Holiday Trailer: A.R Murugadoss Film

Here is the much awaited trailer of Akshay Kumar’s Holiday:Off Duty Soldier On Duty.

The A.R. Murugadoss film is a remake of South Indian blockbuster Thuppakki.

Holiday releases in theatres on 6th June.

Watch the trailer and post your views in the comments section below.



  • @Sakhi Ranting Rawant, it won’t be a flop like Ratoon Point One either. It will not just be a hit but an ATBB going to overtake Paglapur Express!
    I sincerely wish it overtakes ETT as well unlike your hypocritical comment. Only if so, the industry will grow!
    The Paglapurians’ favorite website, Box Office India Dot Com, has declared “Jai Ho” a Semi-Hit. So, stop ranting in Paglapurian Slangs!!
    Going to watch Holiday twice!!!

  • @sakhi what,s your problemme jai ho is a semi hit and six consecutive 100cr grosser of salman i bet no any actor can earn more than 50cr with that disadvantages with jai ho first tell your star to give five back to back blockbuster then talk about bhai and his movies the fact is the your favourite star is way and always behind than our bhai in terms of stardom and even in 7th born he can,t acheive what our bhai respect the biggest biggest superstar of bollywood ever have the one and only salman khan and wait and watch for kick it will thrash all records once again by bhai.

  • Get ready for bollywood biggest consistently flop hero, one and only akshay kumar. Fans ke paas paise nahi hain , kyon ye film itni jaldi la rahe ho.

  • not really a fan of akshay..thanks to his recent movies..but this trailer looks promising..has a Hollywood sort of touch to it..!

  • Is Akshay really a superstar? He is giving flops after flops. Even Ram Gopla Varma has not given so many flops.

  • After a long time the action king is back in some different avataar….. outstanding trailer with fresh looks and concept after along time…. this movie should be blockbuster ….. WELL DONE A.R Murgodous

  • Nowhere close to tamil Thuppakki trailer. Background music was awesome in that film and why didn’t Vidyut Jamwal reprise his role in this film again? Sonakshi SInha looks like a buffalo.

  • @lootera plus Hasee toh phaase……..Lootera……I think yu are smitten by Lootera…….In every article you would post sumthng about Lootera……It was a good flick…..Buh concept of Lootera was far far far Diffrnt from that of HOLIDAY……….So please Get a Life…..And Avoid baseless talks………Btw HOLIDAY will be huge……!!!

  • Holiday is very promising…
    A sureshot blockbuster…
    Action scenes are very well directed not like action of Khiladi786,SOS,Bodyguard etc…

    Just one suggestion,The villain should have been Vidyut Jamwal..

  • This movie will not cross 150 cr for sure…In TN ,AP, Karnataka & Kerala the tamil movie was a blockbuster. And looking at the trailer the movie is just a scene to scene what prabudeva does. I have seen the tamil version of the movie and the movie was really good. But i will definately not watch the hindi version so will be many in south..that will reduce its all india collections by less than 30-40 cr…

    Last Akshay movies has not clicked so the hype on akshay is less compared to what Sallu, Aamir, Hrithik & SRK have collections of 20 cr on hype will be missing..

    Post IPL period has no national holidays so that will reduce the opening to 15-20 cr in weekend..

    But as the content is good the film will run strong in India (excpet south) for good 3-4 weeks. So its total collections will be some where between 130 – 150 cr.

  • @buddah ki lungi Your infatuation with Vidyut Jamwal is reaching feverish levels off late…! Get over it by watching Arnies classic COMMANDO n that will make you forget all about your current object of desire for this month…! :-P

    Awesome trailer- thought it wouldnt be this long but it builds up nicely the tension quotient so will keep audiences intrigued over the next 12-13 weeks or so. RR type storm coming again this summer.

  • @sakhi ranting rawant- how ironic that you came here to have another rant when this article is about a movie trailer called Holiday- a holiday is exactly what you need to get away from the stresses of Indicine n daily bad news after bad news concerning Thakurs next “Players New Years Party On Diwali????” You are worried about Sarkar- first there was Shirish Kunder drunk fight, Wankhede Stadium drunken assault on an unsuspecting hapless innocent unguarded Security Officer and recently there was Thakurs infamous run in with a ‘heavy door’ (later it was confirmed it was just a soft door) which resulted in Thakur being bed ridden in hospital with multiple injuries. Go away n Enjoy your holiday you unbearable troll.

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