‘Hollywood has money, we don’t’ – Rakesh Roshan

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan promises to offer the best stunts and action in his superhero flick “Krrish 3”, but admits they can’t compete with Hollywood’s technologically hi-fi sequences and burgeoning budgets. However, he says he retained the drama and emotions that Bollywood is known for in the movie.

“In terms of stunt spectacle and action, we have gone way beyond the other ‘Krissh’ films. But we can’t compete with Hollywood. One of their action scenes is equal to my entire budget. We can’t afford the bigness of the Hollywood superhero films,” said the 62-year-old.

But that hasn’t deterred him from giving his best shot.

“Given our monetary restrictions, we’ve done whatever we could do with the action scenes. But our forte is the drama. So, we have based all the action in emotions.”

“Plain and simple, they have the money. We don’t. We have to depend on our content, the story and emotions. We’ll try to get the audience involved in the emotions and then get them sucked into the stunts,” added the filmmaker, who also helmed “Koi… Mil Gaya” and “Krrish”.

The shooting of “Krrish 3”, the third film in the popular franchise, is complete, except its romantic songs. The movie features Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Chopra.

The climactic fight between Hrithik and Vivek has them locked in a photo-finish combat where Hrithik insisted that Vivek should get equal weightage, footage and leverage.

“I had to justify Vivek’s presence. So, his character gets equal importance to Hrithik. The story moves ahead with Vivek and Hrithik. And Vivek has done an amazing job.”

“For the last five months, we have shot only the action scenes. All I can tell you is, the fights are not about showing the superhero throwing punches. His opponent is just as powerful. We’re ready with two hours of film. We need to shoot another half an hour,” said Rakesh Roshan, who first turned director with 1987 film “Khudgarz”.

Rubbishing rumours that much younger director Farhan Akhtar was roped in to supervise the climactic fights, senior Roshan said: “Farhan has grown up with my son. I love Farhan’s work. But I’ve been directing films from the time he was a child. I am very happy with the outcome. We are nearly done.”

“This is the most difficult film I’ve ever shot. I’ve had to create a balance between my son’s character and Vivek’s character. The two look evenly-matched on screen. And that’s my biggest triumph,” he added.



  • krrish 3 will create history at box office…..krrish 3 has the potential to go beyond 300 cr business in indian box office…hrithik the greek god of bollywood rockss…he’s simply outstanding in his each movie…

  • yess , rakesh roshan cant sorry hrithik i love u but its true that ur dad cant make , as u hav seen him koyla ahhh flop flop flop and flop now he is trying to justice with viek aaahhhh vivek has any such a think which one hrithik has , no never vivek u r a loser sorry but its true anyway love u hrithik gud luck 4 ur k3

  • create histroy..already the buzz is 100 times that of agneepath…diwali 2013…cant imagine 2 years ago 100 cr look impossible…after krishh 3 300 make possible

  • The only thing i can say Krrish 3 stands on 250crores lifetime,, bookmark my this comment,,nd haters plz shut up

  • They need to characterize KRISSH..as he was stupid …I hope they..make him as good as G.One..characterization wise..
    Hope..we have indian avengers kindda film…oneday..

  • @Jai There! I knew sumeone was definitely gonna say that! Sorry to disappoint but Hrithik is not cheap to do something like that! Hrithik and Vivek are friends so stop putting Salman in between everything! Hrithik doesn’t think abt Salman-Aishwarya-Vivek so-called which-once-existed ‘love’ triangle everytime! Hrithik is friends with Aishwarya and Vivek! If Salman wanted to make cheap comments on Guzaarish, then I think Hrithik is ABSOLUTELY right for not befriending him. He reacted to Salman’s comments and his reaction was right! I guess I would also react like he did but would never disrespect Salman in any way. HR would never even think bad abt him! Salman is senior to him and Hrithik respects him but Salman behaved as if Guzaarish was just a piece of crap! (Guzaaarish was one of the best movies of 2010 btw) If SRK and Salman are enemies and Hrithik is closer to SRK as friend, that doesn’t mean he has any prob with Salman! Please grow up and think before putting childish comments.

    Rakesh sir, we respect it that you don’t have as much money as Hollywood and we’re damn sure that Krrish 3 will blast the box-office! :) You rock sir! :)

    Hrithik is the best person ever!

    PS: some may say I’m a Hrithik fan, that’s why I’m taking his side but believe me… I know I’m right. :) No offense!

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