How was Salman’s medical check-up done in five minutes?

Attempting to pick holes in the prosecution case against Bollywood actor Salman Khan in the 2002 road accident, the actor’s counsel on Wednesday said after the accident, the actor’s blood samples were tampered with and his medical examination was done in just five minutes.

Defence counsel Shrikant Shivade argued before Additional Sessions Judge D.W. Deshpande that the first primary evidence, the medical case paper, showed that Salman was brought before Dr Shashikant Pawar of Sir J.J. Hospital at 2.25 p.m. and discharged at 2.30 p.m. on September 28, 2002.


“According to the exhibits, his BP was checked which was 138/88, pulse was checked which was 88 per minute, eyes checked for dilation, abdomen was examined which was soft, and as far as smell (of alcohol) was concerned, it was kept blank… This means there was no alcohol, and also he was made to walk straight. Do you think all this is possible in five minutes,” Shivade asked.

He also contended that Salman’s blood samples collected at the government-run Sir J.J. Hospital were tampered with at the behest of police with the intention to nail the accused (Salman), hinting at a police-medico nexus.

Shivade questioned the logic of the Bandra police station of not collecting the blood samples at the neighbourhood civic-run Bhabha Hospital in Bandra and instead sending him to the government-run hospital in Byculla, south Mumbai.

“It is mentioned that blood collection facility was not available at the Bhabha Hospital… is that possible? It is a reputed hospital. It has an operation theatre and an ICU… Do you mean to say that syringes and blood sample collection is not present there?” Shivade argued.

Dwelling upon the cross-examination of medico Pawar who examined Salman and collected the blood sample, Shivade said Maharashtra Medical Code rules were not followed, including taking the consent of the accused and other aspects.

“His consent was not taken… in an invasive procedure… do you want to follow the procedure laid down here, or in Namibia and Ethopia?” he demanded.

Citing another important factor, Shivade said the blood samples were collected on September 28, 2002 afternoon, and sent for examination after two days and actually tested on October 1.

“The evidence is silent on how it was stored, where it was kept and under whose custody? The vials used were stored in his (the doctor’s) chamber… Many patients come and go… there are chances of contamination,” he pointed out.

He added that the blood samples were collected without (Salman’s) consent, gloves were not used, and the samples were sealed by a ward boy, preservative sodium chloride was not used though an anti-coagulant was used.

“When preservative is not used, it leads of fermentation, which would show presence of alcohol even if there is no alcohol in the blood… Absolutely no precautions were taken,” Shivade said.

The defence lawyer’s arguments came in the ongoing re-trial of the September 28, 2002 accident case involving Salman when his Toyota Land Cruiser rammed into a bakery in Bandra west, killing one pavement dweller and injuring four others.

The defence arguments will continue on Thursday.

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  • The entire case has made a mockery of the judiciary system.Even if he’s innocent acquit him or else punish him.It just can’t go on and on.There has to some conspiracy since an influential celebrity is involved

  • When will SRK be jailed for his civil and criminal offenses at Wankhede stadium? We have thousands of witnesses ready to testify against him, who where present at the stadium.

  • Salman should stop lying. Only fools can make statements like “I went to the bar, but drank only water”

    “The back door was jammed so I got down from the driver’s seat”

    “Medical test conducted in 5 minutes”

    This is a open and shut case.. It is only because of Salman’s stardom and money power that he is escaping the law. Also his closeness to Narendra Modi must be helping him a lot too..

    This will go on forever.. because Salman can still take this to a higher court.. He is safe for a few years, he might just go to jail for a few days and come out on bail again..

  • Salman khan you are The People’s Man.. All the people in the world they would be with you.. Wish you a long life.

  • Its illogical and suicidal to sleep on the roadside. They had no other place to sleep? Isnt it their own mistake.

  • SRK is nothing great … he drives on ‘road’
    Only our Bhai can drive on ‘footpath’
    #PowerOfBhai …

  • King is not allwed to enter newyork airport and wankhede stadium due his criminalgiri……king roxxx.

