Hrithik Roshan rehearses for his IPL 2015 performance: Photos

Hrithik Roshan’s IPL 2015 performance is expected to be the highlight of the opening ceremony, which is about start in a few minutes from now.

The superstar will be performing live at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata. He has also promised to perform whether it rains or there is a storm! 

“Rain threatens to stop the event tomorrow night. I told them to keep the cameras on, cause come rain or storm, I gonna dance. #hrx.”

He also tweeted ”Dancing where I danced 15 yrs ago and can see myself dance 15 yrs from now. Never stop growing never stop learning. #ipl.”

Hrithik Roshan prepares for IPL opening ceremony performance

Hrithik Roshan prepares for IPL opening ceremony performance

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Shahid Kapoor prepares for IPL opening ceremony

Shahid Kapoor prepares for IPL opening ceremony



  • Wake up! Hro Ur not a real super hero
    if there is storm and rain then nobody is goin to watch ur#tu tu tu tu meri

  • Going just by the pictures it looks as if Hrithik is going to steal the show from the fellow performers .
    Hope his performance is the very first of the ceremony.

  • Wake up! Hro Ur not a real super hero
    if there is storm and rain then nobody is goin to watch ur#tu tu tu tu meri

    papa’s boy trying to becme Dabangg

  • v Bengalis simply luv hrithik bcz of his amazing personality and terrific film choices.but heavy rain could spoil todays event.hope that is not the case

  • Very gud…..!! …
    Practice hard…!! ..
    World will watch u….!! ..
    Take the steroids for enegy…..!!….

  • wow! nice hrithik sir.
    sometimes i wonder why hrithik does not do two films per year?
    btw, most eagerly waiting for mohenjo daro…
    i want srk and hrithik sir to do sci-fiction and action thriller movies after 2015 ..
    srk sir can rule bollywood for 6 six years even more.
    but hrithik at his 41th age can rule for manimum 15 years becoz he is 41th years old.
    unlike our aamir and bhai who have been giving us torture after torture.. what a shame.
    these two actors have been fooling every one.
    one jai ho collected 87 crore our bhai calculated jai ho’s collection with his brother’s calculator.
    kick also did not gross 200 ..
    but our bhai manipulated it so that every one should believe that he has broken ce record… what a load of crap!!!

  • actors that i consider best since their debutes!
    1- sir : sir has done all kinds of genres from romance to action thriller…
    a truly self made star that’s why i feel proud about him… whenever he speaks about sth i listen to him by full attentions.
    no one can replace srk sir in bollywood for me.
    now he is doing ‘fan’ for his fans what else can we expect from srk sir.
    2- hrithik : hrithik has done movies like koi mil gaya, dhoom 2, krish 3, kaho na pyar hai… etc. all of these movies are liked by all.
    esp, krish 3 i really really enjoyed krish 3 .
    it blew my mind when i watched.
    3- ajay, ajay has done all kinds of movies like srk sir.
    i really loved his 1990’s movies i have a great respect for him love him without boasting or lying.
    love these three legends.
    saif ali khan, akki sir also love them !
    the only actors that i hate are aamir and sallu..
    i hate them becoz of their fans..

  • best actors acting ability ranking:
    1- srk
    2- ajay
    3- hrithik
    4: akki
    5- sail ali khan
    6- ranbir

    best fake and overacting ability…
    1- aamir
    2- sallu
    3- ranveer
    4- arjun kapoor.

    most irritating actors in bollywood..
    1- sallu
    2- aamir
    3- ranveer
    4- arjun kapoor.

  • Who want to see greek flop actor dance
    he is just boring now..
    v want king here to entertain us…
    what a dancer our king..
    its epic.. Worst watch I mean worth watch..His dance move..

  • Hrithik is best dancer of bollywood shahid is second .@ Ultron really hrithik repetitive dance step & what about bhai .

  • @javeed

    You kept saying Jadoo Boy is ’41th’ but how can you be sure thats the truth and not a manipulated fact…! If Rakesh Senior is unsure about how much his last home made cartoon collected then how can he be certain of when the alien spaceship landed in Jaaduland dropping of the alien baby Jadoo Boy…?

    How can you off all lunatics be assured of anything when you dont know if Bollywood is emptywood with King/ jadoo boy in it or not…! I mean can you prove if the chicken came before the egg sorry Jadoo came before ET…? Can you prove if Rasputin came before Sarumans thullu carrier kshitij srivastava….? Can you prove if the village came before the idiot ie some buddha mukherjee…? Can you even prove that Complan Boy came before you coz the deterioration in your retardness is alarming and tbh complan boys english prowess of late has been improving so now the question is who was a retard first out of you two or are you still a retard and he is no longer a retard just a loon…?

    You cant prove anything so stop telling us that Jadoo Boy is ’41th’ and can rule for another 15yrs at Filmkraft before one of his two sons takes over the family business and abandons the comic book cartoon franchise and starts a new concept of movies never tried before- black n white talkies…!

  • Mindblowing performance by Hrithik in just concluded opening ceremony of IPL …..he is true gem…seeing him perform is a festival….

  • Lol on Lallu fans who are making fun of HRITHIK’s dance…
    U morons he has just stolen the show,incredible one was even close to him!!
    The audience response suggested everything..
    He saved an otherwise dismal opening ceremony,saif was just awful at hosting..

    Shahid n anushka gave thanda performances!

  • @ultron: why the hell he would try to become dabangg, bcoz he is far far better than him.
    Think before u write;-)

  • Grtt Performnce this time by hrithik bt Stiil No one in Bollywood can create the magic Like Akshay Kumar on stage _/\_ he sets the stage on fire .

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