‘Hrithik is my role model, I wanted to be like him in my childhood’ Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff, who will be playing the role of a superhero in ‘A Flying Jatt’, has that it was inspiring for him to watch Hrithik Roshan in ‘Krrish’ films and it would be flattering if he could match the level of the superstar.

“As I am essaying a superhero in ‘A Flying Jatt’, I hope that I could do justice to the role. Though I don’t even think about competing with Hrithik Roashan and what he did in ‘Krrish’, but I will not let down the makers of ‘A Flying Jatt'” Tiger, who made his debut in ‘Heropanti’ said.

“It would be flattering if I could match up the level of Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik sir has given such a beautiful film… only watching it inspires me and somehow I hope to get there” he added.

Hrithik Roshan vs Tiger Shroff

Hrithik Roshan vs Tiger Shroff

“Hrithik is my role model. I wanted to be a good dancer like Hrithik in my childhood. I used to watch all his films, and ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ blew me away.”

“Every night before going to bed, I watched his video, and in my mind I used to visualize that I was dancing in the video. Slowly, I learnt his body language… I’ve still not got that perfection, but I’m getting there” he said.

Apart from ‘A Flying Jatt’, Tiger will also be seen in ‘Baaghi’ where he has been cast opposite Shraddha Kapoor.



  • Hrithik is role model of many ppl as he is capable of being one. What he did in Krrish is unmatchable performance. Tiger, u don’t need to follow him or copy him. U r also a good actor, you also can be a superhero just belive in yourself as Duggu always says. Good luck Flying Jatt

  • Not intrstd in Flying jatt…if trailer is superb! Then change of minds..

    Tiger is a better dancer than jadoo

  • But the movie looks like an utter crap.The first poster itself is a complete turn-off.When we have access to so many superior Hollywood sci-fi who’s interested in this cartoon film

  • Finally an article which is not about politics . What Hrithik has done in Krrish series nobody can do it . KMG and Krrish changed the concept of Sci-Fi and Superhero in Bollywood . The only thing i like about Tiger is he is a modest guy . His performance was pathetic in Heropanti but after the success he was still grounded which is a great quality . It is too early for Tiger to be a Superhero so it will de difficult for him and also if it as expensive movie then the expectations on Tiger’s shoulders will be huge . Expecting a different kind of movie from Remo, Tiger, Jacqueline and Balaji .

  • He should make his own identity copying somene will not take you far away, Role model is different thing all together but make your own identity.

  • He think he is just near to perfection? ?? complimenting himself looks like . He need to learn how to speak to media …!

    Nd Did He mean tht he only likes the dancing part of hrithik ,not acting and other things ?? Maybe yes

  • Tiger Shroff is gifted actor in till date, Tiger is best dancer, awesome martial artist, beautiful expressions he have and we can see Jackie Sir’s look during Tiger’s dialogues delivery.

    Tiger is versatile actor and he made superb debut with Heropanti now i am waiting for both upcoming movies Baaghi and A Flying Jutt.

    I hope that Tiger Shroff will bring Bollywood Sci-Fi genre to the next level and we can proudly compare our Superheroes with Hollywood Avengers.

  • This title ‘A flying jatt’ is D worst title ever for any movie . Its giving a feel of a low budget movie …! RUBBISH
    They r copying D title of milkha singh who was known as ‘A flying Sikh’ .

  • A very humble person and a Gentleman :) Love his honesty and hard work!! All the best for Flying Jatt!!! I am sure you would do well buddy ;) #PushYourExtreme

  • I won’t even compare this with Krrish. Shiva Ka insaaf is a better comparison. Just because this guy knows flying kicks, doesn’t mean he can be a Superhero.
    He’s just using Hrithik’s name to promote his film.

  • In young stars I think two guys r going to make it big & r Tiger & Sid they have every quality to become a superstar, but truely I hate the over actor varun he is very egoistic & thinking himself as a superstar by doing a movie with srk

  • how are people disliking the flying jatt poster and liking the krrish poster ? they are exatly the same haha

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac- Kick n Dhoom 3 are the worst action films I have ever seen.
    I’m glad that I didn’t watch such disappointments on the big screen.

  • Tiger will prove beyond any reasonable doubt to all Jaadopurians that epic shivering isnt a trait any superhero possesses or needs to be a superhero…!

  • Sadly for The Flying Jatt Tiger wont have 1 superpower that jadoo boys Kkkrithik superhero character had in abundance n that is MANIPULATION..!

  • The jadoo franchise started off well but once Papa Roshan killed off the gawjus Jadoo in order to save his shivering sons sinking career then the franchise became a cross between a horror cartoon serial n marvel cartoonists reject material…!

  • Not since Mr India have we had a good superhero film. Heres hoping Tiger can roar loud n successfully at the BO with this endeavour..!

  • for me, there is only one superhero, But he is maskless, He is one and only SALMAN KHAN
    Talking about superheroes, Even megastar srk couldnt match up Krissh in her 2011 film Ra1, Then who is tiger???

  • Honesty Ra.1 is the most UN deserving 100 crs club movie ever! I prefer grand maasti race 2 if really they made it the coverted club. But Ra.1 was so pissing annoying and frustrating. Uptil now I still owe the movie about 60mins before it’s end. Don’t regret not completing the movie. ra1 was seriously over acted by Srk and she wass So artificial. Watching his Son and Kareena was the reason I even tortured my self to reach interval. Hritk is far better in those super heroes role than srk. He is old and tired and his face is wearing off. Same with Akshay especially his white hair is so disgusting. Hritik is a stand out. Salman is there always looking for and healthy. Of lately I like Aamir Ajay too they are taking good care of themselves. Hritik rocks yaar!

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