I love Salman for promoting Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss: Aamir

Aamir Khan, who shares a good relationship with Salman Khan, says he loves Salman for promoting his film Dhoom 3 in Bigg Boss 7.

“I recently messaged Salman saying I am sending you my hat… please wear it at some event, it will help us but I didn’t know he will wear it directly in ‘Bigg Boss’… this shows his generosity. Its not his film, still he is helping us so much. I love Salman Khan for this,” Aamir told reporters during a press conference promoting upcoming film “Dhoom 3”.

When questioned if he would promote Salman’s upcoming film Jai Ho, Aamir said that Salman is too powerful a star to need anyone

“We haven’t thought about it but I would love to do anything for him. But he is such a powerful star that he doesn’t need anyone.”

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan at Dhoom 3 press meet

Salman Khan wears Dhoom 3 hat on Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan wears Dhoom 3 hat on Bigg Boss 7

Salman Khan

Salman Khan promotes Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss



  • salman- what will i get in return if i promote your film??
    aamir- i will call u bigger star than me & even imraan will help, but one conditions. u have to promote dhoom 3 in bigg boss. i want to impress ur brainless fans watching the show.
    salman- ok, i agree. but i want ur statement to make headlines. a fanless star like u is useless otherwise.
    aamir- done, i will take care of that.

  • Salman is still so young I can’t believe. Salman looks way much dashing and handsome than Aamir in that hat #JustSaying . No offence, I love aamir too. :) ??

  • Salman Khan’s Jai Ho does not need promotions.

    Amir says: salman is such a powerful star that he doesnít need anyone.
    Trade analyst Taran Adarsh says, “Usually, a big-budget filmís first look comes out at least two-and-a-half months prior to release. Then, depending upon its readiness, the promos are released. Yes, they (the makers of Jai Ho) are behind schedule, but they will manage.”
    Film exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi says, “If the movie has a star like Salman, the makers donít need to promote it.
    Distributor Ashok Ahuja adds that “for a Salman film, even 10 days prior to release is a good enough period (to promote a film). The power he has is enough to pull crowds to the screens.”

    Salman derserves it. Iím proud to be salman fan.

  • Shut up u stinky peoples who want to fight between two great superstars
    This is called Andaz Apna Apna

  • well said aamir.salman is enough to break all boxoffice records.he does not need any big banner,big director,big heroine.i am proud to be a salman fan.eagerly waiting for tomorrow jai ho trailer.tomorrow will be a festival for our salman fans.

  • Lungiwalas (srkians) stay out of this. No one will do promotions for flying lungis neither anyone need a lungiwala for promotions. Now this is the Epic n ultimate truth.

  • Nice to see Salman helping Aamir in promoting “Dhoom 3” bcoz Salman is at number 1 position right now.Aamir also did the same and promoted “Dabang” when Salman called him for its premeir and at that time Aamir was number 1 after “3 idiots”.Salman promotion will help “Dhoom 3” at the box office and the mixture of Salman-Aamir fans is more than enough to make “Dhoom 3” biggest grosser ever.

  • @beingsallufan, Array LungiWala, Tu Phir Agaya?? Mind your language, dude! Do you think it is the right think to call Salman fans mindless? Do you think it will be a good thing if we call you the same? Just ask yourself. Give respect and take respect!
    By the way, you should go watch epic and meaningful films like Billu Barber and CE (cocktail of unofficial copies of many south Indian films like Okkadu, Alex Pandian, Mungaru Male etc).

  • aamir wants to break ce record with the help of salman . sorry dear no chance!!!
    aamir knows he can’t alone break record of ce so he has done secret setting with salman. u praise me n i ll praise u. audiences r morons; they ll make both our films blockbuster.

  • aamir is using salman.anyway everubody using him because he is a badshah of bollywood and most powerful man of bollywoods.everyone support and talk good about him even his enemies. that,s called true man

  • @raj kumar
    yes mate, u can call me anything u want. i will take it lightly. & i say such only bcoz ur fellow salman fan do the same. no issues otherwise.

  • @dinda11
    5 years is still a lot lesser than 13 years( raja hindustani to ghajni & hahk to partner). tell both of them to continue promoting each other or their next bb would after a decade at least.

  • I don’t like amir’s personality at all.
    I can’t believe him at all..though I don’t like salmon but it’s sad that everybody using him to gain publicity. Amir and Katrina is ahead of the list…..
    Amir has clever mind .

  • @it’s holiday:u mindless fellow,k3 is crap? ? ?if it is crap,then how it got critics acclaim? ?it’s one of the best movies of da year and best commercial movies of da year.indicine gave k3 4 out of 5. .
    Ramleela isn’t a crap even.it had a gud script. .
    What abt ur outimd,boss then? ?everyone laughed at akk’s acting. .shut ur mouth u moron. .

  • True Amir, He is loved by fans because he would lv to support even his enemies…..There r few ppl who hate r those who think Salman is not being human. I have only two people who inspire me till date 1) Sachin Tendulkar (Why?? I think name itself answers the question). 2) Salman Khan now here comes why???? 1) He is Being human. 2) He is challenged himself to overcome his past situation. 3) Final the out come of his lifestyle today.

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