Hrithik Roshan’s Facebook Page hacked

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is going through the toughest phase of his career, both personally and professionally the actor has been struggling. To add to his woes, his official Facebook page was hacked yesterday.

A few hours after his account was hacked, Hrithik regained control of his Facebook page and posted a message for his followers.

“An enterprising individual managed to hack my page earlier in the day. However the matter has been taken care of and the page is mine once more” Hrithik said, updating his 16 million followers about the hack.

The actor was last seen in ‘Mohenjo Daro’, a film that disappointed big time at the box office.



  • Don’t worry Sir setbacks are a part of every star’s life.You’re still one of the most handsome and nicest gentlemen in Bollywood.You tried to do something different with MD but it backfired.It’s always better to fail trying something new rather than succeeding doing the same repetitive monotonous stuffs. He spent hours with Akshay in his private party without any jealousy
    Waiting for Kaabil irrespective of its clash with Raees or not.

  • Things are really not going well for Duggu… I hope he’ll bounce back soon even though working with Gupta is a terrible idea.

  • I and the industry will always be indebted to you for giving us zindagi Na milegi dobara which is the best movie in Bollywood of this decade.

  • Unbelievable and its shocking
    Something wrong not on fb but on Hr strategy of regaining his attention towards Nobody !!!

  • Toughest phase? Maybe.
    Most Unfortunate phase? Definitely!!
    But the dignity with which he has handled all those issues, personal ones especially, just shows the character he’s made of !
    As far as his career goes, he still is one of the most finest actors this Industry has churned out, and will make a Solid Comeback!

    PS- Kaabil and Raees should part ways and Hrithik should get a solo release for him to gain back his elite position sooner.

  • Srk page pe bhi issi tarah post karna

    The actor was last seen in ‘FAN’, a film that disappointed big time at the box office.

    Ab toh had hi ho gyi negativity failane Ki

    Hrithik coming film KAABIL will be blockbuster even if biggest flop RAEES clash

  • Social media is a tough place and most of the people spout their negativity on FB, Twitter and WhatsApp . MD must have deeply affected Hrithik sir but I am damn sure he will make a huge turnaround with Kaabil . I am also waiting for the upcoming announcements after Kaabil . I hope we will see 2 movies of Hrithik in 2017 .
    Love You Sir and always be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZNMD was given by Zoya Akhtar, worked because of Abhay Deol-Kalki and Farhan’s entics… This man HR was just a showpiece…

  • Sir jee you are 2nd most handsome guy in bollywood after SRK I respect you from of my heart really feel bad for you what’s u going through please reconsider your next movie clash with King of the world…. I am not pundit nor Saint can’t predict what will happen but a deaf man can hear the voices it will be the worst decision… I hope your next will not clash with King khan… Best of luck

  • Expectation from Hrithik is always Sky high….
    He is a true Super Star…
    but Comparing him with a decade older khans is not fare…

  • His twitter account was also hacked on the day MD trailer got released.
    He unfollowed celebs like Akshay , Aamir and Amitabh.
    Actually it was done by PR of Rustom to create negativity about MD .
    After that incidents many tabloids wrote ” Hrithik unfollowed Akshay because Rustom didnt moved away from Aug 12 “

  • HR is a talented man and there cannot be doubt about his capabilities. He has given many memorable performances but to be honest ZNMD was not his best. Farhan stole the show in it followed by Abhay, I am not blind or licker to unnecessarily give credit to Hrithik snatching all limelight from deserved actors in that movie. I have bashed Hrithik only when his fans have abused Salman I don’t hate him.

  • One failure doesn’t affect this man. We have seen many who gave back to back flops and disasters but somehow managed to bounced back strongly. So a talented superstar like hrithik roshan shouldn’t be bothered about just one failure. Waiting eagerly for kaabil and his next with ashutosh gowarikar.

  • @hrithik original same here. I bash Salman only because of his comment against guzaarish and some of his moronic fans like @Navin dadi, Tiger the chuha, ultron and some othere moronic fans.

  • Every actor goes through bad phases.. He is 43 years old..At this age Salman was in his pre Wanted phase and was having a hard time… Akshay had 3 flops in a row…. Both of them have bounced back… With his acting abilities & the huge fan following he has I see no reason why hrithik can’t bounce back….

  • Both Abhay and Farhan acted better than Hrithik in ZNMD still believe me I do not hate Hrithik. I am an expert critic of Hrithik’s acting skills but I never talk about Salman sir’s acting skills. The reason is known to all.

  • Bollywood is a strange industry – good movies are rejected and excellent ones are rejected. They are in this mould and just cannot change. Anil Kapoor was not appreciated for his movies because they were different, the same with Hrithik. maybe some day the thought process of the audience will change…..Hrithik you are extremely good, always believe in yourself. Age is on your side………

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