If I don’t get Kolkata, I don’t want any other football team: SRK

Shahrukh Khan is a big fan of football, but the superstar has revealed how he refused to be a part of the Indian Super League (ISL) for not being able to buy the Kolkata franchise.

Khan co-owns IPL’s Kolkata Knight Riders, who have gone on to win the IPL trophy twice in 7 years. He fell in love with the city of Kolkata and decided to own the ISL football team too. He met everyone possible, but was offered every other team apart from Kolkata, he refused.

“It’s very unfortunate and sad for me.. I very much wanted to be part of the ISL and own a football team. But there was no way that I would have Kolkata. And if I can’t have Kolkata, then I am not playing football for any other city or state” SRK told the media. (Article continued after the image)

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

“I remember, I met everyone but could not get Kolkata. I was offered every other team but I said no I don’t want it. If I don’t get Kolkata as the football team, then I don’t want to play football in my life” he added.

SRK also said that the reason why he bought the cricket team was because he thought it would later extend into football.

“I took to IPL because I was told that it will later extend into soccer and I love football. If you love football, you have to play for Kolkata and no other city. All my love to Mumbai because I am from there, my love to Delhi because I was born there but the team to back is Kolkata” he said.

He went to the extent of saying that Kolkata is now his home city.

“Even today when I was flying down here, I felt sad that I don’t have Kolkata. But it is in better hands than me when Dada (cricket legend Saurav Ganguly) is doing it. Dada is more deserving and I wish him and rest of the owners all the best and hope they win the championship.” he concluded.



  • Interesting personality. I read this funny comment a year ago.

    Born in Delhi. Lives in Mumbai. Owns Kolkata. His next film is Chennai Express. Guess who is he?

  • ATK currently top of the table.
    My favourites Dada’s ATK and Hrithik’s Pune City. I hope one of them wins.

  • hny is flop srk’s ipl team is also a flop!sallu is smart thats y he is not part of any Sporting league.he hates to risk in both reel and real life.

  • if sallu buys an isl team then that team will only do fouls and will b full of red card holders.afterall their owner is also a criminal

  • Kolkata Loves Him Kolkata Fans Die For Him Even Prime Minister Mamata Didi Respect Him Like his Sister :)) Love U SRK All The Best KKR Ever!!

  • It is because he has many fans in Kolkata! Had he had a great fan base there, he would not have even bothered to talk about the city. Speech with vested-interest!
    Yet, even they are not saving hny ship from sinking!

  • So, he wants to own all the cities as his by saying! Simply, paradoxical! Plz continue saying “my love to Hyderabad because my mother Latif Fatema was from there. My heart is in Afghanistan because my ancestors were from there. My soul is in Chennai because it has given me the biggest hit of my career. Wherever I go, I call the place my favorite place or the place I love. Blah blah blah….”

  • He has been in Mumbai for more than two decades! Yet, he has not bothered to learn Marathi language! All fake love!

  • Sorry! “It is because he has a great fan base in the city. Had NOT he had a great fan base there,…….”

  • Stars who say SALMAN is no.1 – Aamir, Ranbir, Ajay

    Stars who say AAMIR is no.1 – Salman, Hrithik, Akshay

    Who says SRK is no.1 – HIMSELF

  • Farah: Shahrukh,no one’s buying #HappyNewYear tkts! SRK: Give it free,once public enter,close the door & start selling EXIT tkts for Rs.200!


    SRK =(Aamir) X4 + Salman
    Hrithik=(Aamir) X2 + Salman
    Ranbir Kapoor=Aamir + Salman

  • Oh no.Our king failed to buy kolkata football team so we want our king to leave this regional football teams and buy teams like barcelona;liverpool;real madrid and manchester united

  • We want our king to make a movie on football and play the character of football legendo Pele and request messi;maradona;ronaldo;rooney and others to play cameos in that movie

  • Srk fans should be able to answer this now. What happens to Global king powers ? He cant even get a team of his choice in Football which is less popular than Cricket and Hockey in India !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Humein State teams ke naam na dikhayii detein aur naa sunayii detein hain. Sirf Ek naam Dikhayi aur Sunayii deta hai ‘INDIA’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haha.by the way hny was a nice film.
    it will collect 230 cr .definately.
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    i think dis will be happening.

  • For SRK – Kismat bari kutti cheez hai kab palat jaaye nahin pata.

    For Farah – Dil jumping jhapaka jumpak jumpak gilli gilli ha.

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