Intensity of Tiger’s eye the focus in new picture from ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ sets

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to return in the year’s biggest film – Tiger Zinda Hai, which releases during the festive period of Christmas this year. The actor has been shooting non-stop for what will be a film filled with several high-octane action scenes.

Sharing a new picture from the sets of the film, the director, Ali Abbas Zafar, said  ”For your eyes only”

Tiger Zinda Hai - Salman Khan

Tiger Zinda Hai – Salman Khan

The filmmaker, who’s been active on social media right through the rigorous shooting schedule of the film, had also posted a picture of an action sequence where 10,000 rounds of blank ammunition will be fired.

“Ready to fire 10,000 rounds of fire. ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. Armoury? The madness begins” Zafar had said.

10,000 rounds of fire on Salman's 'Tiger Zinda Hai' set

10,000 rounds of fire on Salman’s ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ set

The final shooting schedule of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ will be wrapped up in 3 weeks from now. The theatrical trailer of the film is expected in November.



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      • Lol… Asaram, Rampal, Baba Ram (he had politicians support too) & others have more money than Salman… Oooopsss

    • @jabra
      What about killing hundreds of innocents with the help of shouhar HS?

      Yup…That’s why HS ki begum is still out of jail??

    • Srk’s Jabra Fan.. U r pretty active in any post related to Salman..bashing wont help ur jabra idol nor u.. So wish good for others.. Goodness will happen to u and ur idol.. Else what is happening will continue and a day will come when u wont tweet/comment bcoz u urself will be fade up of all these!!

  • Nobody could match Salman’s charisma in an action film.His personality suits such larger life characters.
    All the best for TZH

    • LMAO. Good joke. He is nothing in front of real action heroes like tom cruise, vin diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jacky chan, Arnold, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis and many more. Even in his own film industry Akshay, Ajay , Hrithik, sunny, Sunil are far better than him as an action hero. Salman is very short and doesn’t suit as action hero. His acting and screen presence is boring and irritating. Only backward class people follow him.

    • @jabra
      Reaction of HS ki begum after killing hundreds of innocents in Mumbai with the help of his shouhar…India is intolerant.

      What’s wrong in this comment? Why don’t you publish it? This comment is better than his comment..

    • @jabra
      Very soon he’ll romance Suhana Khan and YRF-dharma boy will play his Sasurji character.

      • @Tiger the real gadha no but Suhana will refuse the film because she can’t romance some one who looks like great grandpa of her own father. ?????

      • No you idiot gawaar, suhana will never sign a film and romance her father’s great grandpa looking actor.

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      • @captain bhagoda
        Thanks for clarifying that bhagoda Khan aka 60cr club’s king has delivered 9 back to flops??

      • tiger the real bhagoda first of all indicine unnecessarily edited my comment. My original comment was being 60 cr club actor is better than being 10 cr club king. And what a joke? Srk delivered 9 flops in a raw? You seriously need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. As deep down your heart even you chuha knows who gave back to back 9 flops and 3 disasters in last decade. Stay in your limit chuhe.

    • @ashaant abhishek- for you 120cr is still a ‘club’ which means entry is very restricted , specially for chhuara looking actors who are struggling to cross 65cr nowadays. So your sentiments are understood. Btw, the film being talked about here is TZH – which will open 120cr club for the first weekend….not 65cr lifetime club…lol.

  • Now Waiting for Baad shaho….then too much fun with AJ’S Golmaal4 And the finally the big bang of the year Tiger alive

    • @Ultron #ADian
      Why don’t you admit that you are an Ajay fan living under the shadow of Salman to bash other stars like SRK, Akshay and others. You always comment more about Ajay than Salman, and when you comment in Salman related articles there too speaking 90% about Ajay Devgn.

    • He is still megastar if he gets solo release and commercially safe masala movie with 3 free weeks run.

  • Salman will be back with a big bang. This guy is made for larger than life roles and high octane action with Salman in it will create havoc in the country.

      • salman fan =idiocy….we all know that….just look @any emotional scene of srk,ajay ,hrithik….u will got knw that what is intense look….:-p

  • Sorry for the Off topic comment:

    Few days back there was a news that Bollywood Actors like Amitabh, Salman, Aamir, Priyanka, Deepika and some others gets an invitation from Oscar, but our so called global star (according to his fans) Srk did not get the invitation…..I was wondering that why he didn’t get the invitation, so I search about it and this is what I found,
    According to the Oscar organization “The basic requirement is that a candidate must have demonstrate exceptional achievement in the field of theatrical motion pictures”

    I don’t know why his fans shouts all the time that srk is a global star….LOL….He is little bit famous only because of YRF and Dharma production house….he hasn’t achieve anything big in the film industry….yes he was a little bit consistent last decade but only in giving semi-hits and hits that too with the help of YRF and Dharma production house and also because of Red Chilly Calculators…..He is not the Global star, actually he is a Media Made Star….LOL

    Indicine please publish my comment…..

  • Indicine there are so many news about Race 3 on internet, is it all true or final confirmation is still not out….

    Please reply….

      • Thanks for Reply Indicine. I know that Race 3 is confirmed for 2018 EID release, I want to know about the rumors which is floating around the internet that Remo is finalized as a director, is it confirmed or its just a rumor?

      • They should get Deepika on board for Race 3, and the outcome will be 400 crores and counting …

  • Salman fans before Tubelight release – sureshot 300 crore, could break PK and Dangal records.
    After tubelight release – niche movie, no songs , no actress,Kabir is bad director blah blah blah .
    Excuses ki dukan !!

    • @jhandAbhishek
      Still Tubelight>>>2×JHMS. Bhai’s worst is 2 times better than your king’s best… #Mind it

      • @tiger..




    • @Prashant abhishek;

      Salman has crossed 300cr mark twice, so its ok if his fans predict 300cr for his movies….But its become funny when fans of 100cr club star (srk) predict 300-400cr from his movie…..OOPS sorry now he is 60cr club star…..LOL

      • @srks jabra
        Srk was in his best avatar (romantic) + Top actress + iconic director + chart buster music…these all are Srkians words not mine. Now don’t give silly excuses man.. .

  • salman has a great record in xmas. maine pyaar kiya is still the biggest hit among all xmas releases and dabangg 2 though underperformed but still was a blockbuster. let’s hope he continues his great form in xmas with tiger zinda hain and if it can become the biggest grosser among all xmas releases then that would be great as that would mean salman will have the biggest eid grosser, biggest diwali grosser( if g4 fails to cross prdp) and biggest xmas grosser to his name. though there is practically no chance for tzh to beat dangal but still it’s a hope .

    by the way let’s have a look at another khan’s exceptional record in xmas
    1. trimurti-flop
    2. swades- disaster
    3. don2- hit but lower grosser than post ipl release ready
    4. dilwale- not even clean hit , lost clash to godmother deepika, and as always failed to cross post ipl release kangana’s twmr.

    nobody can rape xmas better than srk and let’s hope he also maintains his phenomenal form in xmas 2018 with another lower grosser than post ipl release.

    • @truth how did dabangg 2 underperform? It was blockbuster, 2nd highest grosser of that year and 3rd highest grosser of all time. So explain your definition of underperformance.

  • Akki ajay and sunil are ultimate action hero of bollewood .those who born after 2000 please watch their previous films.salman only known southindian mindless action.ek tha tiger is his only high octane action film with body double.

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