‘I am big fan of Hrithik, he has everything’ – Tiger Shroff

Talking to a local daily, Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff has said that he is a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan. He also added that Hrithik has everything that an actor should.

“I am a big fan of Hrithik Roshan. I respect him for his work ethic. He is an extremist and he pushes everything to the next level. What doesn’t he have? He has a fantastic physique, is a superb actor, dances superbly, and his body language is immaculate. People want to make six-pack abs but in that they lose their craft. But with Hrithik sir, he has married everything so beautifully. He has his aesthetics nailed and over that he puts in his craft.”

Tiger Shroff with Kriti Sanon

Tiger Shroff with Kriti Sanon

Tiger also spoke about how Aamir Khan’s different way of doing things and taking risks has inspired him over the years

“Aamir Khan sir due to the faculty of thought that goes on in his head. He is 20 years ahead of everybody. He is doing things differently. He seems to be taking risks and those risks are working for him. He has invited me to work out with him a couple of times and I felt very honoured by that.”

Tiger’s debut film ‘Heropanti’ releases in theatres on 23rd May 2014.



  • Wow…thats what i say him “A Complete Actor”

    Hrithik is the BEST…

    And now our national animal has also said it…lol

  • lol all these newbies praise almost all superstars like salman aamir srk & hrithik to impress the fans of these stars with the hope that these fans will go & watch their movie! :P

  • Very Fine Words By Shroff ! Indeed, Everyone From the Industry adores HRITHIK ROSHAN Cause He’s Like That.

    A Complete Actor. A Complete Man !

    Proud To Be His Fan.

  • Tiger is correct in saying that Aamir takes risks and it work for him but our king also takes risks like Raone but the difference is it does not works for our king

  • Superb Going Shroff, Follow Aamir and Mostly Hrithik as he is ur inspiratiön, good Going, you r totally honest to follow Best Top 2 actors, 1. Hrithik and 2. Aamir

  • I remember Ranbir Kapoor also said similar words about Hrithik upon his debut. He’s a true inspiration to young generation actors, along with his senior Khans.

  • After, Jacky, Arjun, Siddharth, Shraddha, Aalia, Sonakshi, yaariyaan fame Rakul Preet, Another One new youngster fan Of Hrithik and another star whos inspiration is Hrithik Roshan….. Nd nw rk and shahid gonna lose their litl female fans. aNd Tiger will hack gals heart lyk Hrithik did after knph

  • I am not only proud of hrithik,but also proud of being a hrithik. Seriously it’s a great feeling.
    A hrithikian can easily ensure dat he has good taste of acting,class,quality,looks,dance etc as hez a hrithikian.

  • Varun Dhawan-I think Hrithik Roshan had the bestest debut only a newcomet can dream of. i want a debut like him.

    Ranbir Kapoor-Hrithik Roshan was called heera so i also want to be called heera. (diamond)

    Sidharth Malhotra-Hrithik Roshan is my mentor.

    Sushant Singh Rajput-Hrithik Roshan is my fav from a long time and i can’t think of replacing him.

    Jackky Bhagnani-Hrithik Roshan is my inspiration for best body and dance. he is awesome.

    Arjun Kapoor-Hrithik Roshan is one of the best actors with best bodies.

    Alia Bhatt-Hrithik is the most handsome actor and i would love to paint his portrait.

    Vaani Kapoor-Hrithik Roshan is my fav and i want to romance him on screen.

    Taapsee Pannu-I am a die hard fan of Hrithik Roshan

    Shraddha Kapoor-I am a die hard Hrithik fan since childhood and i want to romance him in a movie.

    and now Tiger Shroff.

    Every newcomer’s dream to be like Hrithik because he is the most “PERFECT” actor indian cinema has. Every new actor wants to be like him, every new actress wants to work with him. Thats the POWER of TALENT, POWER OF GREEK GOD. Haters like romance disaster, lauki ki sabzi, virat choli, vicky dramebaaz and others will hate him because they know their fav stars can’t be as talented as Hrithik and they can’t see him go past their fav actors.

  • HRITHIK ROSHAN is the BEST actor,dancer,has best body and best looks, who wouldn’t want to be like him ?? He deserves to rule this generation only if we had normal indian audience who loved real talent and hard work.

  • The idealogy of Indian audience…..

    Hollywood makes such great sci fi movies like Man Of Steel,TDK trilogy,Avengers,Spider-Man etc why our filmmakers not making such films ?? Bollywood is such waste.

    and when sci fi films like Krrish,Robot,Drona,ra.one etc get made, they criticise it to death and say crap, and the same people watch and encourage films like bodyguard,rowdy rathore,chennai express. then they complain why Bollywood is not making such films.

  • Tiger had said correct “Hr is having all qualities of an ideal actor”. And Aamir is Aamir “Bigger in age,small in height and great like himalaya”

  • @Truth – Completely agree with you. Movies like Krrish, Robot and even RA.One (for its technology) should be encouraged by our audience, those high budget movies need more encouragement than those small budget masterpieces for the development of our film industry. It seems like people just hate some of them because it doesn’t have their favorite star in it, or because its a threat to their favorite stars’ movies.

  • Bang Bang features Bollywood superstars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, as well as a talented production team including Director Siddharth Anand and Action Director Andy Armstrong, who worked on Spiderman, Thor, and The Green Hornet. The movie is scheduled for release in October 2, 2014 at over 4,500 screens for an approximately audience of 50 million. Bang Bang is one of the most anticipated films of 2014.

  • amir promoted his film,so something he have to say about amir and look he said,now amir and also his fans are quite happy who remained in ignorance about 15 years in bollywood.however tiger couldn’t have the ability to be so huge he is just like those actors like arjun,sidharth.it’s very hard and difficult for him to become like Ranbir,Ranveer.lol.even hrithik roshan also many times accepted KING SRK as his preceptor.ha ha,amir taken risk!!!!!!rofl.

  • @sss : for you Truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Take some Frooti along this n gulp the truth !!!!!!

  • If his film worked at the box office.. he’ll be one of the top actors in future because he too.. got all the qualifications to be an actor.. he’s attractive, like his dad when he was young, but hope that he’ll be luckier than the dad.

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