 2017 releases, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has taken the third best opening of the year after ‘Tubelight’ and ‘Raees’. But the occupancy wasn’t that much higher than films like ‘Jolly LLB 2’ and ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ – those films were desi entertainers and had something in it for audience at smaller cities.

On the all-crucial Day 2, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has slipped at multiplexes with occupancy dropping by 15-20% from Friday morning levels. At some places the drop is as high as 30% from Friday. This could be because Shah Rukh Khan films get higher footfalls on Friday morning, as his fans do watch his films ‘first day first show’.

Business is expected to escalate in the night. Occupancy for shows from Saturday evening onwards are crucial for such films, but there is uncertainty and fear within the industry and trade because the reports are dismal.

Due to high costs and a disappointingly low starting total, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ Day 2 box office collections need to grow by atleast 20% growth today, which would mean collections in the 18-19 crore range and a 21 crore plus total tomorrow. That kind of growth will take the film to a 55 crore first weekend – which wouldn’t be enough, but it would suggest a healthy trend and help the film take advantage of the partial holiday for Raksha Bandhan.

Update: Official Day 1 collections, Rs 15.25 crore.



  • Audience keeps coming on day 1 to watch his movie and SRK keeps disappointing them on a regular basis. Watched the movie and the only thing I can say is I am Extremely Disappointed. My rating is 2/5 and I am being lenient here.

    Managed to watch the whole movie (extremely painfully) only because of SRK otherwise it is absolutely un-watchable. My expectations from the movie were low but I am still disappointed. Extremely silly plot, silly characters, silly dialogues, songs un-necessarily popping out. You dont feel a single bit for the characters. I cannot find a single reason to recommend some one to watch it. I have seen few Imtiaz films and this is his worst work.

    Had SRK done this movie 15 years back it may have been acceptable. But today while Aamir is selecting movies like PK, 3I, Dangal, I don’t know what SRK made select this movie thinking that this will bring him back into the game.

    After all the disappointing movies he has done, SRK is still the one after Aamir & Salman who can constantly deliver a solid opening (regardless of genre). But I dont know how long that will continue for SRK as he keeps disappointing the audience again and again.

    This will be both a critical and commercial failure. Box office wise I see this going Fan way and crashing big ways Monday onwards. No way I expect it to cross 100 cr and it will be a flop which it deserves to be. SRK was at the top of his game once and he has failed to change himself with times. His poor script sense is leading to his downfall. The rule is simple. You work hard and intelligently both keeping in view what audience wants. Aamir has done that and made his way to the top. If you don’t you will continue to come down like what is happening to SRK currently. It is a sinple rule. No emotions involved.

    The only positive thing which may come out from this movie is that its box office result may force SRK to change his thought process. Be more serious about selecting good scripts, choose a better team and stop taking audience for granted.

    Anyways Hope never dies and it shouldnt. One can only hope he delivers something satisfying in future.

    I was around for this movie only. Might be back around Diwali time for Golmaal 4 as that should be a fun movie. Might be.

    In the meanwhile well wishes for TEPK and Baadshaho. Both are looking interesting. Industry badly needs them to be hits.

    • srk don’t need critics when he has dhogla fans like you, a bad film never work even it released on pre Internet era if Veer Zaara released today it will cross 300cr and JHMS released in 2004 its not became hgoty, Mai hoo na remain 2004 biggest hit

      • A fan cannot praise when a movie is s#it. He has been letting us down for past 6 years after MNIK. Only Don 2 was good.

    • You r a sucker..claim yourself as srk fan…do you understand really quality movies?srk made enough quality movies….if he tries to entertain what’s ur problem??? Why r u giving poor reviews just to down his box office collection….r u idiot?? See salman fans..how they appreciate his movies even if it has no stories…..because they love him…love his entertainment…not do criticism like dis…

      • That’s what differentiates us from the Sallu fans. They will call Sallu’s s#it gold. We are more educated then Sallu fans.

    • Today’s movies…..
      1.no plot/wafer thin plot/plot with potholes
      2.no character depth/back story
      3.limited characters ,revolves only around hero and heroine with sidekicks as fillers.
      4.loosing desi touch,shooting done abroad
      5.no family member shown ,no character artist involved ,movies like arun,jhms have not a single of protagonist family member
      6.remakes/reboot made just to encash success of previous movies

    • Brilliant comment bro.. Agree with each and every word you said.. No one should take his audience for granted..

