Housefull 3 Posters

The poster of 2016’s next biggie ‘Housefull 3’ is out. The film features Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandes, Abhishek Bachchan, Nargis Fakhri, Riteish Deshmukh and Lisa Haydon.

With FAN disappointing at the ticket window, all eyes are now on the next film that is expected to not only entertain the audience but rake in the moolah at the box office too.

Akshay returns after the super-success of a film like ‘Airlift’ which remains one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies of 2016.

The first look poster is glamorous, with the guys look cool and the girls looks hot! Check it out.

Housefull 3 Poster

Housefull 3 Poster

Housefull 3 New Poster

Housefull 3 New Poster

Housefull 3 Poster - Akshay, Abhishek, Riteish

Housefull 3 Poster – Akshay, Abhishek, Riteish

Housefull 3 Poster - Jacqueline, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon

Housefull 3 Poster – Jacqueline, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Haydon



  • @ Floppy…
    And Again Floppy Starts Barking…

    Hahahahahahahahahaha, Don’t worry jhingur, That stick and bowl will come in use for you to get you feed in bowl and to hit the stick on your bum if You keep barking like this again and again…



  • OMG!

    World’s No. 1 Porn actress Mia Khalifa is in Housefull 3
    it will be interesting

  • @Salman-Akshay Fan

  • 250 cr. on the cards…Extremely positive WOM means 300+ cr. BTW it’ll become the highest grossing non-holiday release ever…Hoping a 500 cr. worldwide for Akki…
    Need a wide release…(4500 screens in India+1000 screens in overseas)

  • And @floppy’s favorite actor Ajay Devgn doesn’t even have a shirt on the posters of Shivaay, can’t imagine his condition after the epic failure of the film 😢

    Everyone knows who’s begging whom to change the release date now.

  • Oh my god I am so excited. The team of Entertainment returns. This will be another blockbuster like Entertainment. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Oh wait. Entertainment was an average at box office and earned 72 cr only. So another 70 cr for Akshay 😝😝😝

  • @truth … housefull3 is directed by sajid farhad not sajid khan…previous was by sajid khan… sajid farhad r writers of golmaal series…bol bacchan …chennai xpress…film will b laugh riot

  • @floppy look at the 3rd poster..that baseball bat is for fans like you :-P how hard it will pain you with akshay’s power.

  • Awesome pictures
    Surely 200cr movie for akki
    Most awaited movie of 2016
    Let’s hope get wide screens worldwide

  • Sunnyji.. see those tyres in front in the poster? One is for Akki to sit and beg, the other is for you. Double collection. Lol.

  • all d pics r too good!!!!!!!!!!
    hope it turns out 2 b a good entertainer and not like other shitty comedy films!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it might be flop.I don’t what is there in the poster that people are going gaga.It looks like a b-grade crap poster only akkiana are hyping it whose bashing all the youngster for ROM com but forgot akku was the part of the most cheap, b-grade ROM com called kamakht iahq.Akkians are hypocrites they bash other stars even doing a good film but always hype b-grade film of akk as masterpiece.

  • @ Sunny Akkiholic,
    Hahahahaha, No No Bhai, Floppy is seeing that baseball bat like stick… If he gets some shots on his bum even then also he will feel that he is beaten with a stick… Coz, He has been beaten so badly with many other equipment already in recent times…

    Moti Chamdi Hai, Bhai Samjhha Kar…


  • Akshay has lost always in clashes, so he should not clash with MD. Hrithik will completely destroy him believe me.

  • After watching Housefull3 Poster….

    #Salman fans are Normal and pressing the poster.

    #Srk fans spreading negativity. coz they are irritated two times by srk.

    #Aamir fans are nothing to do. coz they thinking “konno firki le raha hai”. (intolerance everywhere)

    #Hritik fan saying it crap coz of rustom classing with mohenjo daro.

    #Ajay fan….some of his fan pressing but 2-3 fan only waiting for shivaay….they don’t know therecis the world in front of them.

    #Sure shot Blockbuster. …Housefull3 will open the 200 cr gate for Akshay Kumar.
    hope do more but I’m not like jabra….that fan 500 cr raees 1000 cr….or dangal 1000 cr

  • @70 Cr Khiladi
    No he won a couple of clashes:

    Garam Masala vs Salman’s Kyon Ki-It’s Fate

    Welcome vs Taare Zameen Par

    Tees Maar Khan vs Toonpur ka Superhero

  • this hotest posters I have ever seen housefull 3 will rock this june at the box office akki sir looks cool and young also same thing for Abhishek and Riteish and the girls looks damn hot just can’t wait for it and trailer will be out on this sunday

  • @ babu – nice observation. some salman fans too talking bad against akki but this is you can find in akki fanbase too.

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