Hrithik Roshan in Sarkar 3?

Ram Gopal Varma has already spoken of the possibility of a Sarkar Trilogy, Jaya Bachchan seemed all excited too at the IIFA press conference.

At the end of Sarkar Raj, Sarkar orders his wife to call Chikoo, their grandson. A lot of space was left open for a possible Sarkar Trilogy. And as we all know, Sarkar, who is getting quite old, has 2 children. Kay Kay who played the character of Sarkar’s elder son, is killed in Sarkar 1 and Abhishek is brutally murdered in Sarkar Raj.. So who takes over the Sarkar legacy? Who could succeed Sarkar if Ramu indeed decides to direct the third part?

The answer could be the one and only Hrithik Roshan. Wouldn’t it be just great to see Ram Gopal Varma direct Hrithik? Also the Hrithik – Aishwarya chemistry which rocked in movies like Dhoom 2 and Jodha Akbar could be witnessed yet again, this time though in a dark thriller.

When quizzed on who should play the part of Chikoo in Sarkar 3, Abhishek Bachchan says “It would be nice to see Hrithik Roshan play the role of Chikoo and more interesting will be the Ram Gopal Varma combination with Hrithik. That’ll be an exciting watch.”

We agree with you Abhishek. What do you guys think of Hrithik Roshan in Sarkar 3? Post your comments below!



  • Hrithik who is he? Does he act? That guy who look like foreigner can’t be used in intense movie like sarkar based on d story of indian mud(soil). And pairing him with ash doesn’t she grow old as chikko grow up 2 take control of sarkar power. What a useless thought?

  • @ Nripendra

    Chikoo has already grown older in Sarkar Raj. Remember he had no role in the whole movie. In Sarkar he was shown as a 12 – 13 year old. And Sarkar Raj was about a 6 – 8 year old leap.

    At the topic, Hrithik would be a great choice to take over the Sarkar family. But in Part 3 I hope RGV goes for simpler script and hopefully the movie isnt as slow as Sarkar Raj.

    Hrithik rules!!!

  • I think Hrithik is very handsome and won’t fit in this roll ’cause this means that he’s the son of Kay Kay, and Kay Kay’s look is completely different than Hrithik Roshan. I think the best who’ll fit in this roll would be Saif Ali Khan or Emran Hashimi. Both would be perfect as a grandchild and could be in politics.

    Can anyone tell me if Hrithik is a pure Indian or not?

  • Fathiya, Its all about Makeup. I think Hrithik would do a great job. Remember movies like Fiza, Mission Kashmir, i thought he was splendid in Fiza. I became his fan after Fiza.

    What Sarkar 3 needs is a Superstar. Saif Ali Khan and Emraan Hashmi that you mentioned are no doubt good actors, but its the Superstar + Good actor combination that is required to pull Sarkar 3.

    For those who are unaware, Sarkar did well only in Mumbai and Delhi. Sarkar Raj too hasnt opened huge, it has done well only in Mumbai and South.

    Abhishek Bachchan has no Box-office pull.

    Saif Ali Khan cannot carry a movie by Himself. You might say Race but then Race had mind blowing music and Hot babes.

    Emraan Hashmi is not a top star, He can carry small budget movies, but when it comes to big budget movies, dont think he can carry it off.

    Hrithik will be the perfect choice. He will suit the role to the T.

  • Vinesh, you might be right. I loved Hrithik in Fiza, but Sarkar is a different type movie. It’s a “quiet” like God Father, but Fiza, Mission Kashmir had some action in them and Hrithik fitted in those kind of roles. Kay Kay can’t be Hrithik Roshan’s dad, only and as u said, if the director change his look with a special makeup and a special apperance..

    Imraan Hashimi is a good actor, but needs an opportunity for a good role in a big movie. He always acts in his uncle Mahesh Bhatt’s movies. Why other directors never select him for any good role? He got a charisma and talent, he just needs an opportunity.

    Saif is one of the best Bollywood actors now and could fit in any role. Who believed that Saif would play a role such as his roll in (Omkara)?! He was brilliant in that role. If the grandchild in Sarkar 3 would be a bad guy then I think Saif is the best one to play this roll.

    Aishwariya is going to play Benazir Bhutto in a new movie!! Dont’ u think that Aish is young and very beautiful to play this role?? Why not Madhuri Dixit? She’s the best one to portray Benazir and not Aishwariya!

