Intensity of Tiger’s eye the focus in new picture from ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ sets

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to return in the year’s biggest film – Tiger Zinda Hai, which releases during the festive period of Christmas this year. The actor has been shooting non-stop for what will be a film filled with several high-octane action scenes.

Sharing a new picture from the sets of the film, the director, Ali Abbas Zafar, said  ”For your eyes only”

Tiger Zinda Hai - Salman Khan

Tiger Zinda Hai – Salman Khan

The filmmaker, who’s been active on social media right through the rigorous shooting schedule of the film, had also posted a picture of an action sequence where 10,000 rounds of blank ammunition will be fired.

“Ready to fire 10,000 rounds of fire. ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. Armoury? The madness begins” Zafar had said.

10,000 rounds of fire on Salman's 'Tiger Zinda Hai' set

10,000 rounds of fire on Salman’s ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ set

The final shooting schedule of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ will be wrapped up in 3 weeks from now. The theatrical trailer of the film is expected in November.



  • SRK fans should learn the difference between ‘Gaadi footpath pe chadana’ aur ‘khud kise pe chad jaan’ ….. illiterate retards !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine is salman playing negative role in race 3? Please reply because I am really curious.

  • @ Salman Fan, still blabbering about YRF.if Yrf is guarantee of Success then FAN, Befikre would have been blockbusters.ETT, Sultan and TZH are also YRF Salman is free to work with YRF , but not SRK.
    If there were no Kabir Khan and Suraj Barjatya your gangu teli would have been competing with Tushar kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh etc.He is little bit famous due to Kabir and Suraj.

    • Yaar seriously when I read Srk fans comments, I am forced to think that how can anyone is so stupid…..
      Prashant do you have brain or you lost it somewhere, Srk work with YRF and Dharma in initial stage of his career, he did maximum numbers of movie under these 2 banners and in his own banner (Red Chilly Calculator)…..But on the other hand Salman did 1st movie with YRF on 2012…..Remember till 2012 YRF was struggling to cross 100cr mark, but Salman gives back to back 3 movies in 100cr and at that time Salman was a sure shot guarantee of success…so its YRF who gets benefit more than Salman….

      Its Salman and Aamir who gives YRF their Biggest Blockbuster:
      2012-ETT – 199cr (All Time Blockbuster)
      2013- Dhoom 3 – 280cr (All Time Blockbuster)
      2016- Sultan – 301cr (All Time Blockbuster)

      Everytime when YRF work with Salman and Aamir they raise the bar of success and YRF gets Blockbuster and in the mean time YRF also work with Srk and give
      JTHJ (2012) – Hit (which was actually a lose making to some Distributors)
      FAN (216) – FLOP

      So this is the difference between Salman and Srk……

      And taking about Kabir and Sooraj B……so for your kind information both Salman and Sooraj Debuted from MPK in Acting and Direction respectively….and for kabir no nobody knows him before ETT… Idiot….

      Srk is become famous in giving Flops and Disaster while his fans become famous in give stupid and lame excuses……..LOL

    • What a joke !!!!!!! Looks like JHMS disaster have impacted your mental balance. It was you SRK fans who were chanting SRK made YRF, and now just except ‘Sultan’ (some extent DLH) last 10 YRF movies have been huge flops including FAN. The guy who made YRF is unable to give hit with them. Salman never gave flop with Rajshris or Barjatyas !!!!!!!

    • @jhandprashant
      Suraj Barjatya’s HG without Salman – 30cr.
      Kabir Khan’s HG without Salman – 50cr.
      So it’s proven Suraj and Kabir are nothing without Salman.

      YRF’s highest grosser without Srk – 301cr.
      YRF’s highest grosser with Srk – 101cr.
      Hence its proven yrf is far bigger than SRK. In fact, without YRF-dharma backing SRK would have been entered into big boss house as contestant and fighting with guys like KRK, Rakhi Sawant etc???

  • Look at Srk fans, becharo ki jal rahi hai……Its not even a full pic of Salman and they are start crying over it…….They know that this movie will be huge and after the huge success of this, everyone will forget about the last failure of Salman, but we cannot say the same for Srk…..he will suffer a lot because now his next will also may face clash, and if this happen then it will be a sure shot flop because of its huge budget… to all srk fans stop bashing Salman and start praying to God, you have plenty of time to pray…..

    • Yes you lallu with solo release, big festivals and no competition for three weeks and free run anybody can give huge blockbusters. Agar dum hai to non holiday pe with niche genre ke saath 90 cr cross karde forget 100 cr tab maanenge. With so many eid release and other festivals and best competition free advantages even saif Ali khan can give huge blockbusters. Stay in your limit you jerk.

