Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang shoot delayed

Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang, which was initially scheduled to go on floors in the month of February, has now been postponed to May.

A source close to the film informs “Safety in Kashmir was always a concern, but we were optimistic. But now, with fresh unrest in the valley, the first shooting schedule has been pushed to May. Bang Bang will now go on floors in Europe, with a 2-week schedule being planned in Turkey”

“Siddharth Anand (director) was quite adamant on shooting a part of the film in Kashmir, so the 45 day schedule has been pushed to December. He also wants to shoot a few sequences in snow, and December would be ideal as the valley is covered with heavy snowfall” the source added.

Bang Bang, produced by Fox Star Studios, also features Hrithik’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara co-star Katrina Kaif. The film is an official remake of Hollywood action film Knight And Day.

It’s likely to the release in the second half of 2014.



  • Hrithik-kat jodi is a gud looking kat hav 2 work hard for will be a bb/ k3 will rock..looking forward for it..

  • @sumit shay keep in in your dream, a man who can’t get blockbuster after 2006 and no 200cr film till date and you dream bang bang a hollywood diaster kinght and day remake will the atbb in india what a joke, i think after the diaster of sci fi film k3, hro fans cannot enter this page.

  • bang bang will be huge, fully commercial movie, huge cast, awesome music cos of vishal shekhar, superb action, awesome storyline as sujoy ghosh has written the script…

    BANG BANG will BANGGGG d box office !!

  • I think hritic fans are jumping pumping after the agneepath cross 100cr in india. And after the news of making the sequle of blockbuster krish, they are in the sky. So alway gives silly coment its a atbb or bb. A man who can’t get any bb after 2006 and can’t cross 200cr worldwide till date and no atbb in his whole carear but hro fans says bang bang a remake of hollywood diaster will be the atbb in india. Plz don’t say silly coment about hritic before the release of k3 who can’t deserve. K3 prove hritic position in future of bollywood beacause young actors ranbir and shahid coming this genre.

  • @romance express, you should care about your oldie khans, you should go and prepare botox treatment for them

  • @Romance Express With a name like that you certainly seem to be carrying very little Romance for anybody except for your ‘romantic’ king SRK…! :-P
    Dude I cant believe you still here spouting out more gibberish about other actors movies being BBs or ATBBs when you should be focusing your attention entirely on carrying passengers from every corner of the land to nearby theatres in time for the release of Chennai Depress. Our demented friend ‘xzone’ has gone into hiding or maybe hes now a life long resident at a Mental Asylum (thank god for having mercy) so its down to you now to gather round the 3.7 billion army of srkians and make sure everyone of those depressed souls make their way to theatres so that Chennai Depress can get close to Readys and Agneepaths total of 120 cr Net plus in India.
    Refuel the ‘Romance Express’ my srkian friend as you got alot of miles to cover this year, all for the honour and pride of your old weak fading king SRK. :-P

  • Navin’s blah blah started yet again…
    It seems indicine has nothing 2 post abt bald buddha sallu lallu….
    So u r often seeing commenting abt shahrukh…poor ghantaa winner bald buddha n his die hard mentle fan navin

  • better the movie be shelved!!!i have seen knight and day( original)..inspite of few action scenes, nothing was there in the movie. and it flopped big time!!its one of the biggest flops in tom cruise’s career. and now some fools are going to remake a ‘flop”…whats happening here???

  • @Damnnn…! Who gives a ‘damn’ about what you think. :-P
    As for your king srk, the guy suxXxXx more and more with each passing day and his fans are getting so desperate that you attack any actor/ fans. You losers get bashed up by bhai fans, Akki fans and now Hrithik fans. Tomorrow it will be the hoardes of Shreyas Talpade fans humiliating your king and his loser fans like you. :-P
    @star Shreyas Talpade is the real Srk and king is just a duplicate…! :-P

  • Romance express@
    Maybe hrithik cannot able to give any BB since 2006 but the fact is also that SRK also unable to give any super hit since 2008, so who is big now and remember BB from hrithik is coming this diwali
    Maybe salman is bald buddha sallu lallu or ghanta award winner but fact is ur so- called King khan super star of the nation kya ghanta ukhad pada hai sallu lallu ka

  • @superstar srk can’t give any flop since 2005 a record created by srk after ragesh khanna. You say k3 will be bb then it will col min 250cr plz tell me is it possible by a hritic and vivek starer huge franchisis film. Srk, king of bollywood salman dabangg of bollywood even amir never think that d3 cross 250cr and you think k3 cross 250cr, how is it possible. I think it is the big joke.

  • Romance express@
    Brother u r rite after paheli Srk can’t give any flop oh sorry i mean Below average which is a record u should also know this after paheli Srk can’t work with B or C grade director he always work with A-list director expept farah khan and Anubhav sinha, OSO was huge hit and we know abt Ra1
    Srk is king
    Salman is dabangg
    Dont understimate hrithik and from where u came to know that krrish 3 need to collect 250 crores to be BB

  • @SUPERSTAR k3 budget looks like ra1 so 200cr plus col give it bb status. And if it get negetive review like ra1 than it can’t col ra1 total worldwide col 240cr. I am 100% sure that d3 cross 200cr but k3 hardly cross 150cr not more that. But mental and chennai express has also chance to cross 200cr. I know srk last 3 film underperfrom of our expectation as it get bad world of mouth. Insallah ce get good word of mouth then no doubt it will cross 200cr net don’t understimate srk is the king of bollywood. And its salman golden time, ett is not very good movie but it col 199.5 cr. And if mental become good movie then it col 200cr plus. I don’t undestimate hritic but it is true hritic fan following not likes the khans fan following. People are crazy about khans not hritic. D3 is more hyped than k3 and i think you agree with me.

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