I will keep working till people want me to see me: Shahrukh

Shahrukh KhanBollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has successfully achieved what he dreamed of, says he will work till people want to see him on screen.

“I feel I was in the industry at the right time and I am very proud and thrilled that lot of things are changing with the films,” Shah Rukh, 47, said during a press conference of Nerolac Paints, where he launched its new initiative “Change The Paint”.

“When I came in (Mumbai) that time it was only about romantic films. Now things are changing and the journey has been great. I will keep working till people want to see me,” he added.

In a career spanning two decades, the actor has achieved whatever he dreamed of. He says an individual should keep dreaming, but at the same time shouldn’t move away from reality.

“Everyday a new dream is born. It is nice to keep on dreaming. I dream to make different films, I want to see my kids healthy. But I feel you have to be rooted in reality before dreaming. Believe in reality at the first place and get your education first,” he said.

“Right now I am in a position where I can afford to do anything but when I just started off that time my dream was to have a house, car and everything,” he added.



  • india hit+worldwide blockbuster=mr.shahrukh
    upcoming film- hit express,hit new year.your need blockbuster,now. then people will love you.

  • There r now few people remaining who wants to see SRK on screen.SRK has not given any blockbuster from many years whereas SALMAN and AAMIR r way ahead and giving blockbusters.

  • Ra.one, Don 2, JTHJ all had declining collections in India. And CE will continue that trend coz Shettys last 2 films, Bol Bachchan and Singham both took many many many wks to cross 100 crore so I feel CE will be another example of this trend too. Clearly everyone can see that despite the marketing blitz surrounding Ra.One and JTHJ people clearly do not want to see your crappy movies Sir. Now please take some time out and read carefully the next script before signing on the dotted line. Farah Khans next and Shettys next are not likely to bring you any recognition after the initial weekend.

  • @jthj rejected, yeah dude when I read that last paragraph I was thinking along the lines, “I have bought house, cars, jewellery and awards…. ” Think SRK realised he had said too much so paid best friend Joginder Tuteja to get indicine to erase ‘awards’ out of interview… Lolz

  • Srk’s popularity decline only becoz of single screen,n that is y becoz he cant low his standard of having his films cheap items no. n nude dance of heroins n fake etc.

  • @jthj rejected:
    shut up.awards are real.vidya has won all award for d.picture,priyanka has won all award for fashion etc many example.is it fake? no.it was perfect and perfect.okay.

  • No one is reading that he said he want to do diff. films bt everyone read that he said he can afford everything,i ask u guys he had won international awards also n that have been won by few people like steve jobs,shame on u guys

  • @jitendra dude he gone beyond that we have seen his low very low very very low standard recently in jthj with kat and anu and abt past u knw maya memsab na wch is god father of low standard Haha Haha

  • @jitendra- get real. He wins ‘crappy’ intl awards which are awarded for publicity and can be termed as marketing gimmicks. Morocco give him an award- Why? Well because its a clever ploy to bolster their tourism industry. Berlin give him an award- same reason, its done so in order to attract SRK fans to come and visit Berlin. The only Intl award worth competing for is an Oscar. And we all know SRKs movies cannot compete for an Oscar when his films cannot even get nominated for a National Film Award.

  • Agar Srk Wakai Me Gretest Actor Hai Toh Aaj Tak Ek Bhi ‘NATIONAL AWARD’ Kyon Nahi Jeeta…….
    Ajay Devgan Win 2 Time National Award For Best Actor Lekin Ek Baat Aur Dekho Jis Saal Ajay Sir Ne Award Jeeta Us Saal Ajay Sir Ne Ek Bhi Filmfare,Screen, Stardust,Zee Cine And Other Award Nahi Jeeta Kya Ye Cheap Award ‘NATIONAL AWARD’ Se Bade Hain….???
    Are Yeah Cheap Award Koi Bhi Khareed Sakta Hai Jeseki Srk Krta Hai….
    Jis Din Srk Ne Ek Bhi ‘NATIONAL AWARD’ Jeet Liya Usi Din Srk Ek Great Actor Hoga Aur Esa Kabhi Naa Hoga.
    Ajay Devgan Is Better Than Srk.

  • @dabang3 then salman khan ,aamir khan and sunny deol are not great actors as they won’t won national awards.And saif ali khan won national award as he is great actor .GREAT JOKE NATIONAL AWARDS ARE UNBIASED AWARDS

  • Baadshah
    King Khan
    Baadshah Khan
    International Icon

    whatever ur uncountable names may be…u will rule my heart Jab Tak Hai Jaan….
    LOVE U…<3

  • Yeah yeah, when he wins awards, haters give excuses that srk bought those, when he praises others, haters say, haters say he is just showing off or they say he is doing publicity , when he wins online polls, haters say srk paid them to increase the votes to win or they call the site which conducted the poll as a srk site like how they this site. When actors of other fan praises srk, his haters call them a srk fan and abuse them.
    And talking about collection, when srk fans talk about overseas,his haters give many excuses and start to talk about domestic..and wheb his livies does best in bo according to the factors the movie has faced his haters ingore thise factors and calls it flop..like seriously, why u haters try to run away from truth or why don’t u just admit anything??
    When srk will take over the BO what will u say then?? Srk paid BOI to increase the Collection??(i know now his haters won’t agre and bring down the details of his recent movies) Like seriously stop behaving like loosers..
    Srk is the badshah of Bollywood!
    Baap Matlab baat, bole to king khan. Samjhe bacche..

  • Jis thali mein khate hain usi thali mein ched karte hai Yeh Hai India. They forgot last 20 years of Hindi Cinema They watched SRK movies Now they saying he is nothing. Everyone in his life gets his golden time dont think he is bad. SRK still shows his real power. Indians lost their PRIDE they are happy watching western fashions and old crap time pass movies. Also seeing the results how Indians are Taking India these days shame on Indians.

  • SRK is really an idol for middle class guys like us.He makes us think that a middle class guy can also fulfil his desires, what is required is the dedication and hard work like SRK.
    Love u SRK.U ll contine to rule.

  • nobody wants to see that movie, only some 3rd class tea wallahs n beggars r going to watch it at rs 17 !

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