Hrithik – Barbara Mori affair? Anurag Basu speaks

With tabloids broadcasting actor Hrithik Roshan’s chemistry with Mexican hottie Barbara Mori, Kites director Anurag Basu reveals what exactly is going on between the two!

Here are few facts on Hrithik and Barbara

  • Hrithik Roshan gets along well with Barbara Mori and her family.
  • The Roshans attended the recent Star Screen Awards with Barbara and her boyfriend.
  • Barbara was by his side when he was admitted to the Reliance Hospital at Andheri, northwestern Mumbai, after an accident on the sets of Kites.
  • Hrithik is close to Barbara’s son, Sergio Jr.
  • The Roshans pay the rent for Barbara’s serviced apartment in Juhu, where she stays with her family. They also provided her with an expensive vanity van.
  • Hrithik’s wife Suzanne and his sister Sunaina are reportedly good friends with Barbara too.

Barbara - Hrithik Roshan

That has been fodder for the rumour mills to go into overdrive, sparking off news of an ‘affair’ between the two. “Hrithik and Barbara Mori are not having an affair!” claims director Anurag Basu.

“The truth is,” says Basu, “Barbara can’t speak English properly and has a heavy accent. I don’t speak very good English myself. So Hrithik plays mediator and translator between the two of us (while shooting for Kites). I explain the scenes to him and he explains them to her. They get along very well as costars and help each other a lot.”

Basu adds, “Barbara obviously does not know Hindi and people in Mumbai will not understand her accented English. So Hrithik and Susanne, who are very hospitable people, are helping her get around town. This is her first visit to Mumbai and Bollywood and they want to make it as memorable and perfect (for her) as possible. After all, the Roshans are producing the film. People saw Hrithik and Barbara meeting off the sets, and stories of their affair started. In reality, there is nothing like that.”

With all the attention focused on Hrithik and Barbara, the other actor in the film, Kangana Ranaut, is conspicuous by her absence. Anurag explains, rather bluntly, “The truth is, Barbara has a meatier role in the film. Her character is more important. The film revolves around the love story between Hrithik and Barbara’s character.”

Kites is a love triangle between Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut and Barbara Mori. Hrithik plays a Salsa dance instructor whom Kangana and Barbara fall in love with at different points of time. Hrithik has also sung a song in the film.

The film has been shot in Las Vegas, Mexico, Maldives and Mumbai and is slated for a Diwali release this year.

Source: Star India



  • daesr Hrithik Roshan
    wahat ever people say they will say & they will do bla bla bla .be happy of ur family &future cinema and allsuch rumuour will go on till cinema is alive

    bye bye

  • Hrithik will never have extra-marital affairs. He is loyal husband and a lovin father.

    Allthe best with his family life and carrer!!

  • I never believe everything I hear or read, but if it’s true so I would say the following:

    Men aren’t angeles.. they’re humen, after 5-10 years of marriage and sleeping with the same woman they get bored, lose interest in their wives, it happens to good and people ( it happened to thousands of people in this world, if not millions!) they just “fall” when they meet some beautiful and sexy women, they could never risist or ignore their beauty how much they try specially if the woman is attractive and tries to use her charm as a weapon, so they fall very easily and they do it ( very secretly) they hide it, thats about some comon people who meet girls anywhere, and when we come to actors specially a very charming like Hrithik, who gets very close to these beautiful women because of the nature of his job, that he’s to touch them, kiss them, dance with them, and have some connections.. to risit and be a “good boy” something quite impossible.

    A good man like Hrithik who is decent and loves his family might have a temporary feeling for another woman ( but not love) just an affair, and would never ruin his marriage or leave his wife for the sake of another woman, it’s just a temporary relationship which blow away after sometimes ( if what’s written is true) so whatever he did or didn’t isn’t our business, it’s his.

    ( someone like Brad Pet would do it and he did it.. left his wife, his love, for Angelina!)

  • i agree
    if he did have an affair- it is natural
    she is very pretty and he is a very chaming man
    they have alot of passion in this film and kiss alot so it would be natural for them to have sex off screen
    it is surprising though that he wasnt very discreet about it- everyone knows of the ‘friendship’

    and frankly with that frankestein at home waiting for him- who would bame him?

  • i dont think it is possible anyway for a young man and young woman to be totally platonic in the film business
    speaking about it just makes it worse
    the shoot is now complete and she will be gone soon so he better hurry up and have as much fun as he can!!!!

  • I think Hrithik is a gud guy.He loves his wife.Once in Koffee with karan he told dat he nd his wife are kinda soulmates.He has been loving Suzanne since his childhood dayz.I don’t think Hrithik can leave just b’coz of a hanky-panky sumbdy nd dat too elder than him.I don’t evn he cn hv sex wid Barbara b’coz dat’s again a long distance matter.These al r rumuors.I think we must keep loving Hrithik’s performance onscreen rather than payin attentn to al des.LOVE SANI.

  • I love hrithik, and i’m mexican. If i were barbara, maybe i would feel attracted to him but I would never get between his family and him.

    I don’t know Suzanne but if he married her she must be a very cool girl so that someone like him can love her, and between them two he would have a hard time choosing… I hope she is not jealous and they are as loving and caring as they seem. because if she or his family are uncomfortable, he’ll probably want to escape from the pressure and end up with barbara.

    I think they are only good friends, and I hope they work together more in the future.

    But if they did fall for each other… I think that would be terrific. In mexico we’d love to have him.

  • Hrithik doesn’t desrve an ugly and very irritating wife like sussane.She was highly annoying and unbelievably ugly in kwk3.Its better for his own individual developement calmly leave susane and have a good and real ‘woman’.HE DESERVES FAR BETTER THAN THIS DUNK-PIECE UGLY SUSSANNE.THAT’S IT!

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