‘In today’s times Gadar is a thousand crore film’ – Anil Sharma

Ready with his new release titled ‘Singh Sahab The Great’, director Anil Sharma says he isn’t even thinking about directing the sequel to one of Indian Cinema’s biggest blockbusters ‘Gadar – Ek Prem Katha’ which he directed way back in 2001.

“If I remake Gadar today, I can understand it will be very successful. But only for the sake of business I will not spoil the film because Gadar will be remembered even after 100 years for Sunny Deol and myself.” said Sharma at the launch of the first look of his upcoming film Singh Sahab The Great.

“I want my name to be alive even after 100 years and it can only happen because of Gadar. So I will not go for ‘Gadar 2’ until and unless I get a strong enough story for it. I know the level of curiosity will be very high if I would make the sequel. But ‘Gadar’ was such a big hit, probably the biggest blockbuster hit of Indian cinema.”

“So much is talked about box-office numbers these days but it was the first film that crossed 100 crore rupees in 2001, in today’s times it’s a thousand crore film” he added.

Post the record-breaking success of Gadar, Anil Sharma has directed 4 films without much success. In fact, his most successful film Apne was only an average grosser at the box office.

Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol

Amrita Rao at Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Amrita Rao at Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Amrita Rao, Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela

Amrita Rao, Sunny Deol and Urvashi Rautela

Singh Saab The Great first look launch

Singh Saab The Great first look launch



  • I just dont understand what factors made it such a big hit? Can anyone answer?
    Inspite that its content was not even close to Sholay, DDLJ or 3 Idiots.
    Indicine if u publish an article on this plzzzz…

  • No one can say what would have happened if Gadar is released today?

    The sensibilities, the filming, the talent, the taste, the style etc., everything have changed.

    So, to say it would have garned 1000 crore or flopped is entirely wrong. A movie of an era cannot be compared to another era.

    I liked Gadar, but many teenagers presently find it odd, and most even say what is there in Sholay or Mughal-E-Azam?

    So, with times our sensibilities and other aspects keep changing and what worked yesterday cannot be guranteed of success or failure in future.

  • @TeamChennaiExp
    Gadar was the biggest hits of Indian Cinema in terms of fottfall……..& it will remain………..

  • not really.!!! it would b avg or may be even flop … the kind of -ve’ty n rewies spreding thorugh media & socialmedia … it is very hard to surprice the public .. Piracy..hardly now a days movie hardly run for 2-weaks

  • Honestly, if Gadar released today… it would have collected around 80-90 cr… because taste of cinema has been changed now and this kind of films don’t work that much.

  • Yes “Gadar” is one of the biggest blockbuster of Indian cinema along with movies like “Mughal E Azam”,”Sholay”,”Hum aapke hain kaun” and “3 idiots”.

  • anil pagal ho gaya lolzz…. sida bol ke uske latest can make such business dont ride on past glory of gadar. we already suffered enugh from your toture in veer bas karo ab bhai aur sunny ke image itna mat kharab karo let him do other versatile roles like his movie right ya wrong. prob with sunny movies is he doesnt release on time like i love new year looked so good from promo but never released still waitin and if he does release his movie than he wont promote. sunny bhai thora promotion karo and then see the fun.

  • @TeamChennaiExp and Ruler, I think you are jealous about gadar’s success, in todays time DDLJ would be whitewashed at box office by gadar, if gadar is himmatwala then DDLJ WILL BE BILLU BARBER

  • Gadar would have been a bundle film today watching sunny deol in that avatar, forget about 1000crores it wouldn’t have crossed 100 with this generation

  • it won’t collect 50 crores if it released today. not even sholey gonna work today. DDLJ would work to some extend. but it’ll be Andaz apna apna which will smash records if it was remade in today, ironically a flop in it’s release.

  • @ Bilal: In those times Romantic and Comedy films were trendy. This film was packed with action, drama and superhit dialogues, that made public crazy.

    If released today, it might not be as big hit as it was, Lagaan was a better product.

    With due respect, I beg to differ with Anil Sharma. HAHK is bigger hit [excluding sholay of course]. It collected 70 crores in 1994 and 1st film to do golden jubilee oversees. If I adjust for inflation @ 9% each year. It collection in India, inflation adjusted as on date is Rs. 392 crores.

