Is Ranbir Kapoor a superstar?

After Hrithik Roshan, who made his debut more than a decade ago, Bollywood is yet to find it’s next ‘superstar’ this millennium.  Apart from Roshan, the Khan’s and Akshay Kumar.. the search for someone young with mass-appeal, someone who can guarantee a good initial at the box office.. is still on or is it? 

The most likely contender  is Ranbir Kapoor, whose fan-following has been growing with every release. His career started with the dreadful Saawariya, which was decimated by Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om, four years back in 2007.

Since then Ranbir has appeared in 7 films (excluding special appearances) and all his films have recovered it’s investment. While Rajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani were massive hits, his most recent release Rockstar is his biggest solo-grosser ever.

Not only is Ranbir a good actor, he isn’t scared of experimenting with the kind of characters that he chooses to play on the big screen. Rocket Singh, Rajneeti and even Rockstar weren’t stereotypical roles, but did wonders to his career.

Is Ranbir Kapoor a superstar? Is he capable of taking over the reins from the Khan’s say 5 years from now? What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.



  • Indicine, 5 more years for the Khan’s? I hope not :( Tired of them already and most of their movies are the same old what they did 20 years back. Only Aamir experiments but even he is getting old..

    Want to see more of Hrithik, Ranbir, Shahid and others

  • He definitely is… Hes got so much humility too which guys like SRK and Salman totally lack and what he also has is love for acting.. this is what he said when asked if he wants to be a superstar in future

    “I have faith in my talent. I don’t think I am a good human being or good looking but I do know that I am a good actor. I work hard and I love my work. It’s not that I run after money but I genuinely love this profession. I would love to dedicate my life to this profession and definitely become a superstar”

  • trening of rockstar is not so encouaraging.It is unlike to get hit status,so ranbir should wait for sole hit to became a superstar.

  • ranbir is a huge star today. 5 yrs from now, ranbir and hrithik are gonna rule bollywood, and of course u cant rule out the khans too.

  • ranbir is undoubtedly the youngest superstar 2day. ranbir should however not b compared 2 khans coz they’ve been here 4 20 yrs. ranbir is still young but with the kind of talent he has, he’ll surely reach that level.

  • i think, after 10 years he will be recognized as one of the biggest stars in the industry. But not after 5 years. Coz
    Khans are the KHANDAAN OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • What do you need to be superstar?. 1) Is it to have a huge fan base ? This you can have with charming qualities, huge screen presence, and getting films with a good story, appealing to the masses. 2) Or is it the pure abilitiy to act ?. This you have to be born with, trained, cultivated and maintained. 3) Or is it media patronage ? This I think you can have with money, power and sheer charisma. Verdict is Ranbir has all these. But it has to be maintained for at least 10 years.

  • No chance for RANBIR KAPOOR another 20 years but after 20 years IMRAN KHAN, or another afghani khans will be superstars

  • @Akash
    I didnt write that comment..
    I all in and out believe Ranbir is the next Man..leading the a decade..

  • khans can not be replaced….. But RANBIR kapoor will surely be a superstar along with shahid kapoor…. Imran khan is crap………

  • haha..5 years???too short indicine.. agreed he is good.. but unless the 3 khans stops taking the lead role ranbir cant be superstar…khans are 46… if sanjay dutt still act as hero with his aged look, the 3 khans can go for next 10 years easily…their body is so fit til now……

  • Ranbir is a kid good act in Rockstar it doesn’t mean he will became a super star replacing Khans? movies for entertainment good music good story some style I don’t care if it is remake or whatever.

  • Ranbir kapoor is a good actor but he can not replace the khans becouse many stars before him failed to replace like HRITHIC ROSHAN , SHAAHID KAPOOR , JR BACHCHAN and so on.
    The pillars of bollywood are khans.
    No khans means no bollywood in recent times


  • khans came with a solo hits at their start..they r born to be a superstar..but its not for ranbeer..he is a gud actor but not like khans..big B also waited & work hard to make his place in bollywood…khans r unbeated warriors…!

  • Khans Movie means 100 cr+ mark… They will rule Bollywood only death can stop them…Ranbir is good. Future is bright.. But it takes a lifetime to reach the tag SUPERSTAR…

  • first of all tell ranbir to eat something…he is looking like a beggar in ROCKSTAR…he doesn’t have a huge screen figure to appeal nor the superstar qualities..he’s there because of his father, otherwise he would have met the same fate of vivek oberoi!!!and no way he can beat the KHANS AND AKSHAY KUMAR…no way..he’s still a child in front of them. pls dont compare.

  • Ranbir is 1000 times better looking and talented than srk. rockstar got such a huge opening because of this 7 movies old actor! he belives in acting rather than stammering or showing off skin! He will definitely rule over bollywood in next 10 years if not 5! he will surpass khan’s stardom! Love you ranbir! Keep rocking! :)

  • ranbir rockzzzzzzzzzzz …………………… he is one of the best actor in bollywood. and i guarantee the coming decade is made for RANBIR alone.

  • A number of actor came and falled. users don’t compare 3 Megastars khan with junior actors like Emraan hasimi,Ranvir ,shahid,etc . Ranvir may become supar star if he have talent.But when khans will have become super Mega star.l

  • yaar india me koi kitna bhi top pe chla jae pr sbhe ko khans ki hi khujane hoti hai..even imraan khan in dino me superstar kehlaya ja rha hai..who can’t deliver a dilogue properly..btw..ranbir is a good actor..he is a in making

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