Hrithik Roshan on the success of Kaabil

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has said the success of his most recent release ‘Kaabil’, makes him happy for his father and producer Rakesh Roshan.

“‘Kaabil’ getting 200 more screens in the second week is a sign from the universe that one must just focus on good work and leave the rest to God. This is a huge victory. I want to thank all the ‘Kaabil’ fans for making this happen”

“It is unprecedented and I feel especially happy for my father who remains one of the few active and successful non-corporatised producers in our film industry. My gratitude to all the forces who made this happen,” Hrithik said.

Talking about the clash affecting the personal relationship between him and Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik said nothing has changed on a personal level.

“It’s not between me and Shah Rukh on a personal level. We are just actors and our equation remains fine. Having said that, if there are two good films made, they shouldn’t clash, it’s unfair”

“The only people who suffer as a result of it are the audience. It’s not feasible for them to watch both movies. It’s an expensive affair. At the end of the day, the industry too loses on about `100 crore worth of money. Every film should to be allowed to do their best. Such a clash is not healthy.”



  • Congratulations Hrithik. A well deserved success… whatever may me be the collection I don’t care it’s hit or a flop…but the only thing I cared was the movie to be good …and it was awesome..better than expected… awesome movie…keep it up the good work…

  • from where this success have been come?
    from His calculator?
    trade figure – 82 cr 12 day
    producer figure – 120 cr 12 day

    120-82 = 38 cr manipulation

  • All said and done but amid all this inflation controversy there was one thing which just got sidelined. And that was arguably Hrithik’s career best performance in Kaabil. Its sad that more people are talking of these inflated numbers rather than just enjoying the great acting talent of the man.

    Good thing is that the film is a Hit and that to when it clashed with such big film. Hope Hrithik comes up with more better films and better roles because genuinely feel Hrithik has not shown even 10% of the what he is capable of till now. Hopefully he gets better scripts, roles and directors in years to follow.

  • Now i think SRK is not in league of SALMAN and Aamir.
    I realy miss SRK old movies.
    As Boxoffice earning Point of view
    Only two actors are running industry.
    Aamir & Salman
    Come on SRK you are also best you have to do….

  • When will he sign his next project. Again we have to wait another 2 years for Hrithik’s movie same like we waited during Jodha Akbar , Kites , Krrish3 , Mohenjodaro.
    Eagerly waiting for announcement within this month.

  • Expecting Cinema Chains in India like PVR INOX ,SPI ,Cinepolis etc to make more effort into tier 11 and tier 111 cities with more screens…so that huge money would not go just like that…100 crs money lost is Crazy!!
    More available screens and 3-4 newly built Megaplexes in the Metro cities would then be healthy to invite clashes knowing both can do 100 crs in 3-5 days something kaabil and Raees would have easily attained looking at their current collections and screen availability.

  • I was preparing for a exam, so I skipped dangal, kaabil and raees. After the exam this few days back I saw kaabil with a friend ( in almost empty theatre ) , many friends said it is not a good film dont go. but i went and I loved the movie. 5 minutes into the film I knew it is hrithik’s carrer best performance.
    yesterday I watched Dangal with my Mother with a full crowd of uncle aunties and their kids , I was the only one of my age (21). I loved this film too infact everyone in the was satisfied no wonder it is a Huge Blockbuster. My mother said – Aamir ko iske liye best actor ka award milega, i was like “yaah, par usko lene kaun jayega”
    Now i am planning to see raees, I am a huge SRK fan, but all of my friends have seen it already, most of them have said ” thik h” some have said ” bakwas h”, phir bhi m dekhunga.
    I also saw HARAMKHOR today, again it is an amazing film though didn’t quite like the ending.

  • Congratulations Hrithik you are a good actor and a good person unlike your father and don’t worry about clash you can clash with 3or4 movies at the same time bcz your father has a special Jadu calculator any how he will make your movie hit.

  • he is also focusing on his father’s success as a 200% Manipulation ..around 40CR manipulation ..that too for a film which released in 2200 screens..

  • Kaabil added 200 screens in second week…
    damn sure it’ll add min 300 more screens in week 3… best WOM and best trending film since SHOLEY as Dangal day 12 collection 10.8cr (solo release) and Kaabil day 12 collection 11.88cr (with solid clash)…
    HRITHIK biggest mega star India ever has..!!!!

  • Kaabil was a gd movie with excellent performance from Hrithik & a bo hit.kahaani ka the end. eenough of manipulation nonsense.

  • why hrithik is silent on manipulation why he is not stoping his father
    im very disappointed with hr
    i always support hr but they make joke of trade buiseness boxoffice

  • Kaabil is a HIT considering indicine and Super hit considering producers.. And it’s a well made movie with great performance by Hrithik which matters the most…
    Also it has trended better than Raees.. Just look at the 2nd weekend figures..

  • ‘Kaabil’ getting 200 more screens in the second week is a sign from the universe that one must just focus on good work and leave the rest to God. This is a huge victory. I want to thank all the ‘Kaabil’ fans for making this happen”

    The above statement is wrong should be like this one must focus on work and leave the rest to my Papa this is a huge victory we have done it again with Kabil manipulation. I want to thank my Papa more than Kabil Fans for making this happen”

  • @nipuuun
    Best movie of January ????
    What about Airlift and Rang de Basanti .??
    Are they medicore films ??

  • Well we all know why your papa doesnt want to be ‘corporatised’ n its bcoz he doesnt want to adopt modern accounting practices, publish accounts n abide by codes of ethics etc etc etc

  • @aNIPOOOOn Kunder


    You still here… what happened to your own personal website where you would write your own krappy reviews n punlish your own daily figures that would make FilmKrapps figures look RELIABLE….???

  • This entire episode of manipulation/clash is in very bad taste and there are no signs of solutions to this in near future which is very unfortunate. Some factors that makes us loose all interest in watching Bollywood movies are the facts that:

    1) Whom should be believe? BOI published collections or Producer published or other (each) trade sites coming up with their own collections/estimates. Looks like all are trying to fool fans.
    2) Which production house is honest? Filmkraft (Krish 3 & Kaabil), Red Chillies (CE, HNY & Raess) or producers of movies like D3, ETT, Dangal, Sultan etc. Looks like every production house is manipulating. Manipulation is manipulation irrespective of you do it for 5 crores or 50 crores.
    3) Whom should we blame for clashes – Stars/Producers or exhibitors who entertain the clash.
    4) When will the quality of Bollywood movies improve or when we start backing quality movies.

    There will be no answer for the above questions, but as a fan i can just stop reading about all this fuss and wait for Aamir Khan to come again and entertain us with his new movie.

  • @indicine

    You mentioned in a previous article that ‘theatres were empty’ last week from weekdays but here our naaKaabil Jadoo Boy is spouting nonsense that they have been given 200 extra screens… hhhmmm where has this sudden demand come from…? Jaaduland…?

  • Hahaha

    Hes talking about the industry losing 100cr in budiness but on the flip/ positive side its the audience that have saved 100cr as they were spared the expense of not wasting their hard earned money watching these 2 krapfests…! :-P

  • Son of Sardar overtook Jab Tak Hai Jaan from second friday onwards…..
    Bajirao Mastani overtook Dilwale from first monday onwards…
    Kaabil overtook Raees from second saturday onwards….

    Like Indicine mentioned SRK’s movies opens extraordinary at the box office like first 3 days, but the problem is his recent films are facing bigger drops on weekdays. If this continues then other filmmakers will dare to clash with SRK in future knowing that their films will get benefits on working days due to WOM.
    ……………. Coming from a big SRK fan of course!

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