Hrithik Roshan – Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja was named a Hrithik Roshan look-a-like, when the first trailer of Love Story 2050 released about 2 months back. The similarities that followed after new trailers released were unbelievable.. But since the movie released last friday, the topic has been discussed widely and almost every reviewer / critic has mentioned it..

Before the release of Love Story 2050, Harman Baweja fumed over the comparisons with Hrithik Roshan. “My looks are not something that I have manufactured. It is what I was born with. There might be some (some??) similarity with Hrithik, but I completely disagree that we look the same or I am following his dancing or acting style.”

But Harman from whatever the world has seen of you in the movie, you not just look and dance like Hrithik, but every act of yours in the movie seemed to be heavily inspired by Hrithik Roshan. Whether its your dancing, dialogue delivery (although you failed miserably here) or your mannerisms.

Priyanka Chopra on the other hand said “I have worked with both of them and they have their own distinctive styles. Audiences will come to know once they see the film”

Priyanka, since the audience verdict is out now and they unanimously believe in exactly the opposite, we wonder what the distinct changes are, that you noticed? Ritesh, a student, goes as far as to say “The comparisons with Hrithik Roshan actually helped generate some hype around Harman Baweja. But Harman cant act! He seems to have intentionally copied Hrithik Roshan, and failed in doing so too. I couldn’t find anything unique or different in anything that he did in the movie.”

Funnily though, 2 days before the release of his Love Story, Harman says “I don’t want to talk about it any more. Just because my looks, my dance steps, my body language are same as that of Hrithik, it’s not right to compare me with him. Please, no more comparisons,”

Almost everything is same, but hey, please dont compare! Doesnt make much sense, Harman. The audience would rather watch the original well established superstar, dancing and performing than a duplicate, dont you think?

All said and done, it will be a Herculean task for Harman to get out of this hole, after the mega disaster in the form of his debut 50 crore Love Story 2050. When its time for his next release, the comparisons will arise once again. Hopefully we get to see something different the next time!



  • Amitabh copied Al Pacino with his 80’s career, shahrukh khan copied many and dilip kumar copied marlon brando and overall bollywood’s 95%movies are copied from hollywood and 80% songs are copied from korean, russian, south american, Indonesian and many more countries and anu malik copies so do another new music composer are like that…boycot bollywood and cricket in india as youth don’t know where to go not just by earning good money is killling art and real style shame on.ppl behave fake

  • Hmm…The only reason why they copy hollywood actors is maybe cos they admire them. So they mean it in a gd way. But not all bollywood actors copy hollywood actors…well i dnt know.

  • Errrr Looks maybe the same, but Harman is a much better more natural dancer than Hritik will ever be, he actually looks good doing it. A dancer dancers from his soul, every little step has rhythm.. and thats what has been evident in harmans dance moves.. they flow, as opposed to hritik, who manages to do the steps, but they dont exactly flow, he jsut tries to get the steps out there…

  • I quiet like the film love story 2050……I mean cummon there r worse hindi films made before…….2050 def shows us great visual effects……..coming from bollywood…..the debutant (Harman Baweja) shines thru out the film…….But its quiet unfortunate that indian film critics wrote off the film badly……..I think since it was a new approach at least director’s hard work should have been appreciated… sure the movie was a hard attempt…….critics should alwayz encourge different approaches……..just my 2 cents……

  • Indicine Team: Just one question and I need an answer: Do people have the right.. all the right to express their opinion about someone’s work, or a product in the market and write good or bad reviews about it before the release time? Movies are just like products.. some people create an item and want to sell.. so I don’t think that (other people) do have the right to publish and write bad reviews about our product, ( as this is a big reason for any product to fail and no one buys it!) or what’s right is that people has to decide only, after buying & using the product. So I need an answer for this question ’cause what the reviewer does it really harms people’s efforts, and movies like any other products, people want to sell ( in our country, no one has the right the do so, as it really harms, and the producer gains bad reputation and then, he have (all the right) to go to the court and complain)
    So working on a movie is just like working on any other products.. They pay efforts, money work day and night, for months or for years sometimes, and with few scentences on websites and in newspapers, people ruin it all!! Do they have the right to do it in your country?? And why?

  • hey guys,wake up!,its damnn idiotic job that bawejas has done by releasing this film,and i want to tell u one exclusive comment which i heard and watched in TV channels,where one doctor was seen confessing in front of media that he has sometimes back performed a plastic surgery on harmans face to give him hrithik’s look,as he was very fond of him,he was telling that he was paid heavily that time for that what do u all thing,and when media enquired about this thru harman,he totally reacted bluntly,and said there was nothing like that,but the doc says he has prove.
    oh poor harman!dont worry this statement by doc is buried after that.there was noone to explain anything.

  • Did anyone try to figure out why Herman looks like Hrithik in the first place? That could be an interesting finding I guess.

  • Well if none of u know the following fact, then let me tell us that any patient would decide to do any surgery and wants to keep it as a secret then the doctor has no right to disclose it to others. So.. if what u said Jay is really the truth, that Harman Baweja did pay for a doctor to do for him the surgery then 100% he’d have promissed him not tell anyone that he’d so do. So if this really happened then his doctor would never ever reviel his secret ’cause then Harman would have all the right to sew him.
    And.. I don’t think that Harman Baweja is sooo stupid to do such a surgery in India, if he did think about it, he could go to Europe, USA and do it but not in India.

    It’s really strange that he looks like Hrithik, but I saw many many people who r like twins and they r not, this happens in life and everywhere. I think if u all have doubts then u must ask for his pictures few years ago and I think his family r the only people who can confirm or deny the surgery.

  • i really enjoyed Harman’s performance , and i think most people are too hard on his
    abilities. Opinions can not be adopted from a magazine report. Harman has many differences in his face, acting , and dancing abilities. he is a heartthrob in is own right, and as it was his first film ever his acting skills are not so bad. everyone learns from their mistakes , its just that his first film had a star in it (priyanka) so he had more of a audience for his first try at acting

  • hey harman u r too gud man ….n hrithik th simply awesome as every1 knws ….i thnk u shuld make a flim together …judwaa dis would b a real twin lyk ….unidentical

  • A hot salam to all the boys and girls they have given their ideas and i tanz them that they judge about the

    No one can be hrithik but will be better but never become like roshan.
    Hrithk roshan is bollywood face.

    wafa-afghan boy

  • Harman n hrithik both fantastic dancer n its not harman fault to look like hrithik . I think shahid is energetic dancer among them .

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