Hrithik Roshan slams the media, regrets the Shirdi incident

Hrithik Roshan, on Saturday, visited Shirdi with his family to pray for the success of his upcoming film Kites. Visiting the Shirdi temple has been a family tradition for the Roshan’s for years now, but this trip was different.

Hrithik was mobbed by the media and soon lost his cool. While the news channels continued to show only his angry reaction, the superstar opted to get back at the media via Twitter “Visited Shirdi this morning, a family tradition before each release since decades. Dad, mom, su (wife Sussane) and me. But today was different.. it took effort to pray with 30 media camera’s feeding off every private moment.. tried to feel peace… couldn’t.. Can’t believe they can now enter Gods shrine for TRP. Polite words requesting them were ignored. Right now I’m trying to forgive myself for loosing my cool.”

The actor though, regretted the incident “Right now I’m trying to forgive myself for loosing my cool. But I guess when it comes to family any man would do the same. For the first time in 10 years as an actor, today I felt my privacy being invaded. What they did was wrong. But I too failed today. Wish I could’ve risen above and given them all a big hug. We’re all human, we’re all the same. Only love can heal…”

Reading Hrithik’s tweets, Shahrukh Khan who is following Hrithik on  Twitter, tweeted  “I send u peace my friend. A piece of love… a piece of success and a large piece of life. love and light to u in abundance.”

In response Hrithik said “that felt good…needed that. A big hug to you..”

The media sadly has once again crossed all limits. Not only did they invade the actor’s privacy, but also called it a ‘publicity stunt’ for his upcoming film. Unfortunate incident, but frankly, everyone including celebrities deserve their share of privacy and covering his visit to a temple was quite pointless.



  • i feel for Hrithik but as fathiya said its the tax celebrity has to pay and i dont think thats too much of tax for stardom like this , i wd love to give such tax if i reach this stage :)

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