I love Salman for promoting Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss: Aamir

Aamir Khan, who shares a good relationship with Salman Khan, says he loves Salman for promoting his film Dhoom 3 in Bigg Boss 7.

“I recently messaged Salman saying I am sending you my hat… please wear it at some event, it will help us but I didn’t know he will wear it directly in ‘Bigg Boss’… this shows his generosity. Its not his film, still he is helping us so much. I love Salman Khan for this,” Aamir told reporters during a press conference promoting upcoming film “Dhoom 3”.

When questioned if he would promote Salman’s upcoming film Jai Ho, Aamir said that Salman is too powerful a star to need anyone

“We haven’t thought about it but I would love to do anything for him. But he is such a powerful star that he doesn’t need anyone.”

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan at Dhoom 3 press meet

Salman Khan wears Dhoom 3 hat on Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan wears Dhoom 3 hat on Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan

Salman Khan promotes Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss



  • That hat of Amir’s actually looks quite good on Salman Khan. You folks who insist on bad-mouthing these celebrities are making yourselves look ignorant and and in some ways worse than you say the celebrities are. There are better ways to express what you don’t like about a person or about things they do without being so mean-spirited and hurtful. Surely you have heard of constructive criticism. And there are up-building ways to encourage and motivate people to change something about themselves or their work, etc. You are injuring yourselves too by feeding your hatred and for allowing it to drive you to attack what and who you can’t control the way your misery controls you. You hurt your country’s reputation by your despicable example of ill will toward others. May the divine Spirit of calm and peace touch your heart and rest upon you, opening your eyes to a better view of life and your fellow man. I love you India. Take care.

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