Aurangzeb Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Yashraj Films’ Aurangzeb starring Ishaqzaade star Arjun Kapoor, Pritviraj (last seen in Rani Mukerji’s Aiyyaa, Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh, Rishi Kapoor and Sasha Agha.

The film releases in theatres on May 17th 2013.

Watch the Aurangzeb Trailer below.

Movie: Aurangzeb (2013)
Director: Atul Sabharwal
Starcast: Arjun Kapoor, Prithviraj, Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh, Rishi Kapoor, Sasha Agha, Deepti Naval, Tanvi Azmi, Sikander Kher, Swara Bhaskar
Produced By: Aditya Chopra
Banner: Yash Raj Films
Release Date: May 17th 2013
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  • The story looks thrillingly ordinary. Also the Mughal king “Aurangzeb” has been shown in a negative manner. Aurangzeb was an honest and generous king. Muslims are shown as bad guys in every Bollywood film. Hypocrisy.

  • The trailer looks amazing and it seems to have a unique storyline at its core so will be interesting to see more from the producers before the movies release. I may watch first day or wait for reviews to flow in but so far Im impressed by this trailer.

  • Arjun kapoor is superb actor. can’t believe its his 2nd movie. I loved him in 1st movie. khans should learn acting from this guy. overrated khans. they should get retirement now.

  • i don’t think this film can cross 25 crores lifetime.ordinary story.
    we have seen this kind of films where look-a-like changes original and all that.
    go goa gone is much better than this.

  • @JMo Agree bro with u, these shitty ppl alwayz try to highlight Muslims in a bad plight… On the contrary, Aurangzeb was a very good ruler and one of the Best Mughal emperors, atleast better than Akbar (The Great so called by some stupids)… Aurangzeb was a very just ruler… He was very generous and history states many good stories related to him but these bloody Indian media hypocrites doesnt highlight that and always try to show the bad side of him… Shame and spit on these people

  • @JMo, aurangzeb was a generous and honest king ???? please give me a break, i guess you haven’t done your history properly in your childhood !!!!! aurabgzeb was the one who brought down the respect and honour of mughals, all mughals were almost fine and akbar was the one who was most liberal of them all , aurangzeb had killed his brothers to reach the crown and you saying he was generous !!!!! great , and muslims are not shown in bad light, it depends upon you how you take it.

  • arjun is fabulous in ishqzaade liked it very much…played the role in ishqzaade with maturity and naturally…all the best for aurangzeb..

  • Story plot looks like similar to Dominic Cooper’s “Devil’s Double”.. Hope its not the copied one

  • @sayad imraan looks like you have no idea about Indian history.It’s a movie forum don’t talk like a fanatic here.

  • Looks like too much pakis are coming here nowadays.Don’t try to break us.Here in India we are Indian first than our religion comes.

  • Aurangzeb (RA) was/is one of the honest person Mughal’s and this the truth.
    some knowledgeable people don’t know about the Truth. Be truth and always with truth.
    got it.

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