‘In today’s times Gadar is a thousand crore film’ – Anil Sharma

Ready with his new release titled ‘Singh Sahab The Great’, director Anil Sharma says he isn’t even thinking about directing the sequel to one of Indian Cinema’s biggest blockbusters ‘Gadar – Ek Prem Katha’ which he directed way back in 2001.

“If I remake Gadar today, I can understand it will be very successful. But only for the sake of business I will not spoil the film because Gadar will be remembered even after 100 years for Sunny Deol and myself.” said Sharma at the launch of the first look of his upcoming film Singh Sahab The Great.

“I want my name to be alive even after 100 years and it can only happen because of Gadar. So I will not go for ‘Gadar 2’ until and unless I get a strong enough story for it. I know the level of curiosity will be very high if I would make the sequel. But ‘Gadar’ was such a big hit, probably the biggest blockbuster hit of Indian cinema.”

“So much is talked about box-office numbers these days but it was the first film that crossed 100 crore rupees in 2001, in today’s times it’s a thousand crore film” he added.

Post the record-breaking success of Gadar, Anil Sharma has directed 4 films without much success. In fact, his most successful film Apne was only an average grosser at the box office.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol

Amrita Rao at Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Amrita Rao at Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Amrita Rao, Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela

Amrita Rao, Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela

Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Singh Saab The Great first look launch



  • If we had 3300 Screen Release in 2001, and cost of movie would have been 300 on weekend
    and there would have been good transparency then, i mean in 2001 then definatly it would have been a 300 Plus crore easily

    And same would have been in 1975 then Sholay would have been 500 Plus
    after adjusting the 20 % inflation etc etc etc.

  • Before Gadar, it was HAHK which had made 75 CR in 1994
    So one can understand what 100 Plus means.
    And what would have been the impact of Sholays number

  • No films made in 90’s can be compared with 20’s becoz its trends what makes a movie hit or flop…the time gadar released people loved that kind of cinema..during that period many action movies earned a lot..not only gadar..before that romantic movies where in market as HAHK and DDLJ ruled that time…and calculation inflation adjusted figures are just mindless becoz those time there where no multiplexes and even single screens use to show 3 shows in a day but today just one multiplex shows around 10-15 shows in a day…so today movies earn in its 2 or 3 weeks and in 90’s there where no big releases in a short span of time like when gadar released no major film released in that paticular time except lagaan which was an exception but today when CE released within 3 weeks 3 major film got released ..so the competition is much higher today..just consider if gadar got released this year in eid and within a week CE and then OUATIM and then madras cafe and then satyagrah get released with next 4 weeks “gadar” will hardly make 100 or 150 cr max forget about 1000 cr..if u dont agree wait for K3 and D3..none of this flims will touch 200 cr becoz the holidays they r going to get is not as big as eid just 2 open weeks will not do any good to their cause …only D3 has a outside chance of making it big but still its not everyday u earn 225 cr otherwise with such golden time and golden run salman had in last 3 -4 years just been able to touch max 198 cr with ETT becoz its been publicised from almost an year with huge no. of screens ,ticked price hiked and 4 open weeks still failed to touch 200 cr…CE was no only liked but i have to say had a bit of luck to score that huge…its not goona happen for next 5 years if D3 fails to break it..for K3 ..no chance what so ever..!

  • I dont know how a human being can not like gadar….its just fab…I love it…I have watch it whenever it is telecasted on t.v…..its my all time fav along with sholay ddlj kkhh

  • @ Jazz: I agree on some aspects with you, but I differ with you on the point. In last 2 years 2 films has grossed around 200 crores [ETT & YJHD] and 1 film have crossed it. Now with marketing hype, increased nos. of shows, increased ticket prices, huge star cast and popular genre we can see more films scoring 200 crores.

    As 100 crores is not a big deal now, we can see more films crossing 200 crores.

  • Being a british teenager I fell in love with the movie Gadar when i was a small kid..and then I started watching this movie once every year after my 14th birthday and every year it was amazing and never got old for me…im 19 now and just watched this movie and can still feel the pain and the love in sunny deol and amisha patels acting in this movie…it makes me wonder why love stories arnt like this anymore and why bollywood actors have gone for the comedy action route instead of the epic romances…why are all the newbies doing the romance while the old heroes are doing comedy..it should be the other way round…

    i dont know how gadar would do in the cinemas if it were released again today but then again i dont live in india but one thing is deffinietly for sure; bollywood and india needs to learn that making the most money from cinema tickets doesnt represent the quality of the movie..movies need to be rated properly in india and promoted for their story not the amount of money it has made amd frankly most of these “100 crore” movies arnt even worth it and have lost the magic of old movies like Gadar.

