I hope Singham 2 does better business than Chennai Express: SRK

Shahrukh KhanIn an interview to a local daily, Shahrukh Khan has said that he hopes Rohit Shetty’s next film ‘Singham 2’ surpasses the lifetime collections of his recently released blockbuster ‘Chennai Express’.

Singham 2, a sequel to one of the biggest hits of 2011, Singham, will have Ajay Devgn reprising the role of Bajirao Singham. The first one had crossed Rs.100 crore mark.

“I would pray that Inshallah his (Rohit Shetty) next ‘Singham 2’ does much more business than ‘Chennai Express’ because he deserves it,” Shah Rukh said here in an interview.

SRK teamed up with Shetty for the first time in romantic comedy “Chennai Express”, which is still running superfast at the box office. The Rs.75 crore film not only earned over Rs.100 crore within first weekend, but it also crossed Rs.200 crore mark in just two weeks.

Shah Rukh credits the film’s success to Shetty.

“Being a director is a very lonely job. So you don’t just thank them, you just stand by them. For the film also, as an actor, and as a friend we all tried to stand by him (Shetty)…,” said the superstar who is laughing all the way to the bank.

SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment co-produced “Chennai Express” with UTV Motion Pictures.

He added that “the goodness” that Shetty brought into the film has benefited everyone – him, his co-star Deepika Padukone and Disney UTV. “So we all are very very thrilled and we would like to stand by him, wherever he is as a director,” he added.



  • Singham 2? ?no way,it cann’t do business like ce beause in 2014,there are much awaited movies like pk,bang bang,happy new year,shuddhi ,mental etc. .waiting mostly for pk (raj kumar hirani +amir +anuska). .and also for hny and hro’s two movies. .

  • So, srk knows that only rohit shetty is his saviour…constantly putting pressure on him and devgan….where was srk during 2003-2009, when only devgan was the true friend of rohit shetty? srk knows he is no more in the books of raju hirani, karan johar, rakesh roshan and is now working with crap director farah khan…

  • If shetty remake’s tamil singham 2 as it is, i think it will not go well bcuz i saw d tamil film it’s not hv busy screenplay n story as d first edition has
    So i think rohit had to go to charecter of singham wid his own styl.

  • srk buttering rohit shetty so that he casts him in another movie n save his career again.. thats srk for u.. king of cheap tactics.. a backstabber like him can never wish well for anybody else.. srk fans if u r dogs plz press the dislike button

  • its ur kindness and humble nature sir that u r saying these words…bt we all know that rohit and ajay has to take an another birth to surpass ce’s collection….
    Rohit had directed a number of movies with ajay, bt they barely crossed 100 cr…so its all abt star power…and in terms of star power, u r 100 times better than ajay…otherwise, with such great wom and successful remake, singham wud have been crossed 250 cr..

  • man with a golden heart.
    when AMIRs 3 idiots broke all the records at the box office. AMIRs ego had no bounds. with the former calling SRK as dog
    but when king SRK breaks all the records at the boxoffice so kindly and justly gives the entire credit to ROHIT Shetty and even wishes luck for ROHITS next venture.
    wow really what a difference
    salute to king KHAN. u r truly the legend and best in Indian cinema till date. barring DILIP SAAB.

  • Srk giving credit of “CE” to Rohit shetty and he is right bcoz “CE” is a Rohit shetty movie starring Srk and Deepika and Rohit is the main primary reason for the success of the movie while the actors r secondary.

  • How thoughtful of shahrukh for his friend rohit but sadly singham 2 ain’t coming close to chennai express

  • @Noam Aamir khan is always right and speaks the truth while everyone agrees with him except liars.Satyamev Jayate.

  • @Sachin11 by that context every successful movie should be credited to the director and also if it flops. But in the bollywood industry it’s all star power which is sad Hollywood doesn’t have star power or camps unless its action related like marvel/DC/Star Wars/star trek.

    But how did Aamir get so much credit it was a multi starter movie based on a book. By ur basis the credit for 3I is the author.

  • LOL look at haters commenting on this page.If you people hate srk so much go and comment on the collection pages of CE.

  • 3Idiots – Year 2009 – 1800 screens..
    Ticket Price- Around 150INR
    Chennai Express – Year 2013 – 3800 screens
    Ticket Price – 300INR

    In 2009 – 1$ = around INRs 45 and
    In 2013 -1$ = INRs 64..

    And People Say CE beats 3 Idiots At
    The Box-Office..

  • So haters doesn’t understand its high quality to give your credit to others too like if media gives Ce full credit to Srk so Srk would give his credit to Deepika and also to Rohit shetty and the whole team of Ce for example if media ask to Srk what do you think can Salmans Mentle break your Ce record then Srk would say I hope his movie do well better than mine (Ce) like he said for Singham 2 its style but we know Ce more than 70% of Srks acting now haters saying Rohit shetty saves Srks down fall but truth is if Srk works with even new comer directors like Karan and Farah and if any new comer he will be hit definitely.

  • Srk gives the credit to all
    wheather its actress or director
    where Salman plays cheap tactics and only credits himself.

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