  • @TIGER-the real chu
    Don’t worry very soon Yakub Memon ki patni cum Dawood ibrahim ki chammiya will also go to jail.

    BTW which court in world has case against that tax-chori….ur YM ki patni was even arreseted and locked up in Jodhpur jail

    • @sayara chhamiya

      India is intolerant… So Hafiz Saeed ki begum will leave India and will permanently settle in Lahore with her shouhar Hafiz Saeed..??

  • Toilet Ek Prem Katha is looking at a 6.75 crore nett third week and it will be in the same range as Raees (the highest HINDI grosser of 2017 till date) after 21 days…..
    So what about excellent content, excellent trending of TEPK??? TEPK solo release and Raees clashed with another Super star movie

  • @ Salman fan, yes Salman gave YRF biggest blockbusters ETT and Sultan.but in 90s and 2000s before 2008 did 100 crore club exist ? FAN is the biggest disappointment for YRF from SRK .but in 90s and till 2008 SRK gave their biggest blockbusters DDLJ, DTPH, Veer Zaara , RNBDJ etc.In past 10 years SRK didn’t work much with YRF.JTHJ was last film of Late Yash chopra Sir.FAN was YRF film but directed by new director Maneesh Sharma.
    Btw, Everyone is free to work with anyone.there is Kabir khan and Raju Hirani who repeatedly works with Salman and Aamir.In present SRK is not working with directors like them who makes PAN india film.lets see what happens on Christmas 2018.

    • @Prashant abhishek;
      Bhai from wherever you get all these data, please stop visiting that site;
      1st DTPH and Veer Zaara both are only Super hit (not Blockbuster)

      2nd you people seriously need to check your brain, there is some kind of problem with you all (srk fans), Bhai I was saying the same thing that its only because of big banner like YRF and Dharma that Srk get fame in initial stage of his career, you can see out of his 9 Blockbusters, 5 are from YRF and Dharma banner, and at the time of Karan Arjun (which is another Blockbuster) Salman was more popular than Srk, but still we divide the credit equally between the two……So in his entire career Srk manage to gives only 2 Blockbusters (without YRF and Dharma)
      Now you cannot say the same for Salman because the success of ETT and Sultan is only because of Salman Star Power and not because of YRF……

      3rd: Talking about JTHJ and FAN… bro JTHJ was directed by Veteran Director Yash Ji himself, also it was Srk’s strong zone (Romantic Genre) with top 2 Actress of Bollywood, YRF coming after huge success of ETT but still Srk give only Hit……You called this is a star power….LOL
      And don’t give lame excuse of FAN directed by new director…..All Salman movies with YRF are directed by new directors, before ETT nobody knows Kabir, he was not even consider as good director or commercial director…..and if I am not wrong then according to you people (srk fans) Ali Abbas Zafar is a Gunday fame director and it’s you people who call him crap director….But both the movies of Salman were All Time Blockbusters……

      And only these but Salman has given Blockbuster with lots of new directors:
      MPK: ATBB (Sooraj Debuted)
      Dabangg: ATBB (Abhinav Kashyap)
      Dabangg 2: Blockbuster (Arbaaz Khan Debuted)
      Kick: Blockbuster (Sajid N Debuted)

      And talking about Kabir, so I have said this many times before that nobody knows Kabir before ETT, he even give Flop (Phantom) just after the huge success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan……so don’t compare him with Raju Hirani, he never fail in his career……And please stop giving stupid excuses…..

      • @Salman fan after all you never fail to prove that Salman fans are the indeed illiterate jerks who made up anything shit in their mind. DTPH and veer aware were blockbusters. Just deal with it. If not then neither ready, partner, dabangg 2, and kick were blockbusters. They were just superhits.

  • @ tiger the real panauti , abe saale gawar how dare you take SRK’s respectable daughter Suhana’s name ? I will cut you in small pieces if u take her name once again .

  • @Boyzone and @TIGER-the real king
    1. Hum Aapke hai kaun
    2. Mother India
    3. Tanu weds manu returns
    4. Raja
    5. The Dirty picture

    These are the name of films where it was all about heroines and no one cared about the heroes.

    And Salman’s stardom after MPK=Aaditya Roy Kapoor after Aashiqi 2. Salman in HSSH=Aaditya Roy Kapoor in YJHD

    Watch Salman’s interview in Aap Ki Adalat in December 2012. He revealed that he was jobless for an year after MPK and his father had to help him.

    Salman even won a supporting-role award in 90s making him the same category of actor as that of Anupam Kher/Johnny Lever.

    That’s all I have to say.


  • SRK also gave blockbusters, infact All time blockbusters with new directors.DDLJ was 1st film of Aditya Chopra.KKHH was 1st film of Karan johar.OSO was 2nd film of Farah khan.

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