  • Nearly 30,000 people witnessed SRK’s civil and criminal offenses at Wankhede stadium. Many complaints have been lodged against him, why isnt he jailed yet? Justice should be served quickly.

  • God bless you Salman….accident could happen with anyone…he should be pardoned for his efforts towards humanitarian conduct……..God please save him

  • bhaijaan is innocent and no one can touch bhaijaan he is best human being he saved millions of life.God is always with him.

  • Bhai is innocent- throw out the case from 2002 and move onto the 2012 case of an unprovoked vicious assault carried out by an evil sarkar on an innocent common man security official at Wankhede Stadium. Justice for the common man and we want it now….

  • @real lungi fan

    But our King never drives on the road as hes inclined to build illegal ramps everywhere just so that he can look down at all the common men motorists below him n show off his overblown ego…

  • Who drinks water at a bar (and receipts showed he paid for the drinks) and why would he be seen sitting on the driver’s seat if he wasn’t driving? Salman said he was sitting behind but his driver said he was sitting next to him. Also in an earlier interview, salman said he drank bacardis but now he said he drank water. What’s going on?

  • Some idiot fools are saying against SRKs WANKHEDE brawl…let me clear you Mr Jaykant Sikhde aka JS that SRK incident in WANKHEDE took place after the match when the stadium was empty…secondly no police complaints were registered and even if registered still the police took no action…so the MCA themselves took action…the MCA in 2013 IPL season even requested the police to stop SRK from entering WANKHEDE but the police refused…lol

  • @Tiger.. I have only seen you speak about SRK in all your comments. You are not a fan of Salman, but just a SRK hater.. he rules and affects your mind throughout the day.

    On a more serious note, what’s the big deal about the Wankhede issue? Are you guys really dumb enough to compare a serious crime like hit-and-run case (that too when drunk) to something as small as a man misbehaving with stadium officials? What’s the big deal exactly? Salman has done enough of it already, he’s been in several abusive relationship with his girlfriends including Aishwarya.

    Anyway.. this case is about “culpable homicide not amounting to murder”. Far more serious that that stupid incident at Wankhede.

  • The difference between SRK and SALMAN is clearly evident here…SRK smoked in public. ..fined…payed.

    Sex determination case against SRK – Cleared of all accusations

    Stage in front of Mannat – Destroyed….no brawl happened.

    MCA brawl – No action from police…SRK banned…SRK later appologised.

    Whereas Salman – Killing of footpath people, poaching, beating of GF, Accused under arms act…no result…or verdict…only tarikh pe tarikh pe tarikh pe tarikh pe tarikh…par no insaf…lol….only a small token of it…two nights in jail…lol

  • @suniel well said this case will go forever n ever…He has high court then supreme court it will take another 15 to 20 yr…

  • Another point to be noted that MCAwalas were ready to lift the ban on SRK for one night to host the IPL final….lol

  • He may have unintentionally & accidentally killed a man & injured 3 others who were sleeping on the footpath but we shouldn’t ignore that he is the same man who has helped 100s & 1000s of lives , the haters who are shedding crocodile tears for that dead useless destitute footpath dweller (shouldn’t say such words about a man who has died) how many of u have actually bothered about the poor people let alone helping them ? At least this was case of a clear accident , what will srk fans say if a habitually drunk srk in a state of revenge runs down the security guards (the same security guards who were doing their duty at the wankhede stadium)?

  • My previous comment is being misunderstood .
    I just took a dig at our judiciary system , which is not able to punish celebrities like Salman Khan !

  • I want 1 answer….WHEN WILL THIS CRIMINAL GO TO JAIL???..
    still he is roaming like a normal person???…… law should be same for all….how can he influence the judiciary??…how will common people trust this law and judiciary of this country if people like this criminal uses his money power to get rid of these case…its a shame to the Indian judicial system

  • @suniel, acc to ur logic if srk beats someone that too while drunked that is not a big deal!!! If srk misbehave(after drinking) with security officials of airports that is not a big deal!!! Hats off to ur logic man!

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