Hrithik Roshan – Harman Baweja

Harman Baweja was named a Hrithik Roshan look-a-like, when the first trailer of Love Story 2050 released about 2 months back. The similarities that followed after new trailers released were unbelievable.. But since the movie released last friday, the topic has been discussed widely and almost every reviewer / critic has mentioned it..

Before the release of Love Story 2050, Harman Baweja fumed over the comparisons with Hrithik Roshan. “My looks are not something that I have manufactured. It is what I was born with. There might be some (some??) similarity with Hrithik, but I completely disagree that we look the same or I am following his dancing or acting style.”

But Harman from whatever the world has seen of you in the movie, you not just look and dance like Hrithik, but every act of yours in the movie seemed to be heavily inspired by Hrithik Roshan. Whether its your dancing, dialogue delivery (although you failed miserably here) or your mannerisms.

Priyanka Chopra on the other hand said “I have worked with both of them and they have their own distinctive styles. Audiences will come to know once they see the film”

Priyanka, since the audience verdict is out now and they unanimously believe in exactly the opposite, we wonder what the distinct changes are, that you noticed? Ritesh, a student, goes as far as to say “The comparisons with Hrithik Roshan actually helped generate some hype around Harman Baweja. But Harman cant act! He seems to have intentionally copied Hrithik Roshan, and failed in doing so too. I couldn’t find anything unique or different in anything that he did in the movie.”

Funnily though, 2 days before the release of his Love Story, Harman says “I don’t want to talk about it any more. Just because my looks, my dance steps, my body language are same as that of Hrithik, it’s not right to compare me with him. Please, no more comparisons,”

Almost everything is same, but hey, please dont compare! Doesnt make much sense, Harman. The audience would rather watch the original well established superstar, dancing and performing than a duplicate, dont you think?

All said and done, it will be a Herculean task for Harman to get out of this hole, after the mega disaster in the form of his debut 50 crore Love Story 2050. When its time for his next release, the comparisons will arise once again. Hopefully we get to see something different the next time!



  • Overhyped LS 2050 gone buried under the soil, which it deserved. So far Harry’s best work was Dilwale, n here he made a flop introduction to his Hrithik alike Harman.

  • When I saw Harman for 1st time, thru the trailer, I thought he’s Hrithik! but after watching him in some interviews, I found similarities in the face, the feature and specially the eyes. He got Hrithik’s eyes! His look, and as he said, is something he was born with, he didn’t change his look to be like Hrithik but he has to change the way he speaks, his tune while he speaks is not attractive.

  • LOL. Harman is a cheap copy of Hrithik.. He should act in C Grade movies as Hrithik’s duplicate.. He imitated him like there is no tomorrow in LS 2050.

    His voice, dancing, body movements, clothes, styling everything was like Hrithik but the Baweja guy lacks class. Hrithik is pure class and a great actor.

    Harman has a long long way to go before he can even come close to Hrithik.

    Hrithik rocks!!!

  • When I saw Harman for 1st time, thru the trailer, I thought heís Hrithik! but after watching him in some interviews, I found similarities in the face, the feature and specially the eyes. He got Hrithikís eyes! His look, and as he said, is something he was born with, he didnít change his look to be like Hrithik but he has to change the way he speaks, his tune while he speaks is not attractive.harman is good and hrithik is so good but i like hrithik roshan

  • I agree wit raghav , hrithik is more senior than harman , so, he shud pay respect at him. Use ur own style,dont copy anyone, when u r trying to copy anyone u loose ur class.hrithik is very classy n he proves himself by his own strenght.neil niten mukesh is also similar 2 hrithrk but he doesn’t follow him.and try 2 confess harman, u r not superstar stop the moody activities lyk a superstar which u r showing in ur all interviews.

  • I know harman looks like hritik but it doesnt mean he’s copying him because its just the way harman is.
    Its not his fault that he looks like hritik and as for dancing, why should harman get picked on when nearly all the bollywood actors are dancing like that??

  • Ii cannot begin to imagine how hritik feels, i mean it would be a nightmare to wake up & realise u hav a look alike, but seriously, i think harman is a hritik wanabe & is a total fake. why harman why?????aargghh i cant take it anymore….

  • Chi Chi Chi Harman?? What a shame? actually its puppy shame! & To priyanka- Time to dump this disastor of the century or else the tide / hype uve been riding on all along with suddenly disappear from underneath u & u will never be able to recover from it. As it is u see these days there r new sensations like deepika etc. So get ready to say goodbye to the glamour world & hang on to all that money u have accumulated so far. My advice to u priyanka , spend wisely! or else u wont have too much more left to spend. Try ur hand in singing, release an album or something.

  • oh shit….!!! yar herman wat a superb bullshit iz luv 2050 this film must b shown on CArtoon Network i hv just waisted my money by watching this……………………………

  • Grish is pretty right, its not Harman’s fault 2 b similar with Hrithik. He has got like him frm his birth. But solutions r 2 develop a new image of his own, or else he would be a superflop star.

