Action Jackson Song Promo – Keeda

The first song promo from Prabhu Deva’s Action Jackson featuring Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha is out. A typical south-Indian style dance number – with over-the-top expressions and moves. Sonakshi does what she has been doing in most of her films including Rowdy Rathore, Son Of Sardaar and others. Ajay Devgn looks good, he doesn’t like dancing, but does well here.

Watch the ‘Keeda’ song promo.

Song Video: Keeda
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Neeti Mohan



  • Action jackson will be pathetic movie. Hny is better than action jackson.
    Plz srk fans like my comment and ajay fans, i am sorry, i want likes for comments.

  • Very nice! Ajay and Dance?? But he did really well here. Sonakshi as usual dances very well. Action Jackson, Super Hit

  • absolutely superb trailer.aj will b huge blockbuster.hny is crap.barfi,k3,agneepath,omg,rowdy were craps.only sallu,aamir,ajay act in good,oh sorry,great films

  • My ratings :-
    hny – 8.50/10
    kick – 8.48/10
    action jackson – 9/10
    plz ajay fans like my comment.

  • I really don’t know what works for Prabhu Deva. With Wanted he brought masala genre back to life. Rowdy Rathore clicked again whereas Akshay’s Boss was a big time failure. Out of form Shahid also managed to give a hit with him.

    Really don’t understand what works for this man. His movies are neither “clean comedies” like Hirani nor “spoofy masala” Farah nor high production value like kick or dhoom. I find his movies quite slow compared to the fast paced Rohit shetty movies. Yet he never fails at box office.

    • @gj007, what works for Deva is his careful selection of successful south Indian films. Each of his films have either been scene-to-scene remakes or heavily inspired from South Indian masala blockbusters. He knows his target audience and they come to watch his films. Action Jackson will be no different, but if the multiplex audience decide to stay away, it won’t work.

  • @nipun plz love himesh reshmiya. He composed music of kick. Plz love kick. Dont blame haider for bang bang.

  • @Nipun, nobody cares whom u like or u don’t like. There may be reasons if u don’t Sajid Wajid but why not Himesh?? Has he not given multiple hit songs even without Salman Khan? You just don’t like them because Salman is behind their successes. In the same vein, Salman has played a role, big or small, even behind the success of Hrithik.

    My fav musicians:
    2-AR Rehman
    3-Shankar Ehsan Lot
    4- Himesh Reshhammiya
    5- Sajid and Wajid
    6- Some New Comer Musicians

  • Wow! Chame Leone is becoming another rockstar like Bulli and Bulli Fan! Way to go!

    Some strange characters on Indicine:
    1- @Chame Leone @Bulli & @Bulli Fan, Hilarious, Funny, Entertaining!
    2- @Nipun, Biased, Stubborn and Manipulative yet it feels like he is good at heart.
    3- @Arjun Kapoor, Too Irritating and Sheer Chameleon!
    4- Babajika Thullu aka Shitij, an intelligent and smart old Budda! But doesn’t have stand, sways from side to side, not trustable!

    Well, these all are my observations!

  • @indicine if hritik does this song then song is superhit aur if another does that then its typical south-indian i advise u to name this website to hritik roshan website ok u r just biased website

  • Off topic but interesting
    salmanz jai ho-110 semi hit
    if it was starring others

  • Chartbuster song of Super hit movie Action Jackson the peoples who think that HNY is better than Action Jackson they are pathetic i think, hahaha

  • @ Indicine

    Akshay and Salman are darlings of the masses. Except OMG and Special 26 Akki hasnt quite targeted multiplex. So Rowdy Rathore and Wanted weren’t surprising hits.

    The real surprise was when an out and out multiplex star like Shahid gave a clean hit with him. As far as Ajay is concerned he is really unpredictable. He is neither is a multiplex star nor a single screen messiah. He is somewhere in the middle, catering both the audiences.

    So i expect AJ to be a clean hit not more than that. Yeah and I agree with you. Prabhu deva knows his audience very well.

  • After watching the trailer of action jackson now i am confirmed that aj wiill do just average business……it may be turned out into flop movie…i didn’t like film trailer…looking very pathetic movie… i am waiting for mohenjodaro dt would be one of greatest movie of all time.

  • @indicine your all predicitions are wrong so dnt give predicition if u dnt know about films action jackson will open big and u will b proved wrong again and again so dnt give your prdicition of ajay devgn films go and support your fav manipulative king hiritik

  • Oh! Come on @anand. There is no need of bringing Salman’s name. I don’t like sajid-wajid because I feel they lacks the versatility. I loved some of their tracks like laapata,chori kiya re jiya etc though. Himesh has composed many good tracks like the ones Tere Naam album,Kyun Ki album and Tu hi tu from Kick. I don’t like Himesh due to his manner of speaking at the reality shows. He looks like a egoistic guy. Salman has nothing to do with my last comment.

  • @anand: i am bit stubborn. But I don’t think I’m biased. May be i’m a bit biased towards Hrithik. But for other actors, i apply a balanced equation.

  • Ajay dances like Puneet Rajkumar of Sandalwood! He rocks!! AJ will be Super Hit. I will watch it on the first day and will come up with a very good review!
    @Gj007, I find u interesting and hence, read each and every comment of yours! Keep going!

  • @yuvraj, plz don’t tag me in your comment. It gives me headache. How many times you will use the same words like “quality ice-cream”?

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