Hrithik Roshan to leave for medical check up today

Hrithik RoshanBollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is heading to an undisclosed location abroad (rumoured to be the United States Of America and United Kingdom) for his medical treatment on Saturday night.

Hrithik has been suffering from bouts of severe headache in the last few months. In July, the actor had undergone a minor brain surgery for removal of a clot at the Hinduja Hospital.

Rakesh Roshan confirmed the news “Hrithik is leaving on Saturday. He will be going with a friend. We’ll join him if there is a need for us to do so.”

Earlier this week, Roshan Sr had rubbished reports of a second surgery “Hrithik is going abroad only for a medical check-up, not a surgery. He gets these occasional headaches, and he wants to get to the bottom of them once and for all”



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  • @G.One, tell your bloody stupid actor khan to stop smoking because he is looking like a monkey. Hrithik acts far better than your jealous retards.

  • i think all comments have been disliked by G.One aka ! you are still badmouthing HR on this kind of article too shows how much jealous you are of him because he is ruling right now. Hrithik has proved his acting in each of his film. you are just a moron!

  • Guys pls see below tweet from box office india @BoxOffice_India: BOXOFFICEINDIA Appologises to their fans for showing them Low Figures of @Krrish3

    We will be updating the amount shortly. 243 cr is True!

    To all the haters read the tweet twice n thrice !!!

  • Boi collections are always shown on the official site
    They have already declared that they never use social media like twitter or fb….and said that those boi accounts are actually fake…

  • Hope everything will be fine, best of luck hr, get well soon @nipun and @amirkhan boi don’t have any official twitter account and as per my knowledge it is fake news, if they want to apolise than they would post on their website not on twitter, remember its Boi not Taran adarsh.

  • Some of the comments made in this article are in real bad taste. You can criticize someone but this article is about health and well being. I don’t understand why people are so desperate to prove box office collection means everything and that includes haters and fans.

  • I appreciate the information provided about Hrithik. (By the way, I don’t believe any brain surgery is truly minor.) However, I’m sure most people hope he (Hrithik) comes home soon, safe, and in good health. Many of his movies are great. And, I certainly understand how life circumstances can drive a person to make rash decisions not in his best interest. But I, for one, would much rather have him quit work for awhile (if it comes necessary) and take care of himself than risk his health (or worse) trying to keep his muscles & make movies. In any case, may God envelope him in His loving embrace. Best wishes to Hrithik Roshan and family.

  • Earlier this year, Ranbir Kapoor exposed the mortality of the Khan-dom. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani notched up 189 cr nett domestic box office collections. The audience reception of this modern version of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, raised the question of Ranbir displacing Shahrukh as the leading romcom superstar.

    It surpassed Shahrukh’s recent romantic Jab Tak Hai Jaan by a wide margin (which did only 120 cr or so). Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’s 189 cr was also tantalizingly close to the biggest hits of the other two Khans — Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger (199 cr) and Aamir’s 3 Idiots (202 cr).

    The insecurity of the Khan camps and their fanatic followers burst out when Besharam released, which was Ranbir’s attempt to reach out to a larger audience. The digs taken in the film against all the 3 Khans resulted in more anger. The movie received more severe critical acclaim than what such genre deserves, while the fanatics took to social networking sites to launch a blind-folded hate campaign against the movie. The intensity of the hatred even raised eyebrows from the makers. Unfortunately, audience rejected the film and consequently it turned out to be one of the biggest disasters in recent times.

    And then came Krrish 3 ..

    It was not expected that the kiddish franchise will evolve into another level. After the rejections of Drona and Ra.One, the superhero genre was also not expected to fetch such disturbingly high returns.

    However, November turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Not only did Krrish 3 became a step-up for the series, it also turned out to be a well-made movie in the superhero/sci-fi genre. It successfully merged commercial film-making in Bollywood with extensive use of VFX/CGI, which is at par with the average standard of Hollywood.

    This is an un-welcomed shock to our current commercial Bollywood directors, who are reveling in their degradation and bastardization of the traditional masala film genre with southern lowbrow sensibilities, in order to mint money. These film-makers have no technical skill (and hence no inclination) to respond to such a trend. Unfortunately, the box office numbers of Krrish 3 have displayed a high audience demand here — a demand for which most will struggle to supply the goods.

    The box office numbers have also been an eye-opener in another context. Apart from setting some records, it has become the current highest grossing movie of Bollywood (242 cr and still running), surpassing all Khan movies. The gross revenue from all avenues ( including box office gross, ancillary rights, brand tie-ups and merchandising ) is well beyond 500 cr at this point.

    What it obviously means is that the Khan narrative is broken. The consequent retaliation is unfortunate, but nonetheless expected.

    The anxiety in the Khan camps (pervading parts of media, critical circles, sections of trade and the fanatic followers) have bred insecurity to an unprecedented level. An unreliable anonymous website ( with a history of serving Shahrukh’s propaganda ) has manufactured a box-office controversy by making a ridiculous claim that Krrish 3 box-office numbers have been inflated by 70-75 cr. All the 3 camps have found some inexplicable faith in such unsubstantiated claim (as it suits their fantasy quite well).

    With Krrish 3 beating the much hyped and publicized box-office records of Shahrukh’s Chennai Express, reminding everyone of Ra.One’s failure, unsettling Aamir’s lookout for a high grosser in Dhoom 3 ( after 4 long years ), and Salman’s hope for a strong comeback ( after a year long break ) — insecurity is truly justified.

    But the bar has now been raised. Nothing less than 300 cr from Dhoom 3 and Jai Ho will be able to reinstate the Khan Triumvirate.

    And it will not be easy … ( and definitely not as easy as to believe that Krrish 3 did not do that well ! ). Khans now have their tasks cut out.

    A section of trade ( specially the corresponding rival distributors ) have always disbelieved the producer numbers of Ghajini crossing 100 cr mark, 3 Idiots crossing 200 cr milestone or Chennai Express collecting 200 cr.

    However, not much emphasis had been paid to such cry-wolf screaming — since none of those films created so much insecurity nor did they substantially challenge prevalent film-making styles and techniques. Neither did they disturb the power balance within the industry like Krrish 3 has done.

    But then — Karma is always a bitch, and she seldom tilts towards injustice. Merit ( not propaganda ) is always the long-term beneficiary

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