Housefull Box office : 75 crores in India, 20 crores overseas : Eros

The official numbers from Eros are out and Akshay Kumar’s Housefull has managed to nett a staggering 52 crores in Week 1. The film has grossed 75 crores in India and 20 crores overseas taking its Week 1 worldwide total to 95 crores.

A 52 crore nett for a 75 crore gross in India seems  to be slightly on the higher side, as the entertainment taxes (all India average) is somewhere around 35%. Still, these are very healthy numbers and the film should easily recover its investment and end its run as a clean-hit.

Again, these are official numbers by Eros. Komal Nahta (editor and publisher of Film Information) and Box office India are yet to publish their numbers, expect them to be somewhere in the range of 46 – 48 crores nett.



  • It will finish around 70-75 crores nett in india, Far away from Ghajini & 3 Idiots. Long way to go Akki…!!!

  • Why Indicine’s popularity reducing day by day, Before there was lots of comments but now only few !! Any reasons did u find ? Indicine……….

  • Mark My Words……………

    Akshay repeating 2007

    Namaste london Director Vipul Shah HIT
    Action Replay Director Vipul Shah SUPERHIT..

    Bhul Bhulayiya Director Priyadarshan Super Hit
    Khatta Meetha Director Priyadarshan HIT

    Hey BaBy Director Sajid Khan Super Hit
    HouseFull Director Sajid Khan Super Hit


    TEES MAR KHAN FARAH KHAN nothing to say BLOCKBUSTER guarentee

    if THANKYOU had come this year then it whould have been perfect match but u all know………

    only new entry i doubt is PATIALA HOUSE my mind says It will Have gr8 opening but will be average and it will be followed by Blockbuster TEES MAR KHAN

  • IF Patiala house songs are very nice then who knows NIKHIL ADVANI can repeat succes of KAL HO NAA HO………..It all depands on MUSIC here on…..hope for the best…

  • @ ALL

    Guys, I have a confusion! If someone tells you movies like 3Idiots or Houseful are flop movies OR movies like (….) are big hits, will it affect your decision of seeing the film or would you do what you wanted from the very beginning?

    I’m sorry but I’m new on this site and while I was reading some older posts I cam across some very vigorous debates about this actor is greater than that or this movie collect more money than that. Clearly the discussion on the movie is costing more time as well as effort than actually seeing & enjoying it.

    Why can’t we all be fans of particular movies rather than zealous fans of(….) because even great actors have bad movies and some not so great actors are known to have a great movie on their belt at some time.

    I’m sorry if I stubbed on some sore toes.

  • @ zahirul : comments doesnt really mean more or less popularity , iam sure indicine still has good following.
    even iam realted to 1 site we dont have much comments but it always show traffic , although not as mucxh as indicine

    • Manish, your right. Traffic hasn’t dropped at all. Infact the pageviews and hits have increased :) We are working on removing the login system for articles here which should increase the comments.

      Also as you know, some of the ‘well-known’ members here took away most users. Our mistake, we allowed them to advertise. No hard feelings though :)

      That should answer your question too, Zahirul. Thanks for the support and concern. :)

  • Indicine team

    Could u tell please who are those ‘well – known’ members took the most users away.

    waiting for ur reply as u know i am new user !!!!!

  • Hi Indicine !
    All this long I visit Indicine but never comment why ? I told u long long back remove the login system please even I was the one who told u remove the verification code i remember for one and half weeks where i desparately tried to login but verifictaion code didn’t allow me . Secondly, your verdict of MNIK hit me and other Salman fanz as it was purely wrong that is whats wrong with Indian Media. If u remember my dat comment I was so pissed off I neva visited ur site for few weeks.

    Then wheneva I visited ur site its been all Akshay Kumar and 3.5 stars for HF may be you have changed the reviewer . Nothing against Akshay he deserves success.But these are the things that really hurted ur site think peacefully.

    Now about Nauman’s site . I never tried to have publicity and neva asked anyone to visit his site.I was here for Salman.I will be here when Dabang releases.Two months no biggies released just addying another point why Indicine suffered. All this long I have told Nauman not to be aggressive not to use Indicine as a platform to have users . I am the person who believe in goodness and fair play.Whateva abusive comments i got by a person who claims to be Indicine on Nauman’s site I even stopped commenting on his site for a while.

    Indicine for me n nauman its passion not business thats y users come ! And u r spot on make an easy user interface. And stop this SRK – Kjo backing up I dun visit Bollywood Hungama now after what Taran did to Veer and I stopped coming here after MNIK’s verdict.

    Just try to reach ur viewer’s heart rather than thinking somebody took away ur users. Indicine has great tarffic still and we know that problem is only login system.Many users still visit it but they dun comment and they have been telling me just coz of login system.