    • Frankly no SRK fan is bigger than me in this world but I just couldn’t go to theatre 2nd time even though I booked it before watching first time. It’s such pathetic movie. Anushka character was more torturous to me… how can you force the guide just for the missing ring?. What’s his fault?. Also how the he’ll you can say to him to treat her like girl friend just bcoz he is lonely??. Is she really in love with her fiancee ..?. Why the he’ll she goes to pubs n bars in those countries..just to invite trouble??? Yuck characterization. Even SRK keeps on saying in the movie that we should stop this nonsense now..thats what the impact of this movie on every audience.

      This time I’m pretty sure SRK didn’t liked the movie himself that is the reason I guess the movie got delayed release in Dubai ie after 6pm on Thursday…he knows bad reviews will affect india collections. SRK should have thought this while reading the script….

      Anyways I will still love SRK what he has done for the past 25 years. I really want him to read these comments from true fans and create havoc in box office collections in his future movies.

      • That’s called true macho with a lion heart…I like your non-partialness….Hats off bro!!

    • Dear friend you know what is problem with srk..his acting limited olny these thing srk worst actor in present time.

  • multiples rates are higher than Tubelight? ? lol seems like indicine…
    rates are lower in many multiplex..TL FDFS in many multiplex was 140Rs whereas for JHMS it is 118Rs…
    take example of PVR Logix delhi..for Tubelight it was 1500 whereas for JHMS it is 1400…
    if you have doubt ask me i still have SS :)

    • Yes @zuheeb…These BOI, Indicine etc all are Srk haters. Let’s wait for Red Chillies official figures. I’m sure opening day collections will be 24-25cr nett.

  • Day 1 – 16
    Day 2 – 16
    Day 3 – 18
    Day 4 – 9
    Week 1 – 73
    Week 2 – 15
    Lifetime – 94 cr
    Verdict – Flop ??
    Sorry but it won’t be a successful movie

  • Forget Tubelight, JHMS fails to beat Salman’s 3.5 years old release Jai Ho’s opening day collections… And they call him world’s biggest superstar… . Hahaha

    • Well he did that on the same day with Kaabil alongside… Having said that this movie is utter nonsense and deserves to b flop.

    • 20 years have been flop – Salman, Aamir, Akshay …Success after 2010, when millions of peasants from the villages came to work for the city,in industry, they replenished the number of moviegoers.
      Today, 70% of viewers in India and Asia – yesterday’s peasants, urban slum dwellers and their children … The rapid development of the economy has given them a job, earnings, they have increased the cinema audience … But the level of development of thinking lags behind the material level. Morally and culturally they are still at the level of the Middle Ages … For these 70% viewers primitive movies of your idols about the village, fighting in panties, about toiletes , film – animation etc.You from this number

      • Who gave blockbuster with 3idiots,rangdebasanti,fanaa,ghajini,tzp,dilchahtahai,lagaan,rangeela,sarfarosh,rajahindustani,hamhairaahipyarke,rangeel,qsqt,dil,jjws,gulam,dilhaikmaantanai etc etc before 2010???

  • I’m not disappointed with collections of SRK movies . I’m disappointed with his choice of movies… his script-sense is simply childish !!!!
    a new born baby has more script-sense than legend SRK !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Get ready to see excuses like niche, offbeat, art, urban, classy and blah blah blah blah….

    • it already started
      srkians site BOI and indicine already declared it as niche genre movie ?????.

  • One more flop in Srk’s kitty. Now those Srk fans who were barking at the time of Tubelight will learn lesson.No star in the world can carry a film only on his stardom. There must be at least one or two things to support like good content, popular music, good trailer. Both Tubelight and JHMS lacked everything.

