IPL 2013 Pics: SRK, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif

The opening ceremony of the Indian Premiere League Season 6 was held in Kolkata on Tuesday. The show was a dazzling combination of Bollywood’s glamour quotient and a medley of diverse cultures showcased by popular American rapper Pitbull.

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan and his Chennai Express co-star Deepika Paudkone performed in front of 50,000 spectators at the Salt Lake stadium. Katrina Kaif too joined the duo on stage.

The much-awaited IPL 2013 opening ceremony started with classical dancers serenading two giant lamps, and dancing in white, gold and red with diyas in hands.

Shahrukh made a grand entry with the title track of DON playing in the background. The superstar also perforrmed to some of his popular songs like Chammak Challo (Ra one), Koi Mil Gaya (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai), and Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhen.

Deepika in a stunning black outfit then mesmerised the audience with songs like Angrezi beat, Sajday Main and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

The glam quotient went up a notch as Katrina Kaif performed yo some of her hit tracks like Tera Hone Laga Hoon, Agneepath’s Chikni Chameli and Zara Zara Touch Me.

Soon international rapper Pitbull took to the stage belting out hits like “Hey Baby”, “Sexy and I know It” and “International Love”.

Finally, Shahrukh, Deepika and Katrina returned on stage to perform to PSY’s Gangnam Style.

Below we have a few pictures of SRK, Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif performing at the IPL 2013 openong ceremony.

Katrina Kaif performs at the IPL 6 Opening ceremony

IPL 2013 Pics: Katrina Kaif performs at the Opening ceremony

Shahrukh Khan performs at the IPL 6 opening ceremony

IPL 6 Pics: Shahrukh Khan performs at the opening ceremony

Deepika Padukone performs at the IPL 6 Opening ceremony

Deepika Padukone performs live on stage



  • This was one of the memorable live performances i have ever seen.Specially, the energetic movements of all the three stars were amazing.
    In his 48th year, SRK shown, how much dedication he has, towards his work.It is a slap on the faces of those morons, who used to present SRK as “budhha”. Guys, irrespective of the age, just watch his performance, you will easily find what i am trying to convey..!!!
    Coming to IPL, there could not be a better start than it.Now i am ready to cheer KKR (the dream of my idol).I am damn sure that KKR is going to repeat the same magic this time.
    BEST OF LUCK to Gambhir and other team mebers…

  • Kat and Dips look stunning in the first and third pics respectively whilst our King Srk looks scary and annoyed at someone or something in the second picture.
    I Wonder what could have caused him to look so confused and horrified?
    Ah yes it must have been me in the audience some 50 yards away with my Dabangg cut out of Salman bhai- this was the highlight of Srks performance as people turned to me and in unisom we reenacted Bhais world famous ‘I wanna Jalwa’ dance steps. Srk on seeing this reaction from the pro Salman crowd almost fainted and became very disorientated and went into JTHJ mode by constantly asking his dancers: “where am I?” And “who am I playing today? G.one, Rizwan Khan, Samar Anand or am I playing Robin Hood Pandey???” One dancer says:- “No sir you aint good enough to play Chulbul Pandey but you could play the part of Chunky Pandey if you wish…!”
    On hearing this our beleaguered King Srk fainted. :-)
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx ipl 6 too just like ipl 5…! ;-)

  • Reports are coming in that during During Pitbulls performance Srk came rushing onto stage and wanted the famous intl rapper to rap to srks classic song ‘Saans’. Pitbull agreed to try so Srk stood in his trademark pose of back slightly arched, head tilted back and both arms wide apart. ‘Saans’ belted out and 3 minutes later Srk hadnt even blinked let alone even flinch, on seeing this performance Pitbull looked begrudgingly at Srk and in order to wake up the traumatized audience Pitbull requested the organisers blast out ‘Desi Beat’, ‘Dhinka Chika’, ‘Jalwa’ and ‘Dabangg’ and gave a mashup masterclass to the audience who went absolutely ballistic and rowdy. Srk was left dumbfounded and heartbroken before being escorted off stage by Kat and Dips.
    @star bhai and Pitbull rocked ipl 6..! ;-)

  • @king : No offense to your comment, didn’t Salman also rocked IPL 5 last year? Remember KKR won it that year, Salman proved lucky for srk not once but many times (KKHH, Karan Arjun n HTHS) !!!!

