Hrithik Roshan’s fitness and gym sessions inspire SRK 

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, who is known for his dedication towards maintaining his physique and working out tirelessly in the gym, has inspired Shahrukh Khan.

Hrithik posted a black and white photo while working out “Night training. Sweat n rain. Never let your mood or the clock get in the way of your work or workouts. Discipline will set u free.”

Soon, SRK replied to his tweet saying “@iHrithik I am starting mine now…. inspired!!!”

The recently released teaser of Bang Bang also has Hrithik flashing his perfect physique. The film releases in theatres on October 2nd.



  • Bollywood updated star ranking
    1 aamir
    2 salman
    3 srk
    4 hrithik
    5 ranbir
    6 ajay akshay
    8 ranveer
    9 arjun
    10 Siddharth
    11 varun
    12 saif
    13 emmy
    15 sushanth

  • Hrithik is the most good looking and sexiest superstar of bollywood. .my fav family drama is k3g. I like SRK also. .

  • Hits of srk that I dislike
    Karan arjun
    Kabhi khisi kabhi gham
    Rab ne bana di jodi

  • Hits of salman that I dislike
    Karan arjun
    Pyar kiya to darna kya
    Chori chori chupke chupke

  • Hits of aamir that I dislike
    Only 1-dil chahta hai which is a cult classic
    The rest 18 hits from 37 mvz I hv liked all of them.that’s y aamir is my fav khan closely followed by srk while salman is miles behind both of them according to me

  • In south india only sharukh is bollywood super star.salman Amir,hritk,akshay not have any mkt in south especially in tamil nadu and kerala.

  • We want our king to exercise many hours in gym and show his body to us in happy new year then we will help our king to break dhoom3 records

  • Wondering some youngistaan people r disliking movies. But when i dislike a movie and give reviews on it,they suddenly start criticizing me.

  • friends let me tell when hr and srk did ordinary desi mans role thats y they dnt have fans in rural areas and small cities. m from Indore where Salman also born. hero of mass.

  • My fav movies of all superstars:
    hrithik:ZNMD,KMG,D2(Jodha akbar is best of hro,but it is n’t my fav)
    srk:Veer Zaara,DevDas,MNIK/CDI(haven’t seen swadesh completely)
    Amir:3I,TZP,fanaa(i haven’t watched so many movies of amir)
    akki:s26,bhool bhulaiyaan,aitraaz

  • @nipun I hv liked dozens of salman srk aamir mvz and those films that I mentioned in my dislike list were my genuine opinion and not biased one’s but most of mvz of srk and salman that u hv termed in ur dislike list aren’t ur honest opinion instead it is a revenge against srk and salman fans who bash hrithik always

  • @Arjun kapoor2
    How come aamir have 18 hits?? he has 11 hits in his career….

    and u did’nt liked Dil Chahta Hai…one of his best film after 3 idiots….your choices are exceptional!!!

  • Hrithik and Srk inspires each other in many things like in holding records of box office collection and last years their movies hold records for 2-2 months

  • Currently Hrithik has the best body…he and SRK both true hardworkers,work really hard upto late nights…#inspiration

  • Hrithik should open gyms in all cities of country and it will be a good new business for him if Bang Bang fails to cross 150 crores even with

  • @yuvraj wot was rnbdj of srk n lakshya of hrithik..
    dey r far more versatile den ur indore born suleman bhai… hav u done a survey or wot k u knw dey dont hav following among masses or rural areas.
    btw happy to see srk gettin inspired from hrithik. dey share a great bond together

  • Bollywood Unplugged @ BollywoodUnplug 3m #SinghamReturns will b biggest release for @ajaydevgan it will release on 3600-3800 screens and we r the first to tell you

  • @Eldho Varghese, If Salman Khan used his connections with Kamal Hassan, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and Ram Charan etc like Sarkar has exploited Rajni’s name, he would be the Bollywood numero uno in the south.
    Most of the time, they don’t care about other films because of the language barrier. But Salman and his Big Boss show is quite popular in the South. Like in Mahesh Babu’s Dokudoo, the whole plot in the second half of the film was set up using the name of Salman Khan and Bigg Boss.

  • Hrithik is an inspiration not only for King Khan but for crores of youngsters nationwide.
    On a serious note, the physique and personality Hrithik has got, its a dream for any other superstar (whether established or new comers) .
    Bollywood is blessed after getting a superstar like Hrithik, who matches the standard of Hollywood actors when it comes to style,physique and personality.

  • @yuvvraj
    both HR and SRK have good following in small cities too,plz bust this myth that only salman is popular in rural areas…and what do you mean by desi roles??
    Was Agneepath character not desi?

    and salman started doing these “desi” roles after wanted,means before that there was’nt any actor popular in small cities??????

  • Hrithik is definitely a fitness icon . He has been a perfect example of a personality to die for . Even at the age of 40 he looks 25 years old . Another important point is that Hrithik is the only Bollywood actor who consistently changes his physique for a particular movie . For ex. He developed his body and muscles for KNPH, He lost 7 KGS weight for KMG to portray Rohit Mehra, He again put on weight for Krrish and also learnt Martial Arts for approx. 6 months, He lost weight to look lean for Dhoom : 2, He again put on weight to look like a Quadriplegic in Guzaarish, He again lost weight to look fit and lean in ZNMD, He again put on 12 KGS for Agneepath, He built a unbelievable physique for Krrish 3 . So in short he constantly changes the physique as per the demand of the script and his character . All the actors do workshops regarding their characters and performance but there is only one Hrithik who apart from doing long hours of rehearsals gives huge importance to his physique for a particular movie .

  • @Dark boy RISES dude its good to see ur words turn polite to SRK.

    But one thing for ur information (Not in a bad way or negative sense) but just for knowledge that both Hrithik & Aamir are also smokers.


    1. At KJO’s BDay bash Hrithik borrow a cigrate from SRK as he forget his Packet in Car.

    2. Aamir accepted that he smokes during interview with Fredon before the release of Dhoom-3. He said now a day i m tens about the release of Dhoom-3 so now a days i smoke too much.

    Thats another story that SRK is a Chain Smoker.

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