Hot Pics: Shilpa Shetty New Pictures

With a Bollywood career that never really took off and with the future looking not too bright for the sexy actress from South India, Shilpa made her way to London to take part in Big Brother, the UK version of Bigg Boss. And the rest as they say is history!

Although her new found fame didn’t quite result in producers flocking to sign her up for their next, Shilpa, quite smartly turned in to a businesswoman. Ever since she was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother UK, the actress has been making the best use of her fame in investing in a wide range of businesses. She’s got a movie production house, a perfume named after her, a cricket team, stakes in V8 Gourmet group and now in a joint venture with IOSIS, the actress plans to set up a chain of Spas all over the country.

Even with a hectic schedule, the actress manages to stay fit and in great shape. Infact, Shilpa is getting better with age, just seems to get hotter by the day. Don’t agree? Checkout some of the hot pictures of the gorgeous Shilpa Shetty and let us know what you think in the comments section below!



  • What nonsense to say Shilpa’s career “never really took off”. She starred in 2 of the best Hindi films ever made: Dhadkan and Phir Milenge; she always had the best figure of any actress; her only drawback was that she is so tall and elegant, she makes her male co-stars look paltry. Now she is a multimillionaire with diverse business interests, happily engaged to a wealthy man who seems devoted to her. Anyway, thanks for the lovely photos of Sensational Shilpa.

  • Well, ever made? That’s very debatable.

    She started off with Baazigar, which did well, but was a supporting role.. Main Khiladi Tu Anari with Akshay and Saif also did good business, but did nothing for her career. Dhadkan only happened 7 years later after innumerable disasters and that remains her best film to date.

    Phir Milenge was good, but again did nothing to her career. Just when she returned down south for a few Kannada movies, Big Brother happened.

    So yes, her career “never really took off” and it continues to remain pretty poor, despite her super stardom!

  • I just watched the video jade and shplia in BB house arguing..that was totally instigated by the Indian girl she was going onand on and on about them using too many stock cubes!! she honestly instegated the girls and jade trying toefbbbf put them on the defensive.. so what if jade called her a princess and told her to fuck off she deserved it ! what a stupid stuck up whore that shplia is I hope she is happy .. black trash

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