  • Gadar was a juggernaut. It wiped away all films! An unexpected success in 2001 when many other hyped films had released. Still it is the highest grossing film of 2000s decade. No marketing, no hype – still it roared at box office.

  • This was published 2 years ago when gadar completed 10 years of its release. If anybody has doubt why anil sharma made that statement is because of following. I still remember I purchased balcony ticket for gadar at Rs 15 and stall was costing Rs10 which was a single screen and rite now the same theater’s balcony costs Rs 110 and stall Rs 90. U can imagine the inflation level.

    Gadar Ek Prem Katha: 10 Years On

    Wednesday 15th June 2011 13.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Today (June 15th) will be tenth anniversary of the release of Gadar Ek Prem Katha which was a box office phenomena and probably sold more tickets at the theatres in India than any film in history apart from Sholay (1975).The reactions by the public at the theatres where the film was playing had not been seen before and also have not been seen since.

    Gadar Ek Prem Katha released on 15th June 2001 left the trade stunned. There had been mega blockbusters just a few years back like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge but these were small releases and prints increased gradually but with Gadar it was a full blown release of 350 prints and never had anybody seen collections remain this high for such a big release.

    In its 10th week the film had a billing of 75 lakhs nett in Delhi/UP and this was higher than what m
    ost films did in their second week at that time. In fact a hit film which was released alongside, Lagaan had that 75 lakhs nett billing in the third week of its run. At many centres, it still holds lifetime theatre records ten years after release.

    The film sold around 4 crore tickets at theatres in its run while films like Three Idiots and Dabangg are around 2.5 crore. Thats 60% more and these films are also amongst the biggest hits of all time.

  • why are all jealous chamche making their jealousy so evident?

    by saying that Gadar was a flop, sach nahin badal jaayega.

    fact is Gadar is the huge blockbuster that it is.

    and srk took 4 yrs to beat 3 idiots records, which will get beaten by aamir again in 4 months.

    jealous chamche… lol… perhaps it’s time to get a life

  • those who r barking about gadar must be srk fans or pakistani. its one of the most beautiful movie ever made in bollywood. loved the movie story songs sunny acting.. everything was perfect in movie. really its a 1000 crore movie. it can never be remade. my fav movies r in 100 years of bollywood sholay, gadar and 3idiots.

  • I am sorry that people are commenting against Gadar…….they dont know the film was one of the biggest theater experience…….People screamed clapped whistled….danced…..It was a true Seat Phaaard Film

  • in 2001 there was only one sunny deol whose action is liked by viewer.
    But today all are trying to become action hero,
    to much action movies,
    hollywood movies are widely realising in india which are almost deadly action movies,
    sunny’s craze is not good now a days
    Gadar period of 2001 was anti pak environment in india due to kargil war
    So 1000 cr busuness is not a child’s play in todays time
    If gadar would realeas now a day , then it will collect 120cr approx

  • Why Gadar was a Hit.

    1. Gadar was a very fresh take on cross border love, considering what kind of movies use to be made in 2001.

    2. The First half of movie depicts the partition in a magnificent manner, no long sequences, crisp flash back and high on emotion.
    The first half is worthy enough of any hollywood std movie, although it should have then finished there itself.

    3. Gadar, is a remake of Punjab film, of Gurdas Mann and tries to emulate all the emotions but its made in avery sensible way.

    4. Like in Lagan, Audience gets connected and feels that they are witnessing a live match, In Gadar, ppl felt that they are in Pakistan and the entire emotional connection was magical.

    5 Gadar, is not a Action film, its a hero oriented movie but has lots of moment…

    6 The Partition is not streached neither the process of love story is focused its what happens when she goes to Pakistan, so basically major portion moves faster than any normal cross border love story as the focus is fight her back.

    7 The dialouges were very very powerful, at least to work in the major North Circuits and had a huge Nationalist taste which were used for the first time.

    8 India Vs Pakistan came first time and Tara Singhs win was win of every Indian, it was this emotion which made the entire difference.

    9 His chase is difficult and hence audience loved it, it was not like he took plane and comes back.

    10 The change of heart for Amrish puri is quite acceptable.

    Note: Sunny Deol was huge star as he was leading man for Darr and Jeet, but post 1997 after Ghatak, there was no such powerful film except ziddi and then came Gadar.
    Gadar to Sunny deol is same as Vastaav to Sanjay Dutt.


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