    I and others will come back if we find u not biased and if u have easy user interface.Problem is ppl have short memory n they get addicted to easy stuff. Take care of that n best of luck ! And also inplace of pics paste good articles that will help !

  • Hi Indicine Team,
    HRU? hummmm
    Need to talk to you.
    You must have to answer me.
    In early January I announced to all users that I will give you a surprise. And with review of Veer I announced that may be this is my last review on indicine that I am going to another site. Everyone started ask me site name and what type of site I have.
    With releasing of MNIK I announced the name and I told to everyone what type of segments we have.
    On that certain time you were also trying to launch your new version and you were closed for 2,3 days.
    On that time all your users visited to my site for latest informations. When you launched new version users found it very difficult and complicated. First login system second code verification. Hina is most talented IT professional girl and she wasn’t able to post her comment for 1 month what should we except with other normal users like me?
    Do you know, your all users are not user of only your site. We all bollywood lovers who know indicine they know 100s more sites before you. They all are regular users of bollybusiness.wordpress, bollywoodhungama, naachgaana, glamsham, indiaglitz and hundreds more.
    You lost your users due to only two reasons.
    1. Login and code verification system
    2. MNIK’s Hit and Veer’s average verdict
    Please don’t blame me.
    I know and I accept that I promoted my site on your site. But, do you know when we post any other news from any other site we always post links of that site. On that time you guys never mind even some times in your articles you give the name of sources as well. But If I start posting name of my site with my review It is a problem for you. Waoooo
    Everyone can promote and every one can post any link of any site but Nauman can’t post any link of his site. Waooooo
    Another thing you can check our old posts we didn’t have enough users but with releasing of Housefull we increased our traffic 6 times better. Do you know why?
    When we posted Housefull’s review on Wednesday afternoon Yakuza posted our review on his site bollybusiness and gave our link. Then a user of Bollywoodhungama posted our review on BH. Then a user of naachgaana copied that review from BH. Even I didn’t know that our review has posted on 3 sites within an hour. We got lots of new users from these three sites.
    Yakuza, never felt insecure from me, naachgaana’s owner welcomed me and said plz post your reviews here. Yakuza said it would be great if you can post all movies review on Thursday and before other sites. They all appreciated me because they were nice and decent people. They wanted to promote me that they knew I am new in this business.
    None of any one sent any team member with the name of shivsehna on my site for spoiling.
    You were insecure you were cheap you sent one of your team member Suneil who is from Chandrigarh. He started abusing to us and fake comments. Thanks God one of our team members showed instinct and he handled shivsehna issue.
    I have 3 chats save with our team member had with our team member. If you want I can send you or I can also post it here.
    Do you want me to do it?
    So, now last thing when after MNIK, KCK and Teen Patti none of any new movie was releasing you were just trying to post pics of events but we were trying to post new articles and new polls.
    Please concentrate on your site and don’t try to spoil others.

  • @indicine
    indicine you always says that We are working on removing the login system….but when you will do that…may be jab almost sare user bhag jayenge….plz jaldi kijiye..
    @hina…i agree with you

  • @indicine…i want to say one more thing…kisi bhi actore ke against abusive language hurt karta hai(specially salman ke against kuch sunna mere bus ka nahi hai) aur indicine par kuch user bahut poor language use karte hai actore ke against bhi aur other users ke liye bhi,aur ha most of the comments are biased …ye maine aapse pehle bhi kaha tha,plz aese comment ko delete kar diya kijiye..kyoki mere jaise kai aese user hai jo isi wajah se indicine par aana pasand nahi karte hai..
    maine phir se indicine ko pehle ki tarah dekhana chahta hu……

  • @nauman…I always believe that you are using indicine for your site promotion and and since you accept it(I know and I accept that I promoted my site on your site) then sawal hi nahi hai ki main tumhe galat kahu,shivshen wale matter ko main nahi janta but yes jo tumne yaha comment likha hai main usse 100% agree karta hu…
    you are saying “some of the ‘well-known’ members here took away most users”,Is that possible?..never
    hum kya bacche hai jo hume koi bhi kisi site se dur kar de..almost sare bollywood lover 100(as nauman said) sites ko visit karte hai aur koi bhi us site ko jyada prefer karta hai jaha good articles hote hai…
    so i think you are responsible for everything, dont blame others and Plz concentrate on your own site..
    as hina said..inplace of pics paste good articles that will help…
    god bless you and best of luck…
    one more thing your latest version of indicine is amazing and looking so good(compare to other sits)..

