Hrithik Roshan to play a magician in Guzaarish!

Terrorist (Mission Kashmir), Mentally challenged man (Koi Mil Gaya), Superhero (Krrish).. Hrithik Roshan has done it all. Now for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s much-awaited Guzaarish, Hrithik apart from playing a paraplegic patient, will also be performing some magic tricks!

Says a source “Bhansali did not want Hrithik to fake the magic tricks. Nor did he want the usual ‘rabbit from the hat’ kind of tricks. The director wanted the magic scenes to look authentic, so a hunt was launched for a magician who would fit the bill. The yardstick was to find an expert who will give Guzaarish ample time and a comfort level with Hrithik.”

The search finally ended when Bhansali found an expert Ukrainian magician, who traveled all the way to India and spent time with Hrithik teaching his some of the coolest magic tricks that will be performed in the film.

“The Ukrainian magician was in Mumbai for a brief spell, to work with Hrithik. He taught the actor some of the coolest tricks, never seen in these parts. Now the star keeps his two sons entertained all the time, so much so that the elder one, Hrehaan, expects his father to be the official magician of the evening on his next birthday. If Hrithik wants an alternate career he can easily become a magician and give our PC Sorcars a run for their money”

All we got to say is, with each passing day Guzaarish is looking more interesting. Let’s hope Hrithik and Bhansali create on-screen magic, late this year!



    i want to ask you a u know now a days SHIV SINA is protesting against question to u is can this protest has a bad affect on the box office performance of MY NAME IS KHAN????????????plz reply must.

  • thnx indicine for the update on hrithik, its such a long time since we heard anything abt him……..apart from his bday party………well i have a ques…………Will Kites gonna work……….as the project is so much delayed n the hype n craze among us is lost for the film

  • No one can match the charm of duggu in bollywood. Kites and Guzaarish are going to rock boxoffice this year.
    Duggu is setting so much high standards for other actors.
    See what happened when other actors tried periodic movies srk failed, aamir failed, salman’s movie did an average business but hrithik’s JA is superhit.
    Eagerly waiting kites and guzaarish later this year

  • Hritik has already done a role of Magician
    just remember Kaho Na Pyar Hai , criuse scene ????
    when he and his friend toni stool dresses of 2 magicians.
    hahaha that was really funny.

  • Salman, this has nothing to do with My Name Is Khan, avoid posting off topic comments..

    Shivalaya, its a Hrithik Roshan film.. enough said! The hype is still very much intact. Don’t think the delay will affect the film at all, as long as the trailers are good and they market the film well.. it should open to huge numbers…

  • Hrithik is a very versatile actor – any role wud suit him! Like the IC team have said, it’s an HR movie and is sure to draw crowds.

  • Hrithik is great,in whatever he does.Prestige has a diff plot than guzaarish, it has nothing to do with paraplegia….but magic played a big role there…..gr8 movie, classic.

  • unknown i will try to find that.
    spiderman no one is bothering u to watch that movie . u can save ur 200 rs and ur 3 hrs.

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