    • @Tiger;
      How many support Srk want to give good opening, let me tell you that JHMS Trailer was received well by audience and trade people (compare to Tubelight which was rejected by trade), JHMS has Top Heroin (Tubelight does not have any heroin), even Music also received very well of JHMS, 3-4 remakes are out, song with Diplo, they also release some songs in other languages just like Srk did at the time FAN (while in Tubelight except 1-2 songs nothing is good, even those songs are slow and non-massy)……..What else you want for support……Even Ticket Price are higher than Tubelight…..Still only 15cr opening while Tubelight give 21cr opening that too in Ramadan Period, which means in normal day it will collect 25-26cr easily in worst condition (don’t forget that Salman has huge fan following in Muslims……

  • 100 cr toh mushkil se collect karti hai iski film aur baat 1000 cr k business ki karta hai apna srk.we have lost srk the actor.it is now srk a businessman.

    • Maybe its not a masala film which we are expecting him to make and cross 300 and 1000 cr mark, u guys call salman actor who barely acts and does only remakes to cross 300 crore, cmon guys hits and failures are part, maybe SRK have to plan it better as a businessman but dont say he’s bad as actor. Just 1 movie cannot make and break any actor, he’s the one who is experimenting with characters, superhero, bootlegger, guide, army officer, his own fan. When everyone was remaking south indian movies to earn money, he still had guts to make experimental movie with huge budget. A movie can be hit or flop on its merit but his acting should not be questioned. Even Aamir’s Talaash was disaster, but no one complained at that time. Coz box office is not always important, if u go to hollywood, none of the biggest blockbusters are even nominated for any awards as there is difference between earning money and a performance oriendted movie and SRK always performs.

  • Imitiaz Ali has officially lost it. Man is repackaging same story in his every film and if he can’t think of new ideas then he should collaborate with some others writers or pick other writers script.
    i don’t understand the urge to write when u can’t think of something novel.

    And as for Srk i don’t think he even read the scripts. Signing crap after craps, Taking audience for granted and serving them garbage. If he will not respect the audience now than time won’t be far away when his film will not be getting the initial.

  • King Haters, don’t be so happy seeing 15cr collections of JHMS. Picture abhi baaki hain…Red Chillies official figures yet to come out. And we all know the prowess of Red Chillies calculator. They are capable of giving 9cr extra collections per day. So, don’t be surprised if we see 24cr (15+9) nett collections for JHMS opening day.

  • For a film to have an appeal towards smaller centres ..it needs to have chartbuster songs , emotions , action ..
    Did jolly had that the one’s mentioned above?? @indicine..
    And btw jolly ticket prices were even lower than bkd ..fyi..
    So keep this farce commentary to yourselves

  • Honestly saying 50 cr weekend is looking difficult. I just hope that it touches 100 cr in lifetime.

    As a fan of SRK, I am very disappointed with his choice of movies.

  • One thing is clear Bollywood rom coms need to take backseat or rather reinvent! There’s a specific pattern which each of them follow, and all are predicable and almost same!
    Actors like preity zinta and Rani Mukherjee also are responsible for their success as you may remember in their time 2000-2009 rom coms were the main thing.
    Now almost all fail!

  • SRK came to me and said want to do a film with u and I narrated only two lines and SRK agreed to do the film – Imtiazi Ali.
    and we thought that SRK will take his career very seriously after Fan debacle but no he doesn’t even have the brain capacity to choose good scripts !!!!!
    SRK if u have any brain issue or it’s not working, go and repair it and then use from it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s certain that JHMS will be either a disaster or a flop. It’s been 3 years Global bhagoda hasn’t delivered a single clean hit… Lagta hai ye INTEZAAR 30 saal ka hone wala hai…

  • Sorry Srk but your time is over now people are not intrested in watching your movies now you should make a movie with something 60 crore budget that will be good for you.As of now dwarf is a big project budget is atleast 150 crore so Dwarf is already flop because people are forgetting you and not intrested in your movies. And also krrish 4 is releasing so dwarf may be have a clash with krrish 4 so karma hits back

  • If ur site is too desperate to compare a jhms and raeeswith jolly then pls tell us how much these two would have collected if they were released on 10 Feb ..?? ??
    Guts hai to bolo @indicine..

    • srk hota then jolly pakka flop hoti at that ticket price…
      this is the reason I hate sir most this srkians make site..
      bring srk on top by manipulating fig and when he fails give excuse like hell at the time of raees they were telling only Muslims audience are watching it ..

      if movie failed declared it as niche genre movie….
      and give excuse like not promoted well ,lack of chartbuster song etc etc
      In case of akki they raise ques on his stardom…

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