Hrithik Roshan is not doing the next Fast & Furious film

Ever since Hrithik Roshan and his father Rakesh Roshan met Fast & Furious director Rob Cohen, there were speculations that Hrithik has signed a film with the Hollywood director. There was also a strong buzz that the Krrish 3 actor will be seen in the next series of Fast & Furious. But Roshan Sr has rubbished all rumours.

“Sometimes the media knows things about us that we don’t. It’s easy to calculate and say Hrithik met Rob Cohen and since Rob is known for Fast & Furious series, they’re doing an action film together. But no such thing is happening. Rob is a good friend and we just met for lunch,” Rakesh Roshan said.

However Roshan said that the Hollywood filmmaker wants to work with Hrithik “We’ve known Rob from the time when we did Kites. Rob is a big fan of Hrithik. He wants to work with him, but there’s no project at the moment,” the director added.

Hrithik is currently busy shooting for one of 2014’s most awaited films  ‘Bang Bang’. According to sources, Hrithik and Katrina are currently in Prague to shoot the last schedule.

Bang Bang is slated to release in theatres on October 2, 2014.

Hrithik Roshan snapped with his family and Rob Cohen

Hrithik Roshan snapped with his family and Rob Cohen



  • Hrithik shud be in hollywood. .he deserves it. .however,i am happy that hollywood wants Greek God. Hrithik looks amazing,acts wonderfully,dances superbly.he has the best body. PROUD TO BE A HRITHIKIAN .

  • oh my god this is so shocking I thought that he will replace Paul walker. and then Robert Downy Jr from iron man. then tom cruise from mission impossible.

  • This was a rumour but glad to know that Rob Cohen is a fan of Hrithik and wants to work with Hrithik . @ indicine please post the news that in a action sequence of Bang Bang in Abu Dhabi 120 cars were used making it the biggest action sequence of Bollywood . Also according to sources Hrithik and Abhinay Deo (Director of Delhi Belly) may work together for a action movie to be produced by Rakesh Roshan . Currently he is working on 2 scripts one is his own and 2nd is the script of Rakesh Roshan . Eagerly waiting for the trailer of Bang Bang .

  • If he does act in a Hollywood film then only one franchise suits him best n that is the X-Men series…!

    No need to add much more just that he will be great as The Awesome Frogman going one on one with the Amazing Wolverine…!

  • Hritic stardom in oversease less than ranbir even deepika(queen) ramlela open better than krish3 in oversease. Hr don’t have single film in top10 highest grossing oversease list

  • Srk has also done a art film of international level..maya bombed but it still has a significant place in heart of every srkian

  • @romance crappy year:hrithik is at 3rd in overseas after srk n amir. Go n see the article abt top 5 stars of india in overseas by indicine

  • Statement to be noted, ” Rob is a big fan of Hrithik. He wants to work with him, but there’s no project at the moment.”

    Rob wants to work with Hrithik, so its up to Hrithik to make the decision. They may not be working for a project at the moment, but I wouldn’t count out the possibility of Hrithik working with Rob in future, most probably after “Mohenjo-Daro”.

  • I hope Hrithik won’t reject this one after rejecting films like Prince Of Persia (main role) and side roles in Pink Panther 2, Superman Returns, a Nicolas Cage film.

  • i knw, its a rumour dat doing de rounds..

    @Indicine team, kindly analysis Hrithik box office records soon.. eagerly waiting for dat post..


  • Thank god. Atleast he will not torture the whole world now. He is the king of torturing people with his overacting.

  • @indicine team whose role would have hrithik played vin disel’s,paul walker’s or the rock’s if he did the film?

  • its their decision to work together or not, we believe that Hrithik is only hollywood level’s talented star we have so their is possibilities in future that hrithik do work in hollywood so far…

  • Hro is not doing any big hollywood film. Sab PR ke rumours hain, just like Ash was going to be next Bond girl.

  • @JC, just because your local star bhojpuri is not wanted by hollywood doesn’t mean anyone isn’t lol! Rob Cohen wants to work with Hrithik and thats the fact.
    @Navin Uncle, so you are hell bent on insulting Hrithik. Okay then let the drum roll.
    You must check out how shamelessly your bhojpuri bhai copied Krrish’s mask lol and the scenes are copied from various Hollywood films like the jump scene from mission impossible and the bike and helicopter scene from expendables, the cops headquarter scene from skyfall.

  • who told that Hrithik was going to do Fast & Furious movie ? only a fool without common sense would speculate that and there is no dearth of such fools in india. Rob Cohen had directed the first part of Fast & Furious only , he is not in charge of that franchise anymore, James Wan is the current director. so how can Rob direct a Fast & Furious film with Hrithik ?? There are speculations about a new action film with Hrithik and Rob is a big fan of him and wants to work with him.

    Hrithik has that unmatchable charms and international type acting and looks which makes him most desirable among Indians for Hollywood films. Haters gonna hate becuase khans can’t ever make it, they are too busy making crap films for crap audience in india. #BangBangOnOct2

  • Hrithik is only complete actor we have with real perfection….we should b proud if he attempts a Hollywood film…..within 2-3 years he’s going to overtake all khans with a big margin and after 4-5 years it will b right time to enter Hollywood…..

    my best wishes to emperor of Bollywood n soon Hollywood too !!

    hrithik rules forever !!




  • @punk what was that…? Wow big talk but little action…!

    Listen you ‘punk’ once n for all- you are just a juvenile brat trying to be a keyboard warrior- you have more luck harming me if you wore your Rohit Halloween Kiddie mask which may cause me to ROFL for 5 non stop mins hence you may have some success in knocking 10 bells out of me but thats about it. I can, I do and I will continue to bash Rohit when I feel it is necessary but generally speaking its friendly banter- you say Bhai does crap films even though MPK or HAHK will forever live long in the memory of audiences for generations to come unlike any Rohit film. Only then I will say something nasty about Rohit n for that I dont apologise as I dont give a Damnnnn….!!!….. whom I upset so tuff luck kid….!

  • @navin uncle, so in ur opinion, KNPH N KMG willn’t be remembered? ? What a hypocrite u’re! Hahk was nice,bt nt great. Huh. .dat was a film wid 14-15 songs.

  • @nipun what do you mean HAHK wasnt nice.
    You believe in critic reviews and do you know Sholay recieved a lot of bad reviews in its time but today it is the most iconic and remembered Indian film!
    A film doesnt need to be great, it just needs to make a place in peoples heart. HAHK had a lot of songs, because it was a true musical which expressed more in songs than in dialogue. Hollywood movies like Les Miserables have all dialogues said in songs. All dialogues. That doesnt mean it is not great.

  • @js:i said hahk was nice. But not great. Check ur eye. .btw,hahk had unnecessarily so many songs. .there were other films which are much better than hahk . Btw,i replied to uncle navin who said hro hasn’t done any film which will be remembered forever. .datz my opinion,u may differ. .i wud place knph,kmg,ja,znmd ahead of hahk.

  • @nipun I wanted to say great not nice. It was a mistake. In my opinion HAHK is more remembered today than KNPH. KHNP was also good but not great.

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