Hrithik Roshan on Filmfare Hindi (Feb 2012)

Hrithik Roshan graces the cover of Filmfare Hindi for it’s February 2012 edition. Have a look! 

Hrithik Filmfare Hindi

Hrithik on the cover of Filmfare Hindi - February 2012



  • Wow!!! Hrithik is looking so handsome. Wish I could meet him just once. Just a hug once would make my life worth it. Love you Hrithikkk XOXO

  • @rohit i dont know what are you talking about its not even 115 crore yet for agneepath. raone is 115.50crore so it is still behind raone and sadly its not even a blockbuster just superhit. ask indicine if you dont believe me

  • Hrithik dhoom 2 held the record for highest all time grosser for almost 2 years…
    Now agneepath holds the record for highest opening day collection…
    If my memory seves right..last time cheedi khan held the record for highest grosser was way back in default for a madhuri starrer…

  • i apologize for above comment i dont know what i was talking about dhoom 2 record was broken by om shanti om following year. you can all just look on wikipedia. i didnt get paid my dues by rakesh roshon production i do this only for money otherwise you guys know hritik is a loser

  • hritik is bradley cooper wanna be but the fact is he can never even come close to bradley cooper or anyother hollywood superstar

  • wow hrithik great. Sab jantein hain kin tum badshshon ke badshah ho tumhein badshah banne ki jarurat hi nahin hain. Anyways jo acchha nahin hota wahi toh achhe jaisa banna chahata hai na.

  • Finally agneepath is on 4th lifetime domestic collection surpassing ready behind….
    Nd agneepath is still going on steady…

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