Hrithik and Suzzane – Split / Divorce?

Hrithik Roshan has now been happily married to Suzzane Roshan for the last 8 years. But recently, the couple have been in news due to the alleged affair between Hrithik and his Kites co-star Barbara Mori. The Roshan’s have denied every rumour that involved the couple, but all hell broke loose when a popular Mumbai tabloid reported that the super couple have split and Suzzane has moved out with her kids!

Hrithik was silent all through, but he finally decided to break his silence in a press release “It is too funny. Yes, Suzanne (Roshan) shifted to her parents’ place with the kids 2 days ago and I was to join her on my return as there is a white ant treatment going on in my house and a section of my floor is being renovated. I’m with Suzanne right now having a picnic with my wife, kids and in-laws.”

While Hrithik hopes the press release should put an end to all rumours, what do you guys think of the chemistry between Hrithik – Barbara? Any truth to it? Or is it all about the ‘sensational’ story that the media is always on the look out for..?



  • Hrithik is a real man, I honestly don’t see that kind of man in him, he’s too great of a guy to be a bad guy. All rumors are false, all you have to do is look into Hrithiks eyes to know the truth.

  • I totally don’t bliv on this…at a time there was a rumour on Arbaaz-Malaika divorce, n now Hrithik-Suzanne. All are fake working styles of media.
    I think next rumour will be abt Amitabh-Jaya case, then Manmohan Singh-His Wife.

  • There is no truth between Hrithik and Barbara. Barbara is just an actress and a friend of Hrithik and Suzzane.
    Hrith and Suzz are really good together.

  • hritik should leave this fucking ugly bicth suzanne as soon as possible,i don’t think he would’ve spent even 1 whole month with a dumb bimbo like suzanne in their 10 years marriage,still they’re so fake couple.again his wife is so bad she has not done anything for her still hritik takes her name which seems so fake.he should leave his bicth immediately.

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