‘Chennai Express’ director Rohit Shetty is the most loved reality TV host

Rohit ShettyHe has made millions of Indians roll in the aisles with laughter with his record breaking comic blockbusters. Now, Rohit Shetty, the man behind comedy classics like ‘Chennai Express’, ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Golmaal Returns’ has added another ace to his profile, that of India’s most loved reality TV host.

The recent Ormax CIL report, released on May 2014, ranks Rohit Shetty, the host of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 5’ second amongst India’s most loved TV characters. What’s more, Rohit has beaten Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan, and superstar Salman Khan, which is no mean feat on any platform.

The task master who combines a tough demeanour and a gentle, kindpersonality , Rohit had won over the nation’s TV audiences with his controlled act on this adrenaline based show. Rohit also won warm applause and respect of contestants during the program. His presence on the small screen has helped ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ push up its viewership and reach out to new sections of audiences.

Clearly, for a man behind the camera lens, Rohit has set a new standard, not just with his 100 crore runs but also on the small screen!



  • I hope He makes another comedy movie with SRK like Chennai Express…….and gonna be an ATTB just like Chennai Express…they are in talks as per reports….anyway HAPP NEW YEAR GONNA COLLECT 600CR WORLDWIDE..as we all know self made global superstar and 2nd Richest actor SRK rules everywhere

  • Rohit shetty doing a film with srk after singhm2, rumors that katrina may play the love interest of srk go on flors early 2014 n should release in 2016.

  • Sid-varun godfather karan johar is best. Karan johar makes candy floss movie for sid-varun which sid-varun does not have to do much hard work. Kjo movies are routine in which there is club party song, a slow song and then a wedding song. Then there r some short kisses . We,sid-varun, are born to do such movies like hskd.

  • that’s true chennai express is a classic comic blockbuster.
    ram go pal….aag is classic gangster movie.
    game is classic thriller movie.
    Asoka is classic historical movie.
    agyat is classic horror movie.
    indicine is classic srk and ek villain website.

  • That is really a good news because Khatron ke Khiladi : Darr ka Blockbuster was a fabulous show . Rohit Shetty was strict but always encouraging and this was the best season of Fear Factor because the concept was unique, contestants were very good and Rohit Shetty was a fabulous host . Excited to watch Singham Returns . Sequel to Rohit Shetty’S best film .

  • What’s the reason of mentioning “chennai express director”? ? Why didnt u mention it as “golmaal or singham director” ? ?
    Anyway, i like jay vanushali,nikhil chinappa,ranvijay singh more dan rohit shethy.

  • After Singham Return Rohit Shetty will start working / filming of Movie titled LEGEND with Sir SRK & Katrina Kaif. Will be released on Eid 2016.

    Cant Wait

  • Remembering his performance in India, he said: “I had an amazing time during my IPL visit to India. The kind of love and affection that I received was overwhelming. The people of India are really warm. I really enjoyed performing in front of such a huge and welcoming audience,” Pitbull told a popular news agency in an email interaction.

    He shared the stage with King Khan and says he would like to team up with him someday.

    “I got to learn a few Bollywood footsteps, thanks to Shah Rukh. He is an amazing performer, full of energy. There is nothing as of now, but I would definitely love to work with him in the future,” Pitbull said.

    If he gets a chance to associate with Shah Rukh, it will be his second collaboration with a Bollywood celebrity after recording Exotic with Barfi! star Priyanka Chopra in 2013.

  • chennai express director?????????!!!!! @indicine,what is that mean?
    Rohit shetty was famous before chennai express or chunk express whatever it is.
    you should have said Golmaal franchise director.
    come on guys give us a break

  • Rohit Shetty is a wonderful director and there can’t be anybody like him.He is the Best…
    He is best host ever and he deserves much more love…..♡♡♡

  • What indicine, why r u posting crap that Rohit is Lungi’s director? He directed Golmaal & Singham & Bol Bachchan……

  • u fools, CE is Rohit biggest hit and last movie, so thats why indicine used Chennai express director, ur hatred of SRK is really disgusting, fact is when Rohit works with loser Ajay he gets only 100 crore, when he works with SRK he breaks records and gets over 200 crore inspite of clashes every week, u haterz cant stand that, keep burning!

  • @haters u r shocked by Rohit called Chennai Express Director. For u its disappointed by unfortunately Chennai Express is Rohit Shetty’s Biggest earner so far so he must be known as Chennai Express Director coz its his superior Product. We are helpless. Its difficult to digest for u haters but its a sour truth.

  • yes Chennai Express is a Comedy Classic and it will remain Comedy Classic. as its far better then Copy paste Hollywood Blockbusters scene for Dhoom-3 with lots of loopholes.

    So accept or reject reality cant be change.

  • chennai express a comedy classic!.. o god what happened to you indicine??? if chennai express is a classic comedy then what are chupke chupke, golmaal(hrishikesh mukherjee), andaaz apna apna, hera pheri??? please sack your author and editor indicine.

  • Varun-sid go get a lyf u r cmparing hahk ddlj etv classics wid u r new comer fav star varun hskd i meaan really u r calling hahk ddlj crap u need a mental doctor dude i mean i don t hav problem wid varun bt u r a bad fan salman iz superstar and srk iz a living legend megastar and u r varun iz chuhaa in front of dem

  • Varun-sid u r calling sid expressionless i think ur fav actr varun iz expressionless just watch zaroorat video sng and u will understand tht sid gives best expression s in newcomers and ur varun iz nthing

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