  • wat da hell man?!?!?!!? jus bcoz poor harman looks lik hrithik that does not mean that he is copying him yar jus leave him da way he is man!!!! C’MON GUYS GROW UP!!!

  • i completely disagree wid LEENA!!! how the hell do u know that harman is a wanna-be-hrithik???i mean how immature cn u b??? u think harman doesnt hv a face & personality of his own??? that is so UNFAIR… jus bcoz he has a talent of dancing evry1 says “ohhh he’s copying hrithik”…DUM!!!

  • Who is Hirthik? Who is Harman? I never heard of them………….can anyone plz tell me their detail biodatas?

  • i know harman looks like a hrithik but it’s not his fault.Harman is a very good actor.I like hrithik & harman.
    I like both dance of hrithik & harman.

  • hey guys just remember one think “Harman” never touch the feet of “Mr. Hrithik” bcz “Mr. Hrithik” has his own style of Acting, Dancing, dialoge delivery and also the learning skill……………………… so overall i wn’t 2 sy Hrithik is the best ever an ever…………………………

  • Cummon guys stop comparing….
    itz harman’s 1st film…am sure he’ll improve by the day…
    n will change his outlook….gv him sum tym…
    n if he can dance lyk hrithik thn thats a good thing…
    Wat’s wrong in this,not evry1 cn dance lyk him…let him dance !!!

  • harman is hot so is hrithik…
    guyz just give him a break its his first film im positive he’ll improve.

  • What goes around, comes around! Harman in this movie has tried so hard to imitate Hrithik in every possible way that now he is suffering the repercussions of it! Things would have been a lot different had he been somewhat original…

    Much as I want to think that this is no fault of his (since looks are God Given), I can still not convince myself for it! Ok agreed that he’s born with this face.. but wonder what he has to say abt his hairstyle, his sideburns, his stubble, his dialogue delivery, his dance, his wardrobe in the movie Love Story all of which is inspired by Hrithik! You have to watch the movie to believe it! The similarity is so uncanny that the whole time I was watching the movie, I was trying hard to find Harman within the image of Hrithik. Sadly, there are hardly very few moments where you see the true Harman. No doubt Hrithik is a huge star and to resemble him is a compliment, but don’t let that overshadow your persona Harman. Comeon now, don’t play with your career like this again. Hope you have learnt a good lesson!

  • I think that Harman in his forthcoming movies will be better off tryiing to find an individual style of his own…….for example his next movie ‘It’s My Life’ requires a different character….He can just innovate a new style for tat movie…and who knows he may click………but harman u’ve gotta change u r entire hrithik look alike attire……Now tat u know u resemble the superstar…..who is currently one of the most hot selling stars in India,change your style…be yourself ,innovate…….and if everything goes well who knows, you may click…………

  • he sooo does copy hrithik a LOT! Hrithik isn’t a God but neither is shah rukh khan. But hrithik is much better than harman. Also his dad directed his first movie like Rakesh roshan directed Kaho Naa Pyar Hai so it is sooo obvious. He’ll get famous if he tried his OWN way of actin. Oh and I think Shah rukh Khan is crap! ( sorry srk fans!) Hrithik is the BEST, actor, dancer and yes he is good looking!

  • Candy: How can u say this about Shahrukh Khan?!! Yes.. everyone admire specific actor, as u said u do admire Hrithik, I admire him too, but it’s not fair that u describe Shahrukh this way.. about me, I don’t admire Salman Khan, I don’t like they way he acts but I can’t describe him as u said.. a crap.. no.. it’s not fair for some celebrity who million of people admire them and we have to respect them, specially Shahrukh as he is the king of bollywood and someone who got the inner and outer beauty, very kind, humble and he doesn’t lack anything that u described him this way

  • i think that hrithik and harman do look alike but its not by fault and he shouldn’t be critisized for the comparison of both of them

    he deserves a fair chance for the industry
    so what if the both have

    sharp jaw lines
    same shape noses
    same light colored eyes
    dance moves
    and other qualities they share

    they are both individuals and should be treated with respect
    they are both very hansome and cute and i love their dancing so
    they are equal with very different personalities….

    I LOVE HARMAN AND HRITHIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • when i went to get the audio cd of phir bhi dil a hindustani. i looked at audio of kaho na pyar hai and hritik poster on it and buought it insted of former.
    now when i see harman in tralier it look he is faking a lot.
    he might be possesing good acting skills and goo physique and support and also looks.
    but he fakes alot it seems.
    in an inteview he said that his dad has thrown a lot of luxury towards him sicne his childhood.
    while hritik had humble childhood with values.
    herman cant be compared with Hritik Roshan, though he can become a good actor. he is not Alll brat. good luck to him.


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