  • Where are those morons who said it will be watched by 1,00,000 or 1.25 lakh audience at stadium? Its only 50,000 + few hundreds.

  • Indian Express says crowd went wild for two performances – Katrina and Pitbull. The rest was just so so.

  • @navin, if your star bhai is so entertaning then why didn’t the organaisers call him for a performence. Wait I know why, because people want see a trumatised “buddha” performing rathar than a “ghanta” tapori playing with his belt

    ghanta bhai really rocks ;p

  • i enjoyed the opening ceremony.specially king khan performance.his energy oh! my god.he last came bangladesh for a stage performance in 2010.he performed for 2 hours.he said ‘i will break my legs,i will break my hands i will be blind for my fans.he is so dedicated to his fan.sir we are also dedicted to we.u r the greatest,the bestest,the emperor of cinema.

  • SRK looks like a buddha…time to retire…Chennai express will again underperform..just like hie his previous 4 movies- JTHJ, Don 2, Ra one and MNIK…all these were average and crap movies and did average business…his stature is falling day by day

  • What Salman do when KKR batsmen hit sixes??

    — he will rang ghanta :-p

    What Salman do when KKR wins??
    — he will distribute kelas among there fans

    Ghanta bhai really rocks

  • Brilliant performance by srk. While salman was good last year, my god this year was truly a spectacle. Srk really pulled out something different.

    Ps @navin u are an idiot.

  • After Performing such poor in IPL V , salman was thrown out
    Srk gives again IPL glory
    SRK looks thousand times better than fake capsuled muscular Old forever alone Salman

  • @sach You forgotten about our bet? You havent accepted terms yet so please dont back out as it was your challenge to me you spineless swine. :-P

    Srk after yesterdays performance.
    “ya I rocked baby. People loved my belt jiggle to the Dabangg tune and people loved me rocking to ‘desi beat’. My fans loved me doing the ‘Jalwa’ and later they went krazzzy when me and Kat performed to ‘Fevicol’ followed by a super sexy performance of ‘munni badnaam hui’ by Deepika and me. Great night but only downside was the silence that followed my karaoke version of ‘Saans’. I think Pitbulls rap wasnt upto the mark and the semi clothed dancers costumes werent revealing and provocative enough but overall I think I rocked the show..!” :-)

  • @ IMAM : Taste this.

    STAR Guild Awards : Salman as host TRPs 7.5 as per UK magazine (Salman as solo Anchor for the first the time)

    IPL opening ceremony : Pitbull + Katrina + Deepika + IPL + srk = Still official Trps are NOT out.
    Even if its beats Star Guild award the credit does not go alone to your self proclaimed king.

    Dabnagg 2 : Got highest Trps in history of Indian television for a movie telecast.

    Your SRK wont break this TRp with JTHJ on April 21st, lets see what demented buddha do!!!!

  • Only 9.7 TRP for IPl, IPL himself is the biggest brand, it has already beated EPL but still got 9.7
    Srk+Katrina+deepika+pitbull+Ipl+indian team+overseas players only pakistanis were missing
    Star guild TRP 7.5 only salman khan

    So Mr imam siddiqui y dont u better think twice before commenting nd ya i knw u wont reply me like always bcoz u r ghajini

  • @navin Oh I agree the bet. CE vs SAW. It’ll be a clear winner for srk. And even If mental surpasses CE it won’t be that big of a margin. So my bet is still on. Srk will have more worldwide collection than that of mental. Wait n see.

  • last tym wen lallu performed in ipl trp was 5 nw 9.7 it says it all….nd wen u compare trp u also need to compare the tv channels on vich d show or movie was telecasted…star vil have higher trp than others….nd for all lallu fans even soty beat the trp of ett(both movies on sony) ask ur lallu to frst defeat varun nd sid then tnk abt srk

  • The official TRPs are not out and it takes a few weeks, as currently the last week of March TRP are officially announced.

    People’s imagination run wild when they loses senses.

    By the way, Salman alone beating the TRP of an established show like Filmfare is huge.

    Just compare this Guild and Filmfare, and you will understand the power of Salman.

    I hope Guild keeps giving real and genuine awards, and make no mistake SRK’s PR would be pouncing to host it next year and bring it down too. lol.

  • lallu hosted his frst award show tat too by doin cheap promotions as his going to marry…(like rakhi sawanth nd rahul mahajan) nd the show was telecasted on star still no way near ipl…….poor lallu fans

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