  • Gadar sold out 4 crore tickets far away from dabang,dhoom3 ,chennai express like 2.5 crore and also population is increase

  • since there is no authrised socure of ticket price, memory has to the only way. but still there is method in the madness. for one, i have tried to average out higher mumbai rates and lower interiors ticket rates. rememeber i mentioned kalyan cinema in a village. i had also factored in ticket rates of cinemas from gorakhpur, allahabad and banaras the cities i visited as a child in early 80s. secondly the south delhi theters had a very even, almost equal no of seats and ticket prices. almost every 1000 seater wud have 4 classes including balcony, tickets were almost equally divided between the 4, and ticket rates wud be almost equal. all thru the 80s the front stall was 1.90-2.10 rs in most cinemas and balcony4-5 rs. also they were always a little lower than mumbai ( almost 40% of the market) and higher than interiors (another 40% of the market), so in a way average out things.and i dont know why u had questions abt tashan’s sanity,i never did. i kno wats bugging u is that ddlj is not featuring in top 5 in any category, but then an ATBB that grosses less than last years hit is not likely to. the same has happned to dabangg as the 2nd highest grosser in history is at no 14/15. do u also take objections to that? @BBOI the fact remains that hahk had rejuvenated the industry majorly, hence the ticket price rise. this has been even mentioned by boi, but erronously they have shown hahk itself beneficiary of that ticket price rise though common sense will tell you that its the nesxt few releases that will reap the benefit, the biggest being ddlj. and yes the price rise was 40-60% (in some cinemas) so average 40%. the dabangg/3 idiots footfalls debate is anyways in the public arena but if u have noticed i have not used that to change possible gross as there is no inflation adjustment in the dabangg and 3 idiots case. the debate is limited to footfall, and that too with a narrow margin of 7 lakhs. and if everyone isisits on looking it as srkvs alsmanvs amir debate, then interchanging the dabangg and 3i postions in the footfall list is not going 5o change aamirs fortunes much, not only in the overall scenario. as i have always believed if there has been anyone who has been competition to salman its sharukh. @ ranju i wish u raised some points rather than being sarcastic.@raj that the ticket prices were hiked, marginally after mpk, and majorly after hahk is a fact thats in public domain. what u can question is how much and therefore how accurate are my footfalls collections. dino what makes u think dilip kumar and amitabh bachchan are sacrosanct and no one can be compared to them. for instance if u were taking entire indian cinema, dont you agree rajnikant will beat both of them on many scales. so y cant bollwood actors be copamred to them?????@sanket on 3 idiots/dabangg fotfall debate, the jury is still out i agree. @rosh perfect point. how can a film benefit a price rise that its success caused?@e-man- its possible that ticket rates in good cinemas in luckhonow and kanpur be equal to delhi cinemas. but the ticket rates increased after hahk is public knowledge. u can do some reaserch in a cinema near you and find out. @ utkal see ur answer is in the raju guide response. @luvtush thanx for the input. this sounds like a 100% increase, though it may not be the national average. @mkt it looks difficult. r u talking abt one theatre or entire luckhnow?@rks again r u talking abt one theatre. its possible that the theatres that played hahk after a while had done it after renovation and ticket price hike. but by that time most of hahk’s revenue was generated at lower ticket prices. early september estimatyes were lifetime gross of 200 crores while the film released in august. @ dhamaka- thanx so much. but srk didnt have any blockbusters in 90s, 2 all time blockbusters, ddlj and kkhh and rest were all between disasters and superhit. even salman didnt have any blockbuster in 90s though mpk and hahk were all time blockbusters. saajan came close but srtill was just superhit, going by boi. @joey possible but then difficult to substantiate. just a point of view.@bajirao/rockie thanx dude. i think a lil bit of hard work is better than armchair intellectualism. @mrabindra plz elaborate how??@ utkal i partly agree films of ayear/era shud only be compared to each other as it also takes care of the economically goodyear/bad year.@rafee- thanx so much. all lists are subject to scrutiny but they are anyday better than opiniuons like, this flop is good, this blockbuster is a bad film. @ manish so atleast u agree on one point. jacksparrow- yes gadar was one of the biggets hits, perhaps vying for position 7th 0r 8th with mpk and ddlj, no1 denies that. top 6 wud be 1. sholay. 2 hahak. 3. mughle aazam. 4. mother india. 5 jai santoshi ma. 6. kismat 7.

  • Gadar is a film that can be released anytime after 1947, even today. And I believe that whenever the movie would release, it would be the highest grosser of all time beating everyone till that date.

  • No Doubt gadar is a good muvi bt ye period me i cant even cross 100 according to me.

    Ghayal or ghatak would have crossed more than 100 instead of gadar according to me.

  • well guyzz now days easy to cross 100 crores mark becoz now adays so much of promotion and the rates of tickets are increased.and movie like gadar it comes once in 100yrs…

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