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I Me Aur Main ReviewI Me Aur Main Movie Review by Joginder Tuteja

When a film comes with a title like I Me aur Main, you do expect a tale which takes a deeper insight into the psyche of a protagonist who is self centered to the core. Of course going by the promos it was quite obvious that director Kapil Sharma would go for a light hearted take on affairs. However what comes on screen is a diluted affair where there are moments, though scattered, with the core theme not really covering a great distance. Ok, so you don’t feel bored, courtesy film’s running length of less than 2 hours and also the fact that there is no dip in the proceedings per se. Still, one doesn’t quite get to see something that is entirely unique, with perhaps just an exception of the last couple of scenes.

One factor where the film stays true to it’s title is John Abraham’s presence. It is all about John, John aur John as the actor is visible in practically every frame of the film. The film starts and ends with him even as he is surrounded by multiple women in his life, be it is live-in partner (Chitrangda Singh), his girlfriend next door (Prachi Desai), his boss (Raima Sen), his sister (Mini Mathur), his mother (Zareena Wahab) or his protege (Sheena Shahabadi). However with an exception of his track with Prachi, none of the other relationships really bring any depth. Now that’s surprising considering the fact that at least with Chitrangda, his interaction could have been better fleshed out.

This is most evident in the manner in which the entire pregnancy episode is dealt with. It is just impossible to digest that barring one half hearted attempt, there is hardly any effort made to let John know about the fact that Chitrangda is carrying his baby. With so many mutliple connections between the pair through relatives and common friends, it is difficult to fathom how John could be left unaware. Not just that as in the world of social networking and a story which is set in a cosmopolitan city, it is almost impossible not to know about such a big news which is directly related to the lives of the protagonists.

While one is willing to let go of this as a cinematic liberty, one wonders how the entire change in heart happens for John. It seems just out of the blue that he starts rectifying his mistakes and things start falling in place for him as well. Of course the makers would have carried the right intention to keep the film’s duration controlled. However a better laid out graph would have helped.

Thankfully what helps the film is a good performance by John who ensures that despite the gaps in characterisation and narrative, his charm enables the film to  continue stand on it’s feet. He gets the whole man-child persona right though, and as mentined earlier, his transition is abrupt. Another actor who leaves a mark is Prachi Desai. She is a revelation as a free spirited girl who knows what she is doing though even her desire to settle down with John in a jiffy despite knowing his past is far fetched. Nothing wrong with being committed to the man she loves but at least one level of heart to heart conversation could have left a better impact. Surprisingly Chitrangda’s presence in the film is sporadic and she is primarily present only in the beginning, interval and end of the film.

Nevertheless, despite a few oddities, I, Me aur Main is not a film that cannot be watched. While the entire production design is easy on eyes, the music, though not the chartbuster kind, is easy on ears. All that one has to do is to keep the expectations in check that there is nothing radically different or humungous in the offering.

At the box office, the film hasn’t taken a good start. It’s saviour could well turn out to be low production cost as well as the fact that satellite, home video and other rights have managed to help a good chunk of moolah being recovered.

Rating: ★★½☆☆

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