Desi Boyz gets Adult certificate

The censor board has passed Akshay Kumar and John Abraham’s Desi Boyz with an ‘Adult’ Certificate. While the makers were hoping for a U/A certificate, the fact that the film has the lead characters playing the role of male-escorts, was reason enough for the censor board to award Desi Boyz an ‘A’ rating.

This would mean, people under the age of 18 would not be allowed to watch the film and the box office collections are likely to be affected to a certain extent.

Desi Boyz, directed by Rohit Dhawan, also stars Deepika Padukone and Chitrangada Sen. The film is scheduled for release this weekend (on November 25th 2011).



  • @ aashkaran.. first time i agree with u bro…. its lookin like a typical akshya kumar film. same old akshya movies.

  • just wait guys….. dont make any comment before watching it….. hope for some thing fresh n new in Hindin Cinema….

  • Again they r fooling us Desi Boyz will too be a disappointment , Have u not
    learned from recent movies like rascals , Ra -one , kambakkt ishq Etc , it has
    same childish loud comedy , no story line . it tries to attracts as many people
    to come to theater at first week , through marketing fundas like publicity stunts
    ,appearing in shows to promote movies ( like appearing in big boss ) , attending
    news interview , they will try much hard do do marketing (promoting) rather than
    making good movie . and get same reaction from people “arey movie bekaar thi”
    paisey waste , and collections fall from next week .The me is here ,but they
    recover cost in first week by all these promotions (fooling people ,same like
    telemarketing huge claims )Same is with Desi boys ,hyped ,promoted , market to
    recover money , no money for script , dialog ,story and quality

  • desi boys soper duper hit hogi. public ise pasand kar rahi hai aur word of mouth bhi achchhi hai….so go enjoy the movie…

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