Attacks of 26/11 Review – Quick Take

The Attacks Of 26/11

Note: This is just a quick review by Indicine. The official ‘Attacks Of 26/11 Review’ by Joginder Tuteja will be published at around 9:30 PM. Stay tuned for that.

Four years since that dreadful†unforgettable†winter night in Mumbai. I remember watching a cricket match – India vs England in Cuttack – which India won quite comfortably with Sehwag scored 90 odd runs in super quick time. Soon after the match (if I remember right), while switching channels, it was the first time I heard of ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’. CNN-IBN was reporting a shootout at Leopold Cafe.

That was the beginning of a very long and dreadful night. 10 young men from Pakistan went on a rampage killing hundreds of innocent people. News channels were reporting live from ‘The Taj Mahal’ – Mumbai’s iconic 5 star hotel, ‘The Oberoi Trident’ and ‘Nariman Point’. I remember staying glued to TV for more than 36 hours; watching the Taj Mahal Tower burn, death of Mumbai’s top cops, Kasab’s capture, interviews from survivors, news of actor Aashish Chaudhary’s sister’s death at the Taj.

4 years after the attacks, having read several articles, books and watched various documentaries.. the first 7 minute trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ got me hooked. The build up, the background score, Nana Patekar and RGV as director were reason enough to watch the film first day first show.

But watching ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ today, the film was way below expectations. Here’s why.

1. The Attacks of 26/11 has nothing new to offer. Only the events between 9:30 PM, when the attacks began, to around 1AM when Kasab was captured are shown. After that the film is all about Kasab. The Nariman house take-over where people were held hostage, the Taj tower on fire, the attacks at Trident Oberoi are not even mentioned!

2. From whatever footage we have of Ajmal Kasab after his capture, he is seen as a weak character often breaking down, crying during his interrogation.. but in RGV’s film, Kasab is a maniac who goes way over-the-top with his evil expressions and dialogue delivery.

3. The execution procedure requires the authorities to cover his face before being taken to the gallows. The subject is not allowed to see the gallows. But in RGV’s film, Kasab is shown the gallows and then hanged. Lack of research?

4. The film tends to drag in the second half, with Kasab playing the negative role and Nana Patekar as the police commissioner. While Nana does very well, his voice modulation just doesn’t work.

5. And finally, when it comes to camera work, RGV continues to ignore his critics. Far too many closeups, with the camera capturing every detail of Nana Patekar’s nostril hair. Slo-mo sequences, the same background music that we have heard in almost every RGV film. In short, very annoying.

Overall, ‘The Attacks Of 26/11’ is a film that should have been made with a little more sensitivity. RGV disappoints yet again.

P.S. I suggest you watch the documentary below instead of the film. It captures the events in far more detail and in the end makes you cry. Worth a watch!

Watched the film already? Do post your ‘The Attacks Of 26/11 Reviews’ in the comments section below. We’d love to know your views on the film.



  • Hey I was also watching that movie…
    And my memory is ,that I lost my mobile there:(
    The fact is that RGV cant make film for audience,why is he doing this?
    And how?
    Even BigB…
    He always leave us trolled….

  • Watched the documentary after watching RGV movie.. must say.. it’s 1000 times better than the film. Indicine I trust your reviews more than Joginder’s.

  • As I am using mobile[uc],there is no link available for any video here:(
    I cant see any documentary of your

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