Hrithik signs 35 crore three-film deal with Adlabs

Hrithik Roshan has finally signed with Adlabs for making three films with them in the coming years for a lavish 35 crore. He gets to decide his co-stars, director and the rest of the cast for all the three films.

Sometime ago, Delhi Times had reported how Hrithik Roshan’s Rs 35 crore deal with Adlabs had run into rough weather.Well, there have been many developments of late.

Hrithik has finally signed the Rs 35 crorethree-film deal with Adlabs. And the confirmation of this comes straight from the horse’s mouth – Manmohan Shetty himself. “Yes, Hrithik has signed the deal. It is for doing three films with us through three years. That means he will put aside a bulk of his prime dates for doing those films with us.”

And what kind of films will they be? Post Krrish, he’s got an action and superhero tag to him. “At this moment, all I can reveal is that we are looking at larger-than-life films with obviously, Hrithik in the lead.”

Rakesh Roshan, on his part confirms that Hrithik has signed the deal. “Yes. He has signed it. He’s looking at a few scripts now,” he told us. Ask him for further details and he says, “At this moment , only the scripts are being read and readied. As for the rest, I guess Manmohan and Hrithik will have to discuss things.” But our source gave us a few details. “Hrithik has already heard his first script at his residence a few days back. In fact, he has also accepted the first installment from Adlabs recently. There are three scripts being developed simultaneously which Hrithik will go through and finalise. He is extremely choosy about his characters and maybe that’s the reason he made some changes to the first script as well. The script will be reworked according to the changes,” says our source.

“The first film to go on the floors will probably be directed by John Mathew Matthan, who made the super-successful film Sarfarosh with Aamir Khan some years ago.” says our source.


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