  • Radhay,
    I am agree with you. none of any one here is 5 years old school boy / girl that a person will say him chalo aao aap pe papa aap ko bula rahe hain and then he took him away.
    your old posts are witness that you never posted any thing except weekly reviews and pics. And now you are trying to blame me? And I gave a link for your site on my site that if some one doesn’t know about indicine he can also visit there.

  • i think indicine youve lost posters because you are not interactive .. u dont answer to queries raised bt posters and do not mingle in the conversation .. i will not shift anywhere ..but you need to be more hardhitting always give one star more than is needed .. you dont have to be populist but need to be hardhitting at below average movies

    the way u ranted about my name is khan being an all time classic was wrong … try watching it is a tedious film and doesnt deserve mpore than one star rating..i will remain with your site faithfully.. but you need to be more responsive ..
    people will come up with new sites everyday .. but you are the very best..

  • are right megha(u dont answer to queries raised bt posters and do not mingle in the conversation)…well said..

  • @indicine : this is one of the feedbacks from my side as well , that u dont interact or answer our queries and even i have one site to which iam directly related and to one site iam indirectly related but i nver said their name on this site ,
    i never promoted and will never promote it here because it will b like back stabbing

  • i dont know why so much for akshay movie only….no body said nething bout MNIK eventhough it was just an average affair….. even critics they call HF unbelievable and useless comedy ……people r not watch HF bcz they think comeedy is not relistic then what bout partner….GOLMAL RET,,, r they realistic….. i think except that shock scene everything was cool n fine….even if the movie is a hit u all wont call it a hit….an the one who reads it will beleve it to be an average affair which is not true….what u expects from a comedy movie …..i have seen people laughing as if they inhaled n2o5 in hall between the movie…..if u go with the intention that it wont be gud then it can never be..never accept nething from a comedy movie and then u ll njoy….. HF was supercool movie….better then partner,GOLMAL returns,ALL THE BEST,… iwish akki all the best and well done u still rocks bollywood …. 5 Movies a year all with grand opening… reaching in top 10 opening week everytime…..its gr8 no other actor can do it….weather it is SKHAN or AKHAN or HRoshan.

  • Hey everyone

    I am also visiting this site after a long time.

    It’s good to know that Housefull is doing good business. It’s a nice movie. It is worth a watch.

    Indicine:- Good decision to remove this login system.

    Nauman:- Your web site address????


  • Fahad bhai , indicine pahle hi mere se angry hai tum site ka naam poch rahe ho. woh aur ziada angry ho jaien ge. kissi aur se pooch lo sab ko pata hai site ka naam.

  • Ryt Raghav

    Really I salute AKKI..inspite of bad reveiws he managed such grand opening….i mean Akshay is really out of this world in India…

    His average movie gets a better start than 5 star rated MNIK…i mean wow….He is the only superstar after Mr bachchan


    well , after long time commeting on indicine overcoming the barrier of login system.

    INDICINE TEAM , background color isn’t impressive , it is quite faded color , some bright color like previous one will be better.

    reading few comments , looks like few people got hurt as Indicine tagged MNIK hit .
    This shows jealous nature of people. Indicine have nothing to do with hit or flop , they are giving news and a platform to discuss about movies.

    MNIK is hit in India . Accept the fact . This is told by boxofficeindia . com and bollywoodhungama . com. so why blame indicine ?

    INDICINE TEAM , you know it well , you are original other else are fake and copy.

    Good luck Indicine with your new version , but please change background color if you can .

  • One more thing Indicine Team Where is Recently commented articles , bring it back . that eases commenting and discussion process or whatever it is .

  • Nauman & Hina agreed with u. nobody can force here what to do & not to do.

    Indicine team doesnt have words to reply u, so they just read and ignore.

    Fahad u can log on to

    Amit MNIK is not hit its just average movie, without recovering the money how the jerk it can be HIT
    use ur commonsense dude. it needed to recover 80cr but had in hand only 67cr.

    I know Indicine cannot bring back old version as this is based on SQL – Server.

    but try to remove log in system thats it.

    please dont delete this comment …………..

  • the last comment below nano’s comment is not mine

    nauman: (May 10, 2010 at 3:14 am)
    How cum ma ny name as nauman?wat is dis indicine?

    this is not my comment. I never written dis (this) and cum (come).

    how can any one else post comment with my name? where is your login system?

  • Nauman don worry this is symptons of indicne …….

    right now they are sleeping…. Volume kar kar !! Indicine jag jayega !!!!!

    they are in confusion state what to do ?? what to do ??

    Indicine is Similar to Shahid kapoor few flops from several months right now seems to be as average like Badmaash

    Apno to jaise thaise
    koi aise ya waise
    kat jaayegi
    Aap ka kya hoga Indicine
    Aap ka kya hoga Indicine lol

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