  • I strongly feel Hrithik can do a great job in Sarkar 3.

    Saif is a great actor, but the key for Sarkar to do well, as i said earlier is Box office Pull. And Saif lacks it.

    I personally feel there are only 4 actors currently in Bollywood who can Guarantee a great opening.

    In no particular order, its Hrithik – Akshay – SRK and Aamir Khan.

    Akshay SRK and Aamir are into their 40s and too old for the particular role, unless they decide to ditch Aishwarya completely from the next part of Sarkar. The one left is Hrithik, they should go ahead with him. He can do any damn role and come out trumps.

    Agree Fathiya??

  • Vinesh:
    If that’s their decision, if they’ve already signed Hrithik to do the roll, then we’ve to wait till part 3 is relased, we’ll watch the movie and will decide. If Hrithik was brilliant in the role, then I would say that he deserves to be the promissing King of Bollywood.

  • They havent yet signed Hrithik, its just mere speculation and rumors. I guess Hrithik may not even sign on the dotted line, as Sarkar Raj has been declared below average.

  • Some people say it’s below average, and some say it’s a super hit, and what I read on BigB’s blog that it’s a big hit. Whom do we have to believe?

  • I trust and that site says Sarkar will barely manage a average status.

    It has been declared a FLOP on Rediff too.

    Overall, the movie is a Hit in Mumbai, Hit in South territory… But in North its a flop, East too the movie has done horribly. UP Bihar its a loosing proposition.

    Overseas it has done well in US and UK.

  • Hrithik will be in Sarkar 3 because I have seen all his movies he’s My 1 favorite Actor plus as you all know He is going to play the role as Chikoo and if you guys didn’t know Abhishek will be playing as a Ghost in Sarkar 3
    since he was murdered in Sarkar Raj. so Abhishek is going to be in Sarkar 3 but as a Ghost.I can’t wait for Sarkar 3 to come out in theaters. I mean Abhishek Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan , Ashwariya Rai , Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar 3 this will be 10 times better then Sarkar Raj

  • Why a ghost is going to take a place in this serious poliitics movie?!!! If the director would do so then the movie from something serious is going to be a horror one! I hope RGV isn’t losing his mind again, as this happened to him while doing Aag I guess!!

  • Vinesh, I visited this site ( today and read the collection for 1st week of release of Sarkar Raj and it’s: 23,54,00,000. So, do u think this movie would be rated as average?!

  • This is what Boxoffice India says

    Sarkar Raj collected 23.50 crore in week one due to the large amount of prints. After a good weekend the film dropped from Monday and will struggle to cover costs outside Mumbai and Mysore. Small centres are poor.

    So overall other than Mumbai and South, the movie is a flop. If you include Mumbai and South then its average.

    All doesnt depend on just the first week. Jodha Akbar collected 27 crores in the first, 17 crores in the second and about 12 crores in the 3rd. Even though the movie was banned in many centres.

    Sarkar Raj on the other hand has fallen by about 60% in the second week.

  • it’ll kind of be a horror movie but it won’t be horror movie because Abhishek’s character will help Hrithik-Ashwariya Rai- and Amitabh find His Murderer besides we have 2-3 years before Sarkar 3 comes out

  • If you are hoping of a chemistry between Hrithik & Ash, then let it off. bcoz in sarkar raj Chikoo’s character is just 8 years old. Therefore in Sarkar 3, Ash would be aunt of Chikoo (hrithik).

  • No No No! you got it all wrong since Ash was in love with Abhishek in Sarkar Raj she is going have love for Hrithik in Sarkar 3 and ash will become friends with friends with Chiku(Hrithik) not his aunt cause they are both the same age .

  • If what i saw is true and Ash is playin as the next Shankar takeover and Big Bachan calls Chinku from Nagpur, thats a small kid we are talkin bout.. or atleast some what a young kid like 15 or 16, by the time he grows up to be a man, well it will be Aunt Ash by that time.. .. the due is a good sign but.. a pair.. i don’t think so…so waiting to see.

  • Hritik Roshan is a great dancer and the steroids he’s taken have helped him develop muscle. Acting is one thing he cannot do in a RGV film, why? First of all there are no dances in the Sarkar movies, he does not have the power that Abhishek and of Amitabh Bachchan. In every movie he has made Hritik plays a happy person for at least some scenes. He can be serious but I personally do not see him as a powerful actor that can use plain old fashion acting to carry a movie.

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