Housefull Box office : 75 crores in India, 20 crores overseas : Eros

The official numbers from Eros are out and Akshay Kumar’s Housefull has managed to nett a staggering 52 crores in Week 1. The film has grossed 75 crores in India and 20 crores overseas taking its Week 1 worldwide total to 95 crores.

A 52 crore nett for a 75 crore gross in India seems  to be slightly on the higher side, as the entertainment taxes (all India average) is somewhere around 35%. Still, these are very healthy numbers and the film should easily recover its investment and end its run as a clean-hit.

Again, these are official numbers by Eros. Komal Nahta (editor and publisher of Film Information) and Box office India are yet to publish their numbers, expect them to be somewhere in the range of 46 – 48 crores nett.



  • Who said indicine reported wrongly to MNIK…if anyone left this site coz of personal bias towards salman/akki its his problem…MNIK is a hit..BOI/BOLLYWOODHUNGAMA also reported stop visitinf those sites please..will u wont…MNIK collected 75 crores..everyone reported it..nauman is an akki afn/hina is a salamn khan fan..they all have their own personal bias…bollyplus reported to housefull grand opening..but has it put up its grand downfall in second week by 75%….no it wont..isnt bollyplus biased towards salamn/ is…MNIK was a clean hit…all knew this..if sum yakuza can challenge BOI…then ne1 can..BOI is the most trusted and respected site…HOUSEFUll is a reported as hit..thats it…nothing more…

    nauman u got so hurt with indicine’s mnik verdict that u opened up a site where u never put up articles on SRk…u only promote akki/aamir/…infact u have a poll like’which actress wud be bestw ith salaman’///there will be lotsa news on akki…lots of discussion on khatta meetha and patiala house and dabang..but not on ra.1…why?????? u tpoo are biased…

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  • Great 2nd monday for Housefull
    Housefull Has Rock Steady Monday

    Tuesday 11th May 2010 15.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull held up very well on its second Monday compared to its second Friday. The business on Friday was around 2.25 crore nett while on Monday the business was around the 1.60-1.70 crore nett mark. The fall from Friday to Monday was just 20-25%.

    The film now has chances of recording 14-15 crore nett business over its second week which will put it at 62 crore nett in two weeks. The film will see no releases in its third week which could mean another steady week. The film is performing well all over and especially in some B and C centres of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. After its second Friday the 70 crore nett lifetime mark looked a long way off but now it seems in reach over the next few weeks.

  • i think this 70-80 crores is all cooked up .. this film has fared very badly in the interiors in fact it is a safe to call it a flop

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