I want Salman Khan to do my biopic: Dharmendra

Voted as one of the most handsome men in the world by many leading magazines, he was every woman’s dream man for several years, and now he is back with his next film. Yes, we are talking about none other than Dharmendra. The actor is all set with his next film titled ‘Second Hand Husband’ 

Dharmendra was recently seen promoting his film and had a Q & A session with the press. He was asked as to whom he would want to play his character if a biopic on his life was to be made.

The yesteryear superstar said “Actually I am a very lazy man. I write sometimes and then I feel lazy so I stop. But if one day I am finally able to pen down my life or if someone else pens down my life whom would I want to portray Dharmendra onscreen? Salman Khan. I think he has a lot of characteristics which are very similar to mine. I think he will be able to portray me onscreen perfectly.”

So, the superman of Bollywood has made it clear and we agree with his choice. Would you want to see a biopic on Dharmendra? Tell us!



  • this is big compliment…..
    dharmendra rule box office for yrs .. his most films done well…. little overshaddowed by great amitabh phenomenon,…

  • Absolutely agree wid dharmendra sir. Salman is the best person to represent him on screen as they r quit similar in many ways… n it would be amazing watching salman doing jaat yamla pagla deewana song

  • SALMAN -SIMILAR TO DHARMENDRA… great looks plus action hero … box office kings…big heart … dil me aate he samaz me nahi..
    SRK -SIMILAR TO RAJESH KHANNA…. romance kings… ruled an era… self obsessed loves stardome… bt very charming n make fans go crazy ……

  • Can’t wait for trailer
    just read kareena interview…
    she says that it’s content driven film like queen, twmr, pk…. It’s not regular Salman action – comedy movie…it’s emotional heart touching movie….
    So yes I’m waiting for bb
    I think sallu learn from jai ho and he knows that what people want from him and obviously we know that kabir will not make useless movie…
    hope content will win this time…

  • I think this year content movie will be..
    bajrangi bhaijaan – kareena says that
    prdp – believe in suraj n Salman
    brothers – we all know warriors
    katti batti – believe in kangana
    bajirao mastani – SLB movies r always content driven film…

  • I feel Dharmendra’s looks is a bit overrated. No doubt, he is gud looking, but for me, there are many people who look as gud as/better than him.

  • No way.We don’t want a non-actor to reprise a legend’s role.He’s better at doing Bhojpuri movies with some Dhishum Dhishum

  • Salmon khan is best actor as well as good human being.
    That’s y Dharmendar said about khan.
    BB is ATBB sure.
    No one can compete Salman in Bollywood.
    Its time to burn hatters lol.

  • My prediction for this years
    bb – 275 cr
    prdp – 325 cr
    BM – 111 cr
    dilwale – 190 cr
    brothers – 150 cr
    shandaar – 75 cr
    drishyam – 75 cr forget to add content driven film drishyam I watched it twice mohanlal was awesome…

  • Both are only Hero’s in Indian audience.
    But in acting nothing. (Dharamji is OK but lallu is copy paste copy paste)

  • Yeah why not salman is eligible for dharam paji’s role.because KING KHAN also don’t have enough time to do any person’s bipic,as after some days HIS BIOPIC will made.after all HE IS KING OF BOLLYWOOD.KING KHAN RULES BOLLYWOOD.

  • Salman Should hire a Fake dhai kilo ka hath first To Star in this movie .
    He Is totally dependent on Fake Things like Body double , Fake Vfx 6 packs abs & Also Revital .

    & now come to Lallu FaNs R So Stupid.
    They taunt akki fans by saying let akki first cross 70 cr at boxoffice .
    Bt they forget Akki hve crossed 70 cr way back in 2007 When ur lallu was struggling for 20 Crs ..ROFL .
    Akki Went on to became highest paid actor when ur lallu nd others were charging 10 Crs per films nd akki started charging 25 Cr from Cc2c so u can imagine the stardom gap between ur lallu & Akki at tht tyme..!

    Even ur Lallu knows tht it’s all kismat Wht he iz achieving now & he also knows tht He iz nothing in front of akki in terms of TALENT , PERSONITY , STYLE & ACTION …!

    Even Sallu Accepted it & Said same good things for Akki ..! ßt his fans R 2Rs Ppl .

  • Dharmendra was a very handsome man sorry he still looks charming today despite being in his 70s…. dont know if the manipulative critic is aware of Bollywood in the 60s but back then Dharmendra was considered the best looking hero out of all of his contemporaries.

  • Salman is best choice to play Dharam ji n I feel our Jadoo boy is perfect to play Prem Chopra in his biopic. Our Joker Boy has already tried n failed miserably in playing Amjad Khans Gabbar with his crappy Gobar persona so dont think that joker should be allowed to play another biopic ever again.

    Still feel Sarkar is best equipped to star in n as Amrish Puri in that biopic titled Mogambo….

  • @SSS keep writing craps. all your comments don’t make any sense. grow up. if any actor whose biopic should be made from current generation then it has to be king aamir khan.

  • @ Nipun – i feel you didnt watch his younger days movies and your choice may be a hollywood looks. This is india and we indian always prefer desi looks and salman and dharmendra both are most handsome in term of desi. Please dont make fool yourself your hero has long nose and big teeth how do you think he is better? he isnt 10% of infront of both desi handsome hunks. In todays time
    Nobody can match personality of Dharmendra exept salman thats why dharam paaji himself wants that salman do his biopic and i feel it is fantastic idea.

  • Yes Salman shd play Dharmendra role. While Aamir play Dilip Kumar role. Akshay plays Shashi kapoor role Ajay play Sunil Duty role while Hritik plays Rajesh khanna role. Ohh our King?
    SHAH R KHAN shd play PRITVI RAJ KAPOOR ROLE aka Raj kapoor father. Bcos Pritvi is far older than Dharmendra. SRK will do justice if not he shd on a serious note play PRAN ROLE. LEGENDARY PRAN was a Huge celeb. May his soul rest in peace. Nobody plays Bhachan role cos it’s Bachan sahab but most likely abishek shd play it. But once again. SRK shd play PRITVI RAJ KAPOOOR ROLE or late PRAN sahab. Esp looking at how ugly n villainous SRK was looking in BULGARIA on crotches!

  • Absolutely true, as no one in the human race can perform epic dance steps of dharmendra, so salman is perfect choice. On the other hand, dharmendra will be perfect choice to play salman in his biopic, but no one is going to make it. Alas…

  • Dilwale … $210 million in domestic
    $320 million overseas
    Worldwide $530 million in just first weekend… so Jurassic World’s Record in danger

  • Lets see what raju hirani can fo without aamir as he is also making Sanjay dutt’s biopic with Bombay velvet star. So raju hirani alone what can he do is his real test of his brand value. Without aamir raju has not even given highest grosser of the year while aamir has given 4 highest grossers of the year without raju I.e. Dil, RH, ghajini and dhoom 3.

  • @sss LOL. Really funny. Dont worry whoever does Srk’s biopic will have not beat srk in terms of overacting but definitely beat him in terms of looks and acting skills. Also it will be very difficult to find an actor so wrinkle-faced to portray Srk.
    They will have to hire ‘Paa’ makeup artist to make the actor look as old and wrinkly as Srk.

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