‘I love and respect Aamir, he is a game changer’ – Ranveer Singh

Aamir Khan publicly criticised the infamous comedy show ‘AIB Knockout’, which Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar were a part of.

While Johar was said to be hurt by Aamir’s comments, Ranveer has said that he still loves and respects Aamir. 

“Even though Aamir did not like AIB Roast, I still love him and respect him from the bottom of my heart” Ranveer said India Today Conclave 2015.


Ranveer also wished Aamir on his 50th birthday, calling him the ‘game changer’ of content.

“He has been a game changer of content. He is the poster boy for blurring the lines between alternate and commercial films. His bravery blendes these two worlds. All his choices Talaash, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, they were all integrated. They mix the best of both worlds. He made commercial successes of the kind if content you couldn’t have imagined would be commercially viable.”

Singh went on to add that Aamir is the biggest revolution that the industry has seen.



  • What a show AIB was !! …….. Really just loved its dialogues n all …..!! …
    I watched it on youtube n i m proud of my son …..!! ..
    My son’s fan on Leading Website indicine is just an idiot though ….
    He loves watching my son’s ghatiya films like Gunday which he played supporting role n Tevar in which he looked like elephant.. Sad !!

  • Luv u ranveer..Proud of my floppistann team… They r also following my chameleon traits..
    Doing a lot of flattering …. Like i do here licking the feet of khan fans……

  • what’s he going to say? that he hates aamir now.

    aamir produced dehli belly, an adult film, so shouldnt have problems with AIB

  • Taking criticism as positive/ constructive criticism shows how much Ranveer is learning n growing as a person which is more than could be said of that ugly fannyless tevarless kapoor-talentless fat son of Boney Sir..

  • For the record I found the whole anti AIB roast uproar extremely OTT and bad for the concept of freedom of choice more than freedom of speech….

    People are entitled to pay n watch such craps if its what they like just like people are free to watch to craps in theatres like a Lootera or Mosquito Anguish or Tevar or Oh Darling Yeh Hai Paglapur…! For once I didnt like Aamirs viewpoint…

  • You don’t simply call Aamir the most Intelligent Actor in India. He has proved it time and again!

  • @KK

    Delhi Belly wouldnt have got an Adults Only rating had our greedy businessman king produced it- that much we do know….

  • yeah Auncle,yeah ODYHI released in 1995 still it’ s collection is higher than bhai’ srecent multiplex release disaster marigold.non of a KING KHAN may vie is disaster still now.while both salmir has 3 disasters each.really they are game changers ,one who remained inert in 90’s other in 1st decade of 21st century.lol on disaster stars.now don’t cry about ylhjk as it’s a flop even after released after a decade with zero promotion as mentioned by @indicine.

    these little superstars need to change their game and want to become game changers.while KING KHAN HIMSELF is THE GAME always wants to PLAY in the way HE WANTS like a KING STYLE.


  • Doing shows like aib in public&producing/acting in adult film is completely different.does leo have to be jordan belford in public?if a villain in a film says destroy mosques,will he be bound to support rss in public?aamir gained my respect in this event.freedom of speech was being alarmingly exploited in aib,imo.

  • RANVEER… loves bollywood … all khans…masala films n all he is typical bollywood lover like all INDICINE readers….he is immature but gud thing he might realize his mistake after the show…. RANBIR once said in india u hav to ne likable to ne a superstar not only acting n all…people should think ur gud human being…. RANVEER should follow this is can be suprstar sm day…. baki arjun kapoor n karan johar aate jate rahte he…

    when SRKfans were forced to use dialogue from Aamir’s movie.
    =>> after hearing Sabse Shana Koun has 0.9 TRP

  • @ KK Yes, Aamir produced Delhi Belly which was an adult comedy but that movie didn’t degrade women or made fun of a person’s skin colour. I saw AIB and it was as disgusting as hell. How can one pick on someone for being black? Doesn’t it send a wrong message to people? Especially when majority of people are obsessed with fairness creams and stuffs…. And deepika was laughing like an idiot at front row…didn’t she make a huge issue on clevage thing a few months back? Such a hypocrite. I understand that shows like AIB are held to make people laugh and entertain but they took it a little far. I support Aamir here.

  • Earned my respect!! I agree wit @g007…he will go far! Any actor that despite negativity or critism pressure but is able to compose and carry on leaving d past behind…must have an x factor.

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